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Varth Rotrider

Was a common street toy boy, with a heart of gold. Who travelled the Lands of Mernac seeking his first love.
When Vanessa Astarte first picked him up, he was wearing a pair of overalls made of coral and teal colored satin. Under this, he wore a solid amethyst colored tunic and then an amber vest; he also wore a violet cloak. His dress sense left Vanessa with the distinct impression that he was either colorblind or had no dress sense what so ever.
His curly, thick, blue hair was worn in a bizarre style. That Vanessa planned having trimmed into neat perfection. His slanted, deep set, eyes the color of a rack berry, held his admirers in his thrall. Varth’s delicate face was square jawed and he had a mouth that beckoned to be kissed. It was a plum color and just so encouragingly thick lipped.

Varth’s is muscular, yet he retains that boyish puppy fat. That the women so adore pinching and caressing. He tries to be sporty and keep his fitness levels at their peak, due to his chosen line of work. In addition, with a solicitous personality, he finds he attracts the Ladies of Mernac quite easily.

Varth Rotrider carries a lucky coin in his pocket. It was given to him by his first love and holds some very dear memories to him. He has no living family and is more a lover than a conversationalist. He is keen to further his skills with the fairer sex and hopes that one day he will be the one to understand them.

Once Vanessa Astarte employs him, he discovers he is interested in clothes and books. He embraces her teachings and enjoys the luxury of a being a male Cyprian.

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Original scribes notes:

Who was the first love, why did they leave, what is the significance of the coin? Where did he come from and will he find his love? What does he learn and how does he get along with his other Cyprian counter parts?

Hisheia Songeye

Hisheia Songeye is the beautiful woman no one notices because she wears her midnight sky, curly, thick hair in an impracticable style. Her green eyes have the grey tinges of lack of sleep underlining them. With a small-featured face, it is hard for her employer Vanessa Astarte to believe when she discovered that the woman had a voice whose brilliance makes it unfathomable and that she is a person who has endearingly crude traits.

This sensual magical woman whose uniform is blue and white in even proportions, and looks like a fusion of a fashion model's finest and an exotic dancer's outfit. Is Vanessa’s favoured servant, as Hisheia is secretive by nature, soft-spoken, and a charismatic personality. That has the ability to pre-empt the wants and needs of anyone she is working with or around. She has a keen eye to detail and is very discreet.

Hisheia wears a anklet that she knows not where not came from or how it came about. There is no clasp and it cannot be removed. Hisheia knows it has magical abilities, but is yet to discover what they truly are.

She is unmarried and living with a friend, and was orphaned at an early age.

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Original scribes notes:
This will be an Open Sapling. What I'd like to see detailed about this woman is why she is an orphan and how it came to be? What is her back ground and what race does she belong to?

How does she assist with Vanessa's plans in the 'Brothel De La Ong Itch' and who is her friend that she lives with?

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*****Warning 'R' Rated Content!***** Amber lights

Heed me now. The tale below has 'R' Rated content and should only be viewed by person/s over the age of 18, if you choose to continue reading. The author takes no responisbilty for your actions or reactions.

Amber lights
Chapter One.
In the beginning

Brizmoltal lay on the banks of the Vour River. Her day at the Halfling Magicians Guild had been long. As a human born in Mispoint, she had taken on a position at the Guild after much stalking from Lariner Lesialeth Lossiad Felord.

It was a gorgeous Teevil evening and the river beckoned her as a lover would. Brizmoltal lazily started to remove her pacs, wiggling her toes as the constraints were kicked aside. Her striped hose amused her, ‘If Lossiad Felord only knew, I was not in the deigned accompaniments, I’d receive detention.’ She giggled to herself. Her cloak lay discarded, its silver studs catching beams of the changing state of the sunlight, thirteen for the Fathers, seven for the Mothers, two for the moons and one for the sun, graced the ethereal garment, marking its owner as a Sorceress.

Standing, Brizmoltal stretched her aching muscles, bending left then right, forward then back, standing on her toes she reached to the impending stars. ‘Mmm, sky clad, I shall be.’ She thought as she idly started to unlace the leather thongs that held her cobwebbed dress onto her svelte body, falling into a waterfall of weaved lace at her feet, she stepped lightly from its confines, her dagger its silver blade and dusty qua stone, lying gently against her breasts. With poise Brizmoltal, gently lifted the dagger from between her breasts, raising it to her lips, she lightly kissed the hilt and blade, before removing it from her body. Wrapping it in her cloak, she lightly stepped forward. Tentatively touching the waters of the Vour River with her toes, she watched as the circular ripples spread out, smiling at the circles of life, they represented.

