Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tickles ink blot Test

Just read Ryna's results and thought I'd check out what mine would be. Heres the results.

Your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace

You are driven by a higher purpose than most people. You have a deeply-rooted desire to facilitate peacefulness in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with love ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to influence the world.

You are driven by a desire to encourage others to think about the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative. The reason your unconscious is consumed by this might stem from an innate fear of war and turmoil. Thus, to avoid that uncomfortable place for you, your unconscious seeks out the peace in your environment.

Usually, the thing that underlies this unconscious drive is a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it. As a result, your personal integrity acts as a surrogate for your deeper drive toward peace and guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Peace, there is much more to who you are at your core.

Not overly surprising to me upon reading. Its strange that today upon waking I've not only participated in this test but also read a post from a blogging friend Listenfromwithin and immediately thought of Uncle Q's creator and their Ga empowerment blog. Not only that the last few days I've spent looking through blogs of all sorts and find I'm pulled to the spiritual styled and health ones. Is it that my psyche is trying to tell me something?

Friday, 28 December 2007

Blogging friends

My real world has been in utter chaos for a little while. You can read the updates here.
I want to thank everyone who has recently added my to their friends lists and neighborhoods. I'm hoping that in the coming weeks I'll be able to slowly drop by everyones blogs and neighborhoods and leave a post or two. Which means a lot of reading. Please have patience with me.

The legends of Mernac
has pride of place and my own scribing's. So there will be times that I'll only be playing around with those. I have many threads there to catch up with and a heck of a lot of reading and writing to do myself.

Everyone at LOM has been exceptionally patient with me and my life and there is absolutely no way I'll aver be able to repay those debts. Except for maybe in kind. Though know I'm a devoted member and can tend to be a bit impatient at times. However with that being said. I think my patience has been very good of late.

I'll feature blogs of interest as I slowly get things smoothed over in the real world and everything settles. Though I will forewarn everyone, I'll be studying again soon. Am applying for my gaming license. But from what I've bee told that should be a breeze.

Thank-you all again for your welcoming me into Blog Catalog and for accepting me as a friend.

Ok, now back to regular postings.

RW Intrudes

Boxing day...was an early start. We had to drive over to Pakenham (2 hour drive)to pick up the lads, then come back here and pack the second car. Then be at my parents home (1 hour drive)by 01100 hours. Hubby volunteered to drive to get the lads, I stayed home (to avoid conflict with their dad) packed the presents with Boo's help into the other car, packed the esky's with food, hung the washing out and cleaned the house.

I was getting dressed when I heard my lads pull up....Yippee..I'm always pleased to see them and shocked at their growth every time. Both lads are taller than I am, and I'm no hobbit.

Quick kisses and hugs, then Blue said he'll drive my car and Deady said he'll travel with Hubby in his. Boo opted for my car (air con). We headed out before Hubby, as Blue had only been driving for a short time (learner) and we wanted the headstart knowing hubby would pass us eventually.

Blue set the car for himself. Music and all (mushroomhead and santana) I turned the music down with the heavy metal. He he he. Needless to say hubby did pass us and our drive was at a slow pace. 1 hour and 10 mins at under the speed limit. Blue did well, but was mentally tired.

When we arrived my siblings had not arrived, apparently they were running late themselves and my father with his dementia was getting impatient. My Sister inlaw was getting exasperated with him and mum just rolled her eyes. We unpacked both vehicles and did not even get a chance at a cuppa before Poppy had turned on the BBQ and proceeded to set off the smoke detectors in the house. Hubby moved quickly and fixed all that. My two eldest lads and Sister in Law preped the salads and I watched. (You know how hard that is!)

My eldest sis (cerebral palsy) arrived first. Looking like a gypsy, but in good spirits. Then Missy Moo (Downs syndrome) arrived and promptly told Dad to shut up! Then Mr B (multiple disabilities, including blind, deaf and mute.)arrived. He checked everyone out, as is his way. I chatted with the new carers. Yes, DHS finally found him a place to go and I don't need to re-arrange my family and home. Not that I wouldn't, he's easier to look after than Missy Moo.

Poppy started piling BBQ'd meat on the table, even before we'd set it and finished the salads. I was apologetic to my mum about the slap dash lunch. She said it was to be expected.

Needless to say, we all eventually sat down. Had our meal and enjoyed every morsel. Even though the salad was a bit chunky. After the dishes were done, we gave out the gifts and there was a lot of laughter and 'oh look at this or that'. I have to admit, I spoiled my mum. She deserves it. Also spoiled my siblings. But hey we won't all be getting together like we used to, so why not!

After the gift giving, desert was served and photos taken. No, I've not down loaded them yet. Then it was kick back and relax. Hubby and Deady fell asleep on the couches, Poppy in his chair and us girls disappeared into a back room to natter. Boo played with his model car. He was putting it together and Blue went out to keep the Cockatoo company.

My SIL, had picked mum up the day before and she said that no sooner than they had walked into the house. Than dad wanted to know what was for Dinner, then it was questions and questions about what was happening and why. Then arguing over where presents were. He kept saying apparently that he'd not moved any. But it turned out, after a brief search that he had. SIL also said that dad was up at 0430 watering the garden and had woken her to see if she would make him a cuppa. She has a very low tolerance to my dad and growled at him. He dislikes her for her firmness and not backing away from him. So it was fun for her to spend 48 hours with dad. Now she understands how mentally stressful it can be.

Mums not sure if she can cope with him, but will give it a shot. She just needs supportive people around her and I've made sure of that. I told her if she could not cope, please do not hesitate to call and I will intervene. I've no qualms at standing toe to toe with dad. He'll listen to a certain extent and then if he digs his heels in, I'll call some of his mates and they'll have words with him. Little steps and if I need to pop them both into supported accommodation I will. I've made it very clear to them both. ONE slip up and I'll have to be mean.

I took a break and went and visited my dear friend down the road from Mum and dads. I can say her life too has turned to S^%$ in a bucket and we had a cry together, then we laughed about the good times. This year has been harder than most for many people, not only us. So I hope everyone has a better time of it, with the upcoming new year.

We loaded the vehicles and dropped everyone off later than anticipated and then headed home ourselves. We walked in our door at midnight and in our respective beds by 00030. Yes, we unpacked the cars, put the food items away and left the rest til morning.

My wrist pains, but I've managed not to take too many meds for the pain. Deady wanted to go the post Christmas sales, so hubby dropped us off. I let the three lads wander and I sat in a coffee shop, reading the paper. I can only stand being in music stores and gaming shops for so long. Plus they wanted to hit everyone that they could. Not my cup of tea, so it was better to have some alone time.

Today, 28th is hubby's b'day. He's gone to get Mum from the hospital. She's being discharged today. I'm at home and sneaking out later to get him a gift. Deady is keeping him company and wants to see Nan before he heads back to his dads on Saturday and work on Wednesday. We only get to see him on rare occasions now. He's inherited my work ethic and works as much as he can. Kinda reminds me of a certain Cat Stevens song.

Well thats it for now. I hope I've covered just about everything. If you have any questions, I'll answer them if asked. Take care and hopefully I'll see about getting one more post in before the year ends.

Plus Anemo is champing at the bit.....

RW Intrudes

The following days, were spent busily wrapping, (or in my case popping presents into Xmas bags. I couldn't wrap one handed.) trying to get some sleep (without the aid of pain meds.), fending off early phone calls, (some people did not know I worked from 1800 to 0630 hours). I was polite and a little grumpy, but I swear I did not bite anyones heads off and S%$# down their necks. (Though the thought was there.)

Previously I'd spent a great deal of time on the phone making arrangements for my disabled siblings to spend Christmas day in their respective CRU's or at lunch with the Salvo's (thank you to those, delightful people.) But fended off calls about Boxing day. Re explaining that if my sisters and nephew could be dropped off at my parents home on Boxing day, I would ensure that they arrived back at their residences in the late afgternoon. Preferably after Dinner. Why? you ask. Well read on.

Christmas day is not celebrated in this house, and has not been for many years. You see I'm a non custodial parent of my eldest two lads. Deadmaninc, (Gobbledock as I call him. Deady as he calls himself.) and Blue. They both live with their father and are reasonable teenagers. But the arrangements have been that they spend Christmas day with his family and Boxing day with mine. (Though if he had his way, I'd not see them at all and he's been known to say that if had been able to conceive and give birth he would have.) Anyway I digress. I was ordered by the courts many moons ago to hand my sons over on Christmas day. Again why? I was asked by the judge to promise I would not go out and get a job. I could not make that promise. He could and did. He got the kids. Thats it in a nutshell. No other reasons, though with hindsight (Which is useless now, if I'd known that he was an alcoholic and had threatened the kids into not saying anything. I would have made the promise and worked part time on the side.)

Christmas Eve, I was supposed to work. But did not as hubby had to work elsewhere. So my employers covered the shift. I spent the evening crying. I usually do! Its hard even after all these years, everyone says get over it. I have most of the time. But Christmas eve is hard and Christmas day, I keep busy, so I don't think about not having my sons around. As I could not cook a roast, we cheated and went to the chicken shop and brought precooked veg and chicken. Hubby made the gravy and I microwaved the peas. We still had our lunch, just minus the trimmings. We spent the bulk of the day, catching up on sleep and housework. Boo happily played with his new DS that the fat man saw fit to provide him with.

We were in bed early.....

RW Intrudes

Time has flown and my last few months have been chaotic.
But it appears for at least now that things have settled some what. I do wish I had that illusive crystal ball to see into the future. But alas I do not. If I did I would not have fallen on the night of the 21/12/07, at exactly 2200 hours and smashed my right wrist around a door frame.

It had been a very, very wet night. I mean it rained that hard that trying to see out the windscreen was near impossible. The building that I had to attend to required that I lock the doors. Inside there was a tiled floor and with the wet it was slippery. My feet slid, I tried to stop the fall and well smashed my wrist around the door frame. I tell you I dropped to one knee, right wrist tucked under my left armpit and cussed. Then as the good little soldier I am, I locked the doors and finished the job. Filled in the required paperwork and kept going. I did call another guard and tell him that I had slipped and hurt my wrist. But thought nothing more of it, unless I bumped it during the night. That of course I did on several occasions and it was a not so gentle reminder that I had hurt it.

The next day/afternoon, I went over to my friends house. (Who happens to be a nurse.) She took one look, growled and called me some names. (Which I won't repeat here.) Wrapped the wrist and gave directions to see a DR asap. I didn't. We had a family get together to attend and well it all got waylaid. (Snuck some Xmas shopping in as well. I hate shopping! At anytime, let alone Christmas.) My wrist throbbed and I babied it. No mercy really, it was my choice.

Sunday morning I awoke to find that my hand had swelled so much that I could not see my knuckles. Frightened! Yep indeed. Back over to friends to get a list of Dr's and Xray depts that were open that did not entail having to go through the public system.
Might add, we had a 50th to attend that day as well.

Located a GP and a Xray dept. But...yes there is a but. When we got out to the car (my fathers) it would not start. Flat out it just would not. In exasperation I called my cousin, she picked me and the lad up and we proceed to the Xray dept. Hubby waited for the RACV, plus he called to say he'd locked the keys in the car too.

After the Xrays (which were done very quickly) we went back to the DRs and he said that I had done a good job of tearing all the ligaments in my right wrist. It required a back slab/half cast, elevation (RICE, for those that know first aid.) and a bleeding sling. I hate slings with a vengeance, but conceded to wearing one. He also said I was not allowed to drive. Shishh....what about work.

Called the boss's wife and explained the situation. Offering hubby as co driver for the patrols. Plus its a good excuse for him to learn the rounds. She said she'll call back.

RACV had shown up in the mean time. Dads car needs a new alternator, great! Hubby took it home and grabbed my car. We headed, now four hours late for the 50th. Receiving a call on the way to say that all parties agreed to Hubby being co driver. Aahh..we start work at 1800 hours. It was 1700 hours, so we said we'll be late and partially out of uniform. That was fine. Whew! Boo went over to my nursing friends for the night and we headed out. Hubby did very well BTW, even teaching me a few short cuts.

Well that was that weekend...stubborn aren't I!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

RW Intrudes

Not really just wanted to sing a tune.

Here comes Santa Claus
wearing his board shorts, Bonds singlet and thongs.
Six white boomers pulling a ute with skis.
Sweating his fat away.

The kids wake too early
their feeling surly
wrappings fly, tears and shreaks of joy,
cussing abounds.
Where's this or wheres that?

Oh tidings of comfort and Joy
the shiela's have their bowls of
Bitchy this early morn
the fella's woken with a early morning horn
oh tidings of comfort and Joy

Another warm Christmas planned
Beer, Icecream puddings, the great aussie wave.
How about sharing in a Aussie Christmas day.
Piled into the old or new holden
depends on the fortune.

We travel or others come to us
Kath n Kim wanna be's
air's and graces put on
Oh lord did we put our faces on.

Out the back we all gather
to yak and natter
the flies are biting
the BBQ's fuming
the beers a flowing

Blow ins drop by
spirits are high
Spirits are flowing
we all sing Aussie, Aussie Oi Oi Oi

Frustrations of weeks prior
cool then bubble
oh lordy there's goin to be trouble

Here comes Santa
wearing his board shorts, Bonds singlet and thongs.
Six white boomers pulling a ute with skis
Sweating his fat away.

Yeah I admit I was in a silly mood. I can't carry a tune for the life of me, but it was fun to write.

Questions of the week/s

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
To Tell you the answers to all the missed questions. They start from week 19 at the bottom of the page and work upto week 23. Happy reading, Anemo flips off to planet Dirt.

My creator has been somewhat busy with her real world life. Actually in my most humblest of opinions she has been captured in a vortex of chaos that has prohibited her any respite or escape. Though for the moment she is snuggling in her bed with her hearts desire and I've managed a small escape. If you could call it that, I needed to touch base with my home the Legends of Mernac. It feels good to have home soil underfoot. Hmm, well not really as I can't touch the earth without Goran giving me permission. But its nice to breathe the Mernacian air.
Now to respond to all those questions and not ramble.

How will you be spending the holidays? from week 23.
Anemo's response: They'll be spent watching the creator and her family. As I've been doing the last few weeks. Their interactions are incredible and I can't believe how many times she has bitten her tongue. Seriously, she should have a piercing in their by now, for the amount of times she's bitten back retorts at stupid ideas and questions.

I wish the creator was able to provide the Planet Dirt with the Christmas window that she had planned. But hey, next year, she'll make up for that one.

What does your name mean? from week 22.
Anemo's response: Well that my dear friend is found in my tale. I do hope that you find the time to go and read my tale, you may learn a thing or two about my flighty self.

Who is your favorite cartoon character? from week 21.
Anemo's response: Now there's a question that is hard to answer. Nah, the answer would be

It must be something to do with them being witches and fairies. Plus have you caught a look at the Goddess Canola. Hmmmm....heres more of the Winx for ya.

Kinda reminds me of home. Aaah the Legends....

What’s Your Favorite Song Right Now? from week 20.
Anemo's response:

Change the words to Mernac and you have the idea. Yeah I miss my home and hope to be back as soon as the creator can free herself of her chaotic life.
Their kinda cute, Jimmy and reminds me a little of a certain God. Just a little more rugged and the other another God. Reckon there could be a duet done by the two one day? Can you guess whom I'm hinting at? If not scroll to the bottom of the page.

What fascinates you? from week 19.
Anemo's response: These Gnomes that seem to keep getting into my little niche. They fascinate me. I saw one the other day dragging his toilet into a corner and hanging a welcome sign.
Can you believe the Gnome? Its my niche and they've taken it over. I wonder if there is a Mernacian equivalent to terminators. Gnomerminators, now there's a great new job for some soul of Mernac.

What else fascinates the flighty? Kittens. Yeah Kittens. I've been watching the creators Dragon and Ghost. They have to be the funniest creatures really. Dragon is so obviously the dominate male. But Ghost, well she is the petite little lady, who packs a claw full of whollop. That little miss can sure swing a claw, right across dragons face. Especially after he's bitten her on the bum. Seems she doesn't enjoy having her bottom bitten. Though he soon knocks flat on her back and jumps ontop and goes for her neck. Its all fun n games for them both and so very funny to watch. Little creator, has devised a see through tube with a small ball inside and he rolls it across the floor.
Well those kittens have fits, trying to get the ball out and chasing this tube. They head butt it and smack at it. Little creator, laughs so hard he rolls on the floor.

You know these reindeer, they fascinate me with their carrying on. Look at these ones above, you'd think they'd hit the Permian brandy or something. Or is that I've been missing my Uncle Quont and my dearest Elsen. Not saying they remind me of now that would be funny...hitching Q and Elsen upto a sleigh. PMSL.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

RW Intrudes

Merry Christmas my friends and a Happy New Year to you all.

Well we finally managed to make the time to pop the decorations on the tree. With
only a week left until the fat man comes to us all I think we did ok. Not the lighting extravaganza that we usually provide for this household, but at least it shows that we have a little of the cheer in us or we are at least trying for the lads sake.

You could say we sort of canceled Christmas on this side of the planet, in this particular household. The lad of the house is getting what he requested and then some. From his step brothers and our friends and family. Boo, is grateful and is the one that has been encouraging us to at least pop a little more cheer into the house. Instead of the chaotic mess that it has been for the past month.

We have our Christmas lists and I've learned to delegate. My brother is assisting with a small family event on the 21st. Picking Mum up from the Rehab center and bringing her home for the day so as she will be able to see my sister and nephew and their godfather. Its an annual thing for him to come up, he shouts lunch and provides gifts to all and sundry. My family and I are staying home for the morning at least then heading over to Port Melbourne for Hubbies family get together. Nana S, is providing for all and sundry and rang today to confirm, she even said if I need to nap; I can do so upstairs in the spare room. Its good that everyone is so understanding of all that is and has happened.

Well now a little fill in. My nephew was going to come and stay at my home. But with the edition of my work roster, we pushed gently at the Dept of Human Services and they found a CRU that had a vacancy for B. Though they did call and ask me to provide him with the bed. When did they require it. I asked. Today. Aaahh excuse me. Really you have funding go buy one for him, I can't go buy a bed and deliver it then make it back by 3pm to work. I'm not super woman!

They did and they got a bedside table and some linen. Gentle nudges, they work. He he he. I then proceeded to make arrangements for our annual Boxing Day get together. Each CRU are now bringing my sisters to the house and the same applies for my nephew. Can I say I'm going to hate the phone bill.
My siser inlaw is picking Mum up on Christmas Day and she will stay the night, to ensure that everything is fine with Mum. Yes, I complained and loudly. About what I've been doing with little help.

This is how it would have been had I not complained. Friday 21st, work a 12 hour shift, driving 400+ Kms 6pm - 6am, travel Sat 22nd to bendigo to pick up Mum, sisters and nephew. Another 2 hour drive. Try and sleep through the noise of happy families. Return all of the above to their residences and come home to mine. Total hours on the road. 18hours. Aaahh no fair! Where would my families day go? Certainly not shopping or attending to our celebrations.

Christmas Eve same hours as above. but without picking up sisters and nephew. Cook a small family roast, sleep and try not to complain about having a bowl full of bitchy for breakfast. Drive home that night, sleep. Boxing day drive to pakenham 2hours total, to pick up my sons for their Christmas with Mum; drive to Heathcote 1.5 hours. Prepare a family BBQ, pick up sisters and nephew. Celebrate and enjoy somehow. Drive all and sundry back to their homes. Drive to my home and crash into bed and oblivion.

Try not to forget Hubbies b'day, on the 27th, but need to work in evening. Hmmm. Delegate was the only option left and thats what I did. Call it selfish if you wish. But hey, the rest of the family had to help out or my hair would fall out completely and I'd have eaten too much bitchy for anyones liking.

Now Mum should be out of rehab on the 28th, so I'll need to check my roster and see what can be managed. My Brother won't be available as he is heading off on his holidays to the Phillipines, can't spoil his Christmas. My sister in law will do what she can if I give her enough notice. So for now I'm not planning past Hubbies B'day.

Why? Because I still have to go shopping. Not only for Christmas gifts; which look like gift vouchers at this stage and cards. But for groceries. I've not done a groceriy shop shop since before Mums stroke and well take away is way too expensive to keep up with for too long. Plus we need the incidentals, like toilet paper and the like. Can't use junk mail, though theres been plenty of that. LOL.

Picked up Boos school report today. Not impressed, but understandable with all that has happened this year. We'll need to spend more time with him over the break pushing , gently to help him lift his grades. Did I say I'm still proud of how much he has grown as a person and that he is showing us on a daily basis that we are pointing him in the right direction, at least with his manners and behavior. Now we need to do the same with the reading and writing and thought processors. The key is there, we just need to turn it in the lock of his stubborn brain. Or at least take the play station and DS away during the times that he needs to study.

I went out with the Girls the other night. Dog tired as I was I actually managed to stay awake and have a good time. We went to the pictures and saw 'Ps, I love you!' Go see it, it is great and yes its a chick flick. But well worth the box of tissues and feel good that you get from it. We went out for dinner too, but as I'm a nocturnal creature, I did not eat. Well yeah I did three chicken strips. My body clock is upside down and well I would have ended up with a belly ache if I had eaten more than that.

I ate a salad in the wee hours at home alone. Hubby and Boo were at my parents. I had peace and quiet that allowed me to watch the Nanny Diaries. But I fell asleep and don't know how it ended. Woke up feeling cool, so crawled into bed. Then in the am raced around doing house work and making phone calls. Then went to work.

Came home, Hubby and Boo home. Hubby undercooked ravioli and now I have a belly ache. Plus it was full duram wheat and well I can't really eat wheat products. So I'm suffering, for not speaking up. It'll pass, then the itchiness will start, which will pass as well. Though I need to remember not to scratch to hard, as I tend to tear my skin from my body.

Well, I'm done venting and am tired enough to sleep. Plus I've got to sort out a postal mess in the am and work in the arvo. One of the Fat mans representatives and a fairy is coming to the Mall and well, I've got children and parents to attend to. What fun, must remember to wear the cheery face and Santa hat. Thank the red suited man that 'Jacko' is working with me, if the kids and parents don't listen to instructions then he can yell to his hearts content. I'll just have to make sure I'm on the other side of the mall before he does. That way I won't need to get my hearing checked. The man can yell and he leaves your ears ringing or bleeding afterwards depending on your vicinity at the time.

So to you all I say once again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May you all create wonderful memories and don't forget about those that are less fortunate than yourselves. A smile travels a long distance and a donated gift under a tree, provides a wonderful smile to a child's face. Yeah I'm a sucker, its Christmas and its for the kids.

See or read ya all soon. Look out for the six white'll hear them...oh and look out for the glaringly white legs of a board shorted man with a large white beard, thats not allowed to say HO HO HO and to all a Good night. Anemo chuckles.....its a down under thing!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

RW Intrudes

Hiya all and Seasons Greetings. Please accept my humblest apologies for not being around. If you've read the previous posts you'll know that my RW life has been turned upside down and inside out.

Between my parents wants and needs and that of my family and my need to earn a wage. I've barely had enough time to consume a toasted sandwich. Work is heavy at the moment and that takes precedence and also provides me with other matters to think about that do not have anything to do with Family. Respite in a very strange sort of way.

My Mum was to come home on the 21st. But sadly that will not be the case at this point. The powers that be have deemed that she is not walking/ambulating well enough to warrant her discharge. Though she has been granted day/night leave and well that is on the 17 - 18/12/07, so guess where I'll be. Yeah, they won't leave her at the house without family being present. My brother won't come up for the night, we can't going ruining his Christmas and holidays. (Grumps off in a corner...he he he) I'll have finished a 36+ hour weekend and then need to drive to my parents home. Another hour and a half drive. I'll be mostly incoherent until I've gained sleep. Probably do a Dad and go to sleep stretched across the couch. Smiles.

Anyway, I may also have my nephew for two weeks over the Xmas period. Just waiting on news from the Dept of Human Services and his case Manager. I hope we do get him to stay, he needs to be with familiar faces and not strangers at this time of the year. I'll provide more info on this at another time.

Did finally manage to pop the Christmas tree up. Minus the decorations, hoping Hubby and son will take the hint and decorate. I've now also got two kittens. Yeah, Dragon and Ghost.

This is Dragon, just after we received him. I'll upload an image of Ghost another time.
Do you recall me mentioning the Cockatoo in previous posts. Well if you do here is a face to put a name too. Please let me introduce you to the Lovely well mannered lady known as Toni.

Be aware she will wait til you bend over and then sing out. "Hello Big Bum!" I could kill whomever taught her to say that. Our lady, I've been told has a small infection and has been stinking up the house. (my sister inlaws) She also enjoys a tickle and a lot of freedom throughout the house. Which is good, as I hate seeing her caged all the time.

Ok, I've run out of time and need to get ready for work. I'll try and come back again before Christmas and post more news and antidotes about the chaos that is my life at the moment. Thanks for dropping by, its greatly appreciated.

Friday, 7 December 2007

RW Intrudes

Well I've managed to be home for a week. Not that I've managed to get much housework done, with earning a living. I did try on Wednesday, but received a ph call from a neighbor who was having a Kirby Vac demo, they would not do the demo without a second person in the house. So I went over. No neither of us brought a Vac, I mean come on. 3000 for a vac! Yes they are great vacuums, but neither of us could warrant spending that much on a vac, when we can get one from Godfreys for under a 1000 that does very similar.

Anyway, as I was saying. I managed to vacuum half my house and do all the washing and that was it. Did not even cook tea, ran down to the local Fish n Chip shop and had a lazy nights meal. Early start the next morning had me in bed earlier than usual. I feel old and tired this week and extremely frustrated with being so disorganized.

Had to literally boot Boo out the door on Thursday morning, so as I could head to Mums and Dads and drop off some rather large postal boxes. On arriving Dad had arranged for one of his RSL buddies to read through some paperwork and explain some things to him. I'd already done that. But can understand its hard for him to let go and allow his daughter to take over temporarily. Word from his mates is that they are just repeating what I've been saying and that Dad is starting to realize that I am thinking of his and mums needs and wants first. He actually said thanks for everything that I've done and he knows that I've achieved lots of little things, even with his pigheadedness and STML (short term memory loss). It was nice of him to acknowledge what I've been doing.

Anyway, had to rush the discussion and get to the Solicitors office. Luckily my brother had made an appearance and was at the ACC, where mum is and he brought her down. My nephews God parents were there as well and it was good to see them. She's had a major stroke and he is looking after her in the home and they are doing well. He also advices without interfering, which is great. My blood uncle says he's not interfering, but then calls my father in the late evening and says look out your daughter is taking over.

Aah excuse me! He says he knows all about Dementia. Well, if he did he'd realize that to call a person at that time of the night you'll aggravate the situation and confuse them even more. Its called 'Sundowners' for a reason. Look it up Uncle!

Anyway, I've a copy of the will now and Mum & Dad changed the PA (Power of Attorney)to solely myself and my brother as secondary. My parents are happy with what I've done so far and how I've used the system to work with us. Even though I am a impatient person by nature. Overall, it was a good outcome.

We all went out for lunch and my uncle shouted. Mum throughly enjoyed having non hospital food and virtually cleaned off her plate. Saying it was the flavor that made her hungry. It was a great meal and with great company and relaxed conversation that did not relate to what had been happening. Good on them for steering the conversation into everyday issues and allowing some of the stress to lift.

I took my mum back to ACC via Scope. Where my nephew attends and she had a visit, which also brightened her day. Though, we are aware that she feels that no one can look after him as well as she can. Which is a given, but not with the circumstances of late.

Anyway, after making apologies to the nurses for being away so long. We had the Dr's conference and Mum is defying the Dr's suggestions and so am I. She is going home to the family home. Its called aging in place and if she is happier at home then that is where she needs to be. Instead of a hostel filled with strangers. I'm frightened that if we place her in a hostel she may wither away faster.

So now the relevant services need to be vamped up and the house checked to ensure that it is safe for her to go home. But I did put her on a promise, that if there should be an instance of trouble or an accident. That I would use my PA, and have her popped into a hostel of the families choosing. Mum agreed and we all feel better. Dad is extremely pleased and said he'll pop up some xmas deco's ready for her return. I bet its only some string with the xmas cards, but its the thought that counts. So it'll be fine.

We sorted out some of the banking issues and next week, I'll be running around paying bills. This weeks I've ordered medical supplies and picked up mums xmas laybys. Also sorted through some of her castle hamper order, but left the bulk until her return home. It is after all her order and she knows who she ordered what for.

So it was little steps today that achieved a lot. Everything that was on my list to achieve for this week, in relation to my parents has been achieved. Little steps works and no pushing or badgering. Now if I could manage the same at home!

Oh my Dads coming to my place on Saturday. The excuse I've got to work all w/end and hubby needs a hand with the garden. smiles. Carols on Saturday night and I've arranged for him to attend. Lots of our cousins will be fronting up and it'll do him good to have a break from the traveling to and from the hospital. Hubby said he'll take him home after the event, if dad felt up to it.

So I'm hoping for a good night, even though I'm working.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

RW Intrudes

Well I went back to work for respite and to earn an income to keep my own families sanity and normality. 44 hours worked over the w/end. Not the normal hours for this f/night and well it happens. We'll just have to pull in the purse strings a little tighter.

My employer has been wonderful through all of my families disruptions and accommodating my needs to be at regular Drs conferences, Solicitor visits, Hostel visits and the like. Two days off in a row, now that will great. One for personal home duties and one for dealing with my parents and everything else that relates to them.

Hubby and Boo brought home a male kitten for me last night. He's black, grey and white, short haired and good tempered. I watched him for five minutes and named him dragon. He sleeps with his front paws crossed and his chin resting on them. So cute. Today he's been exploring and leaving me little treasures to clean up. But I catch him on occasion and take him to the tray. He was great last night and slept in his basket and used the tray. Glad he's partially trained, so it should not take too long.

Dragon follows me from room to room and if I disappear he meows calling for me. When I reply he comes running. Now he's sitting behind me and having a nap. Until I move, unless is a sound nap. Which won't surprise me as I've plaited some army bootlaces together for him to play with and given him two beanie pal toys and a soft ball. I can say he loves playing with paper, so he's not going to lack in stimulation.

My phone calls revealed much and caused some angst. People I've noticed seem to contradict themselves when it comes to my father and they really dislike my pointing it out to them. Even feeling like I'm being accused for all that has happened. I know its not my fault and keep telling myself that, but its hard at times when you feel so helpless.

My brother yelled at me over the phone the other night and I thundered right back, then my uncle all but tells me I have no clue on how things are to be handled and that he knows more than I do. Saying that his not interfering, then turns around and tells me that he's instructed my father not to sign anything, unless he is aware of it first. Aahh, excuse me! I have PA (Power of Attorney) along with my brother. Though granted he's not aware of that yet. I don't feel that he needs to know and if he's not interfering, then what is it that he is doing? He wants me to keep him updated with what I'm doing. Not happening until after the fact and then I'll use discretion in keeping him informed.

I've app's with the Drs, solicitors and Hostels over the next few weeks and am even going to a separate accountant to ensure that everything is being handled in the correct legal manner. Things are moving in a frustratingly slow manner, so I've called my boss to make sure that my mind is kept occupied with work and he's doing what he can.

Hubby did his best with maintaining the house and garden. He killed two house plants with over watering. Then some how managed to turn ink stained shirts yellow. Plus he forgot to check the fridge for old food items.

Away two weeks and its going to take me four to get the house back on par. My par that is. LOL. But it will keep me busy in between everything else that I have need to do.

Apologies to the powers of Mernac. I'll be back once this rocky road has leveled out, as each little bump is removed, I'll try to write and participate as much as I can. Thanks for the patience, its greatly appreciated and I do miss ya all and well Anemo is driving me crazy at times. So I had better do something to hold her at bay. Grin.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave me comments, they are appreciated.


RW Intrudes

Boo has been forced to grow up very quickly with these events. I've tried (as all parents do) to shield him. But he also needs to see and hear what is happening. I believe and feel that in his personal growth process, this will assist him to understand that sometimes decisions need to be made for the over all good of our elders. It is my hope that in his witnessing as much as he can that when he grows into adulthood he'll be a little more prepared and feel as if he has been thrown into the very deep end of an adult pool. Also that he will become a responsible teenager and adult.

He's wanting to go back to school now. Saying that he actually misses it and his friends. Which is good as I've now had the chance to recoup myself and implement some services for my Father. Just waiting on some legal advice about my Uncle that has good intentions, but is perceived as meddling.

My employers have been exceptionally understanding and made roster allowances for me to be at the weekly Dr's conference and attend to my own h/work. Two days in a row off...yippee its been a long time.
I might even be able to pop the Xmas tree up and decorate the front window a little. Even at Mums and Dads with their permission of course.

Had a discussion with my brother that had a little firmness in it. He yelled at me so I thundered right back and he stopped dead in his tracks as I hardly ever yell and well he knows the windows rattle when I do. It caught his self centered attention and made him realize that we have to be adults and not think about what we want. He owes my parents a considerable amount of money and was trying to deny it. But he's been set straight now and knows he has to start making some sort of token repayments or he'll loose out in a big way. Not that there will be anything left, I told my parents to spend the inheritance, but allocate some to my disabled siblings and nephew. Hence waiting for the ph call.

RW Intrudes

Boo, has been an amazing 11 year old through all this. As he is a child, he is usually forgotten in the adult rush and sits quietly at arms reach from either myself or Nan. He listens and then when everything is quiet he pipes up with his views and sometimes quiet vehemently. He's shed tears for his beautiful Nan and has told me now that he understands a little more about what is happening to the grumpy old fart. (His words) It broke my heart when he said he once hated his grandfather, but is now proud of him and sad about what this insidious dis-ease has done to what was once a big strong man.
He said one night "What about me and what I'd like?" My father and I turned and looked at him questioning.
We had been discussing what should happen in the advent of their deaths and who she receive what.

He took his grandfather by the hand and said "G'dad, I'd like two photos." Dragging G'dad to the images. He pointed at one of my parents in their earlier years of his young memories and another on their 55th wedding anniversary. They've been married for 57 years this year.
G'dad said they are yours lad and Boos smiled. "G'dad, I'd also like something special from you and from nan."
G'dad said 'Ok' and walked into his bedroom. There was a lot of mumbling and banging, before he came out and handed my little Boo a watch. "Here you go lad, ths watch was one of my first and now its yours." Boo was pleased and checked the watch over, surprised to find it still worked. He wears it all the time and when G'dad got lost for two hours (He said he was not lost he knew where he was, we just did not.) Boo held it and kept saying show up Pop. He believes that it helped locate G'dad. As he turned up 5 minutes later.

Boo was poking around Nan's room, he spends a lot of time sitting in her room and touching her stuff. Not breaking anything, he is very tender when handling he pretties. When he came out with a small ring, he said look it fits my finger. I and G'dad let him wear it. Later when we saw Nan, he showed her and she told him that he could keep it and the mate to it. Both are just mood rings that Nan liked to wear on occasion, and they are what he saw on her fingers, he treasures these things and gets frantic if he can't locate them.

I think he likes being in Nans room as he feels at ease with her scents and presence. He even took to sleeping atop her bed. Saying that it was soft and comfy, like Nan. Strange to see a gangly child, arms and legs akimbo, stretched out across the Hobbits bed. But sleeping soundly. He said he has been sleeping more restfully in her room, so we have allowed him that small comfort.

Ok, I'm done. The memories have made me smile and I need to make phone calls.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

RW intrudes majorly

Oh its good to sleep in ones own bed! Grin

Ok rehab has been very beneficial to Mums recuperation. She can shuffle along with the help of wheelie (zimmer) for short distances and a wheel chair for longer. Her speech and thought processors are coming back, though do remain a little off canter at times. She's great at giving verbal lists of what needs to be done and paid. Ever the carer and mother. Grin

Her swallowing ability is still cause for concern and I can say honestly that she hates the vitamised food offerings that smell great until you take the lid of the lip plate. She's pleased that her hobbit self is loosing weight, but we need to keep an eye on her protein intake as she may need to have some supplements to stop her muscles from deteriorating. She wears a sand bang on her right wrist whilst using her larger handled cutlery and if Dad is visiting, threatens to bop him with it if he tries to feed her as he gets frustrated watching her slow progress. We now time visits so that he does not have to watch her eat in a slow manner.

He has a tendency to baby her and take over any tasks that he feels are not being completed in a timely fashion. Love the initiative taken, but its not good for her own independence. He calls the wheel chair a pram or pusher and that not only upsets her, but me as well and we are constantly explaining that its a chair. He does not comprehend that she will not fully recover and her abilities will be limited.
Its hard to watch when the realization dawns on a daily basis, then disappears with his short term memory loss.

He asked her if her could bring in the ingredients for the Xmas Pud's and cakes and if she'd make them. It broke our hearts to hear her say that she would not be able to make them. Dads going to buy a pud and cake now, I'm going to get the recipe and see if I can make them.

The Dr's suggested that we look at placing both of them into a Hostel environment, as Mum won't be able to look after Dad and herself. I'm already disliked as I instigated the move of my severely disabled nephew a soon as I knew Mum was taken care of. She cannot be expected to look after them both and at the time I could not do the same. It had to be done sooner or later and well its done now. He's being well cared for in a CRU (Community residential Unit). Then I had to call into my disabled sisters homes and make them aware of what had occurred.

My eldest has intellectual disabilities and mild cerebral palsy, she is known as the little big sister and she really took on the role of being big sister and gave me hugs and kisses. I'm the big little sister. Grin I asked her to come and see mum then make a decision as to whether our little sis with Downs syndrome would cope with seeing Mum disabled. She visited, cried and left. I sat with her in the gardens and she decided to see little claire bear and explain to her that she had to wait to see Mum. CB is a very emotional woman, I can't say girl as they are adults and deserve the correct labels.

From what I've been told from the relevant carers. Little Big sis went and saw her at the Nursery that she works at and asked for a quiet room, where she sat and talked gently with her, there was lots of hugs and tears. But she made her understand and accept. The carers were exceptionally surprised with what she achieved and I'm proud that she did this for the family. She took to the role of Big sister in a way that was not expected and pulled it off brilliantly.

My CB, was told the other day that it would be fine to see Mum now. But refused as she said the news had to come from one of her sisters and not the carers. A quick phone call from me to Little Big and all was fixed, plus a little bribery of xmas cards. CB know how to work a situation to her own advantage. Grin

My nephew is harder to try and explain. He is legally blind, deaf and mute and has mild CP as well as intellectual disabilities. We've tried various ways to show him that Nanna is unwell and we think he may understand to a certain extent. But he appears to want to go back home and a little depression is rearing its head there. Everyone will need to be vigilant with him, especially when he goes to visit as he is not aware of his strengths and Nanna's lack of strength.

Its hard, but I feel we are managing well and several support groups and case managers are at my call if I need them. Believe me, I've called and things are being done. Slower than I'd like, but then I'm impatient and like things to be done yesterday.

Now, oh yeah Mum/Nan had her stroke on the15/11 at 1pm. But refused the ambulance that night. I took her to hospital on the 16/11. Then on the 22/11 my employers wife slipped on the wet floor at home and tripped over the cat, crashing into the glass top coffee table, severing the tendons in her left wrist. I got the call on the 23/11. On the 24/11 received a call from Blue boy, to say he had fallen on the 22/11 at the local pool, whilst trying to save a friend who had passed out in the water. He'd suspected that he'd broken his wrist. But had kept going to save his friend. It turns out the lad took a chunk out of his forearm and has a major infection that has made his arm swell and fingers turn blue. Yes the Drs have him on AB's.

I said Ok, thats my three no more God please. Good news, my best friend in the country is 26 weeks pregnant after the Dr's had said that she may not be able to conceive again. She'd had eutopic pregnancy that nearly took her life. She has twins already. We were very pleased with that news. She's happy to be having another child and yes she says its only one this time. Grin

The day we were told to consider Hostel care, my SIL decided she was taking the Cookatoo that Mum had raised. Its the bird to her, and is 52 years old/young. I was numb and now feel she was wrong to have done this at the time she did. Very cold and unfeeling to my father on the day as well. He chocked back the tears as he handed over Toni. Am I wrong in feeling it was too much to happen in one day? Dad being told that his wife won't be coming home, the house will need to be sold and he'll need to go into care as well.

I want to take little steps, with great care and consideration of my parents feelings and it seems I am the only one that feels this way. Whats the rush really? We know its going to happen, how about letting them come to grips with the situation and then taking the steps slowly. Strange really as I'm the impatient one. But I can see the heartbreak in their faces, eyes and body language. I've cried and cried, had massive migraines and now think I'm at the angry stage, but have been gagged into not verbalizing for fear of upsetting the applecart. But I can say I won't stand by and allow my parents to be bullied again or ripped off.

Geez at their ages they should be enjoying life and their long awaited retirements. They should also reap the benefits of their lives, not us. I keep saying to them both, spend the inheritance, but save some for Little Big sis, CB and my nephew. My brothers and I have the capacity to earn a wage, they do not. I'm even going to the solicitors to have adjustments made to wills, stating that any monies be transferred to my siblings that cannot earn a wage. Stuff the money, all I want is a few nick knacks and to ensure that anything of historical value is sold or donated to the relevant agencies, with the money earned going to my parents.

Its going to a long road and I hope that many of the bumps will not cause us too much problems. I've got to deal with an Uncle at the moment, who we know is working behind the scenes at trying to gain Guardianship. A/hole has interfered before and lead my parents up the pre-verbal garden path that ended in a shit hole and he is not even aware of it. Well not for long, boyo has he a surprise coming.

Thanks for listening and reading my rant. I'll keep you all updated.

RW intrudes majorly

Hey made it home for three days. Have to earn a living and I needed a break from caring for my father. I feel for my mother so much now, especially with the last week and a bit. It feels like a lifetime spent repeating myself over and over. Sleeping with an ear and eye open and knowing that no matter what I say he's not going to listen.

So much has happened and we are still at the start of the road. I tell ya what I forecast...a s fight within the family. So many of them are showing their true colors now, oh my god at the ulterior motives that are being shown. So would love to not have to bite my tongue and try to keep the peace.

Mum was making great improvements. But hit a stumbling block when it was suggested that she move into supported care. Only because she can no longer be the carer of my father and herself, and of course their home is way too big now for her to maintain. But we will need to just wait and see, its her decision and no one else's. Just have to be mindful of the meddling relations that have no clue!

Anyway got to run...need a full night of restful sleep...I'll give a bit more when I know more. Just know that I may go nuts on occasion...

RW intrudes majorly

Just want to apologize for my absence. My Mum had a minor stroke on 15/11/07, refused ambulance, resulting in my racing to her side and taking her to the hospital. 208/98 was the BP on arrival. Her right side has been effected, currently in the process of making care arrangements for my father and nephew (severely disabled), unsure of how long I will be away. Hopefully not that long.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Quonts Questions

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
To Tell you what Inspires her creativity.

My dearest Uncle, like you and dear cousin Lucia my creativity stems from the fount of knowledge that is found within LoM and of course through flitting through the other wonderful places within the ether.
You see as I am a wind element, I see and feel a lot more. Then I am given the opportunity to interpret these things in the manner that I see fit. It could be just the way the sun sets over the mountains in Ooloo or the playful fish in a stream. I've seen many varied animals in LoM and well some of their antics, gives me ideas. I saw a Rop Bear attend to nature the other day and well, how was it to know a wood elf was standing under that tree at that particular time. I can say he was not amused, by I certainly was.

Music, I love music. It creates so many emotive reactions in me, that I don't have time to write. I dance and send my thoughts to my scribe and creator. Who then tries to assemble my thoughts into some coherency, though she does make a great poem out of my random words. Oh I think I hear a Planet dirt song calling me...Beautiful Girl...yep...Oh I went and sat in the rafters the other day and watched 'Hairspray' then 'Pricilla Queen of the Desert', oh my, I must say we need our bards to write and produce some of these styled wonderful pieces. I'm sure there is an actor or two within LoM that would inspire to being given a great script and take on a persona that shows the antics of some of our more humorous characters.

G'day all. Anemo inspires me, though her thoughts are often jumbled or could it be that she drops them on me when I'm not my most coherent self. What else inspires me, images, real or created. Words, sometimes I'll see or hear a word and create passages to accompany that word.

Children, are a great source of inspiration. Their imaginations are vast and untainted. Nature, oh nature. When its chaotic or at rest, there is a certain inspiration that bursts forth. Often, I'll carry a camera and take a snap (digital) and see if I've caught something that no one else has taken any notice of.

Music, often sets the mood for writing. Relaxation music is often the best for those loving pieces, the calmness comes across in the words. Then on occasion the mood will shift and so will the music.

Yesterday, whilst attending to my RW duties. I observed two things. One made me giggle and gave me a good chance to have a perv on the more masculine sex. Picture this: Driving along listening to the radio, slight drizzle in the air, which turned the weather muggy. A black vehicle makes a left hand turn out of a side street. On the roof, there is a white washing basket. It slides off, spilling its contents. Now you'd naturally expect a female to hop out of the now stopped vehicle. But NO, it was a tanned and muscular young male. Wearing red shorts that have some rather nice splits up the thigh. He had a white singlet on. He quickly scurried to gather his under garments. I stopped, hit the hazard lights and protected his washing. Yes I was wearing wrap around sunnies (perv glasses) and he knew I was watching. He smiled, went a nice shade of crimson and thanked me. Hmm, I like protecting property that way, indeed!

The second: Wee hours of the morning. Everything is still, hardly a movement anywhere. I'm turning into the servo to refuel, fluorescent lighting provides false daylight. The weather is calm and there is a bit of a chill in the air, I observe a male in a grey hooded wind-cheater, black track pants and no shoes. Rather dark skinned and his head is covered with the hood of the wind-cheater. He is lazily walking through the car park of the servo. I slow and continue to observe, he stoops to pick up a dropped coin and peer at me, obviously thinking that I'll not notice. He then proceeded to try and gain entrance to the servo, but the automatic doors are locked from the inside, the attendant is in the back. Having stopped by now, I hop out of the vehicle and proceed to refuel, keeping an eye on this character, that has raised my hackles. He swaggers up the drive and hovers at the verge. The attendant by now has come out and I signal him to not open the doors. Using hand signals to alert him to a potential threat. We speak with our hands for a few moments and I watch the male as he cross's the road. Once he is out of sight I move into the store.

Situations like these happen all the time and one needs to be very wary. I kept one of my hands visible and the other was occupied with my baton and of course the fuel pump. I only ever stop at a place where I know the lay of the land and where the camera's are. Its all safety issues, and things that need to be taken into account when alone on the road. But they do provide some great tales. Later that night I night I alerted another guard to this character as he was last seen heading into his domain.

Mernacs Disciple Weekly Report FREE fantasy fiction

Sixth addition to More stray??.
I’ve taken the liberty of posting a note, stating what I do within Mernac. Mission Statement Proofreader Zealots and Spot a Error, Yay or Nay.

My reports are then copied and tagged into the TS&E forum then I pop a copy in my blog and a note is PM’d to TO, as Elsen is on a break.

I would also like to point out that I am compiling a list of help threads and a suggested list of Open/Closed Saplings. The former is also posted in the TS&E at the time of making my reports. The Help thread is an ongoing and I will share it, once notified of a place within the forums of Mernac.

Unless there are major issues with the tale or permissions are not granted. I will PM the scribe with the errors and leave a note within the report stating that some typos were spotted. I will however, remove the stray ?? without notifying the scribe. That is all I will do and no changes will be made to the body of the text. As stated within the Proof reading zealot, I will wait a month or more and if I am not notified, I will then go in a make the changes. I will then proceed to leave a note in the TS&E saying when the changes were made.

Oh, nearly forgot on occasion. I’ll receive a request to read through some parts of Mernac, which I will do. Priorities, these will now fall under that heading. Please do remember I do not have access to all areas. So sometimes Typos, Spellin and Errors need to be fixed the hard way. But please do PM me and I’ll chase up the God or scribe that can fix these.

It also appears that a few of the scribes that had in the past been active on the site are no longer active. I was wondering what will happen with their works that are not completed. Is there anyway of notifying said scribes and if they do not wish to return and complete their tales, opening them for other current scribes to take up the tale.

Now if you’re an interested scribe/writer you may want to take a look at Welcome to the Age of Elsen. Which details exactly what the God Elsen is looking for from scribes within his age.
Nil attained this week. Though you could say my own writing has been a bit of a priority and the RW.
Now back to scheduled events such as finishing the Legends section and then moving onwards.

The Croth Rebellion
Sage of The Croth Rebellion: Elsen Elsen may want to look at changing the wording of years to seasons in the intro to this piece.

Might I suggest that you connect Mernac > The Dragon > Sagas and Books > Book: The Croth Rebellion this into the introduction. Allowing readers to follow the tale as set out in the book. I’m going to use it to follow the tale as the scribe has set it out. Which by the way (IMHO) is yet another brilliant idea for keeping a track on Sagas and book chapters.

The Mysterious Visitor: There is one or two small incidences where the spacing has joined. I cannot edit this as I don’t have the capability.

Lord Vaarsak:
Already read and commented upon.

Croth Rebellion - The Beginning: Still need to read this.

Croth Rebellion - A Vow Inspired: Still need to read this.

A True Hero's Journey: Still need to read this.

Closed Sapling/s: Curious as to what will happen with these if the original scribes, no longer come onto the site.

Removed a stray ?
Removed a stray ?

Open/Closed Saplings: How about I just note that here, I’ve blown the ? off the page.
Prospective and Current Scribes: there are plenty of Open Saplings that are just dying for their tales to be told. So if your stuck in a block, take a look at what’s on offer. You know I rather think these are a programming glitch. If the trolls could locate the stray in the scribes notes they could eradicate them in one foul hit. Then maybe TO would be very pleased and maybe just maybe give them a little praise.

Some of these I’m sure I removed once before. Hence the above query.
Rage Bears
Black Owls
The Hall: This appears to have lost its Open sapling teaser.
The Council Chamber: This appears to have lost its Open sapling teaser.
Pyroglyph's Aerie: This appears to have lost is Open sapling teaser.
Hero of My Dreams
Forever Nyte - Disciple of Terees: This appears to have lost is Open sapling teaser.
Witch: Added some italics, removed a stray ?
Spider Elm 1: There are two copies of this in the OS, this one I did not edit out the stray ?.
Spider Elm 2: This one is ok, to use.
Frost Giants: To be written by LindaC...
Huda Strone, Choicemaker
Faithmore City

Can’t Edit these, I don’t have a capability: 1. they are in the OV. 2. they are in the d20 resources.
Triple Trap Crush: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes. Also a few of the sentences seem to have dropped down and makes the piece look wrong.
The Sword of Mages: Has a stray in the scribes notes and the editors notes are a different color to the rest of LoM.
1/2 Dragon Knights: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes. Also a few of the sentences seem to have dropped down and makes the piece look wrong.
Linds: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Scurs: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Stoney Roots: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Croth Rebellion: Module 2: The catacombs of Ummm: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Ummm's Mirror: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Catacomb of Ummm: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Skill Specialization: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Keesha Crystals: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Ga Gemstones: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Crothhound: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Armour of the deep: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Shiatu's Edge: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Azeman: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Tanaari Horse: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Pit Trap - Curved to prevent easy rescue: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Corridor Trap - Raining Oil: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Pit Trap - Falling Rope: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Cross Roads Tavern: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Corridor Trap - Rolling cylinder down stairs variant: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Intro to Grenur the assassin: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Potion of Alkaline: Has a stray in the scribes notes.
Pit Trap - Acid with wall of air variant - Poisonous Fumes: Title spelled incorrectly.
Executioner's Sword:
Al Qu'inora- Azeman oil:

Miscellaneous: Within this heading you will find a wide range of little things that will over burden the Trolls, minor issues I have taken care of will be listed. If you are a scribe and wanting to assist with writing a tale about one of these Races or other arenas. I suggest that you do a little research and then go for it. Remember to contact the sage of the various arenas or one of his representatives.

07-08-16 The Other Addresses the Masses: Strange one this, there’s a test image from Betatester incorporated into the top of TO’s notice. Not sure if it was intentional, caught the eye as it was unlike the rest of TO’s Addresses to the Masses. To is looking into this one and its on her to do list.

Merfolk: Incorrectly labeled as an Open Sapling, I think this is a completed sapling, which makes it a seed.

Rage: This is a placeholder for Valorius

Tresat ur'Loth: Comes up with the following message:
(put your first paragraph here in the top box...)
(...and the rest of your story here.)

Oomba Oota:`Don’t know why but this one came up twice in the recent tales listings, but with the same link number.

Wagon Stickers: Curious if this is still a Pending Contest. I feel it could be a great money maker if it got off the ground in the future.

Roadius: No longer a Closed Sapling as the God position has been filled.

Gollivag: Listed as an Open Sapling, but missing the Original scribe notes etc at the bottom of the piece.

Second Banner Test: Not required really.

Incubus: This is was a closed Sapling and has now been written up as Incubus Frost. So I feel it is no longer necessary to have it listed, though the alternative could be have a link placed to the character sketch.

Mispoint: A scribe has already taken this one up and it is awaiting the scribes attention and approval from the Gods.

Sons of Pretense: Fixed some grammar errors.

Igruss Cliffwalker: Has NO text in the body of this Open Sapling.

Some of the older initial Open Saplings. Set out in a completely different manner than is currently used.
Tian Islands:
Permia: Removed the stray ? marks.
Strayton Village – TBW: Removed the stray ? marks. Fixed a couple of typos and a little grammar.
Village of the Gentle Ones:
Traddlebow Castle: ALERT to TO/LUCIA: in edit mode if you scroll to Story type you will see some strange programming text. Removed the strays, fixed typos.

Anon scribes: Curious as to what will happen with these.
The Venra and the Morta:

You’ll know all the tales I’ve read by the comments that are left behind. I must say there has been a lot of great reads.

I must say that my dictionary is having a fit with all the names…but it helps with the checking and referencing. I’ve noticed that the vagaries of spelling vary greatly with some scribes writing. Ie: Traveling – Travelling. These issues I have not altered as they pertain to the scribes locale.

I’ve also been taking time to write my own tales, as they seem to get lost in the fray of researching, reading, playing in the forums and seeking assistance from other scribes. Those of which I want to thank, whole heartedly for their assistance. As we all know my punctuation is terrible and it seems to take me longer to get anything published. This is primarily due to my own RW commitments and other issues, but I am hanging in there and doing what I can for LoM.

I just want to re-iterate that I do not under any circumstance change your text or make revisions. I remove stray ? and correct spelling, as per position description above dictates.
If I see the spelling was meant to be way the scribe intended it, I leave it as found.

Legends of Mernac
One World...Endless Possibilities

Sunday, 11 November 2007

What were they Thinking?

A word from the creator of this blog.
A dear friend wrote the following and when I read this piece I felt it needed sharing. So here it is, please follow her link and give her your thoughts on this work.
Tigerspirit 1.
Tigerspirit 2


What were you thinking when you created man?
Did you do it just because, you knew you can?

Not counting the Universe an expanse so great
But of your recent creations of late

This planet Earth a gem among the stars
Not excluding Saturn, Jupiter and Mars

The jewels in the gem, so valued far and wide
Dolphins, whales, dogs, cats and lions on the side

Elephants, monkeys and grizzly bears too
Ibis, wolves, and minks, to name a few

But what were you thinking when you created man?
Did you do it just because you knew you can?

With the planets and stars and moons galore;
Why did you create just one thing more?

You told man to multiply
Did you ever think why?

You showed man all the animals
Your precious beautiful favoured jewels

You asked him to care for them
Such a mistake you made back then

Do you see what man is doing now?
It's not just that he'll eat the cow!

Tusks stolen from elephants
Those great big gentle giants

Bears, wolves and foxes are at risk for fun
Even dogs aren't safe, no place to run

Some torture them, hurt them and make them cry
“Man” won't even give any reason why!

Chinchillas, Minks are popular in fashion
Soon they'll want to skin a lion!

But let's not go there just quite yet,
Look what's been happening in the wet

The beautiful dolphin graceful and long
What's happening to them is just so wrong
The gentle giants of the wide blue sea
Man just won't let those great whales be!

Why, oh why, did you create man?
Did you do it because you knew you can?

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Please respect the authors copyright, it was given here to share the social impact of cruelty.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Quont's Question's

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
To Tell us 3 little known things about yourself.

Well, let me see...Anemo taps her brightly colored nails on the branch she is sitting on. Hmm...My real name was Dury Lane. But maybe you know that already.
I love trinkets!, Oh you know that one!
I'm an air head at times. lol, well thats a given, considering I'm the wind element.
My this is a hard one...I know, my creator and I are nothing alike.
I had an adoptive sister and I too am a orphan or was.

There you go, I gave three. Creator, where are you hiding?

What Anemo? I'm busy working, you know the B&B that keeps this computer running. Oh Qounts asked a question. Oh is it that time of the week again? My time flies.

Three little known things about the creator.
I don't eat dairy or wheat products.
I'm an accessing parent to my older sons. (long story, might write it one day.)
I'm not a natural red head. he he he....

Legends of Mernac
One World...Endless Possibilities

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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Mernacs Disciple Weekly Report FREE fantasy fiction

Characters, Places, Items and sundry,

Below you will find complete listings of references made in tales that can be put before the scribes and either used to establish further tales or Open/Closed Saplings. Listed will also be the original tale from which said items have been found.

Let me say now that I have not performed a search on all of these and as thus do not know if tales have been scribed. However, some I do know and they will not be listed.

As I am not a Goddess yet, I do not ever want to force any scribe to start writing. But I do want to encourage you all too please look at the places available and use those first. Yes it is encouraged by all the Gods, the One, and the Other to create towns and villages. But I’d like to say, scribe the area as well as mentioning it in your tale. Why do I suggest these things? It will assist everyone overall and keep the areas to a reasonable Factual description, but also allowing them to add their own creative flair to the Kingdoms. This also includes other sundry items. If we all as scribes keep a close eye on what we are creating and utilizing what it available, it’ll only further the interconnectedness of LoM.

Tales From The Smoke House – 1
Please see note in weekly report as well as this Open/Closed Sapling ideas.
Attar of roses:
Lord Munstel
Tameera: a character and favorite of Ka'ab al-Ahbar
A silver chain and a black amulet, upon which runes were engraved: Now this sounds like a very interesting article, which could be widely used throughout the LoM, even to the extent of the RPG arena.

Birthday Surprise
Lerish Pendant: green and blue gems embedded in the round pendent.
Cheresh: A term of endearment used in place of ‘Dear One.’
Arvast Sellid's Glorious Night in Lingin: a popular martial theme. I’d so like hear this composed and utilized within LoM.
Boden crickums: Assuming they are an insect.
Jenson Gold Coins: Now there be a wonderful tale to tell, a quest, yes a quest to locate all the coins and house them in the great library.

Healer's Quest Chapters 1 and 2
Letch cakes and prat juice
Corva: a relaxant that appears to be added to Prat juice
Kirev: Guessing it’s the dragon way of counting.
Reglos: a young elf that taught Frostleaf Ogre Imitator
Ogre Imitator: A spell. That is described in the above tale.
elberry tea:
See there are foods and spells used within the tales that have not been scribed for others to utilize.

Journal of Zacharius McDade Entry 1
clora flowers: broken down into sweet smelling stuff that knocks people out.
Draken, Hermit of the Red Woods, is our reluctant guardian
red death
Elven village of Lophoria

Journal of Zacharius McDade Entry 2
Jeardon: a small town near Mount Kiva. Also listed names of several other smaller towns, ie: Opoldan, Green Wood, and Denlo. Apparently near Borgan, Kezia.
Annabel: Zach's sister that he cusses out in entry 1 and praises for teaching him the thought recorder spell.
Valad Crittenton:
Hialek: small town that hold a show in which a small dragon had been captured. Read the tale, its poignant.
Prince Ivan Kelish

Journal of Zacharius McDade Entry 3
Captain Kieroff Lila-son
tawas or mookies: apparently dumb creatures.
Sedrick Jahila-son: cabin boy
Nitalstick: which is basically just a smoothened piece of strong wood, that can be used as a weapon.
kivala sharks
Erik Elli-son
Livik Pila-son
dulag droppings
Tristan and Kiver: Tristan is an elf.
pine ropes

Legends of Mernac
One World...Endless Possibilities