Ankle deep in the river, Brizmoltal knew it would be better just to plunge deeply into the depths, but she was also aware that in the depths, certain death hid. Slowly she walked forward, feeling the mud, squeeze up between her toes and the cool water softly caresses her skin as she eased into its depths. ‘Aahh, such as it would be to be a mer…’ she grinned as she swam against the waters current, feeling her muscles working beneath her taunt skin.

Gnarled trees hid him, under their aged arches he watched the human female as she disrobed, slipping into the Vour River, she swam. He was amazed at her graceful movements and the lack of splash, which she did not incur as she exercised the cares of her day away. Malagolin had been sitting beside the river Vour himself, trying to chase away the demons that had been plaguing his daylight and night time hours, for weeks. He had first noticed her some two hours prior as she had walked the hidden paths to the waters edge. Malagolin recognised her from the cloak that adorned her shoulders. He had even considered seeking her assistance, with his personal woes. Nevertheless, intuition told him that this Sorceress needed time alone.

‘Is she a mage of the light or dark?’
he thought as he peered around the knotted trunk of a Radmers tree, he watched as she washed herself with handfuls of the mud. ‘Such a beautiful body, all her pieces are like gnomish females, but not as hairy.’ His eyes skimmed over her body, appreciating the sights.

Brizmoltal stepped up the bank; a refreshing caller touched her skin. ‘Anemo, is that you in your ethereal elemental form?’ she whispered quietly within her mind. Brizmoltal recalled memories of Anemo, before she had left Mispoint to become a disciple of the ‘God Elsen’. Sinking to her knees, she smiled as the soft breeze teased her nipples and caressed her backside. ‘Aahh Anemo if that is indeed you, your touch has certainly not changed.’ Brizmoltal sighed as she lay on her back, enjoying the loving brush of the breeze. Her mind still playing out images of her youth, spent with her adoptive sister at the edges of the river.

Malagolin watched as Brizmoltal lay on the water's edge. ‘This human her body, is captivating.’ Malagolin guardedly watched, feeling his own arousal as he did. His small, muscle bound body, reacting in ways that he certainly was accustomed to, but with even more vigor than normal. Bit by bit he edged closer, he could see the woman Sorceress smiling, her eyes closed. Beads of moisture clung to her purple nipples, like steam from kettles at an ech. Malagolin looked on in hot despair and longing.

Not knowing that in the branches of the Radmer tree ‘Quont’ sat. Watching, willing and waiting! He had played his cards right with Malagolin, directing her subconscious to come to the River Vour on this day at this time. ‘Quont’ had in mind a sexual connection, altered with cruel intentions in mind. All the pieces were falling into place and the ‘God’ smiled, mischievously.

Malagolin stepped lightly closer, as he did Brizmoltal’s legs opened, her glistening core revealing her soul. Finding himself drawn to this human female, Malagolin moved ever closer, observing that the smile still played on her lips and her pink tipped tongue would dart out wetting them, causing him to shudder in delight. Sliding up between her legs, Malagolin tentatively caressed her small shaft with his forefinger; he likened this area to a little man in his boat gently bobbing along on the currents of desire.

Brizmoltal felt the pressure on her neither regions, but kept her eyes closed. Her mind believing that is was an old and dear friend, visiting in her puppet form. With one hand, Malagolin tended to the needs of the human woman, whilst his other dealt with the lacings of his own tunic. Not ready to take the garment off completely he lifted it over his shoulders, and over the back of his head. Slowly he snaked his hand down to his own breeches, slipping them down to his knees and then gently wiggling out of them, with each rise and fall of the woman’s hips.

Malagolin was more than aroused. The woman’s scent permeated the air and his nostrils flared, his own penis jerking in the direction of the woman’s soul core. Slowly he adjusted his position, lightly running his other hand up the inside of her thighs, she opened her legs wider as he did so, exposing more of her inner core. Malagolin knew an invitation when he saw one and lowered his head. His own needs forgotten, he wanted to know if a human woman tasted the same as gnomish women. He was pleasantly surprised. Deciding he could eat a human woman this way for many hours, he settled into a position that would guarantee his comfort and that she would enjoy the experience of a horny gnome males tongue, exploring her depths.

Far in the Radmer trees branches, ‘Quont’ smiled in triumph. The ‘God of Lust’ took his own pleasure in knowing that from this union a child would be born. One of great beauty and formidable Ga. He blessed Brizmoltal and Malagolin’s union in his own mind, by just staying put and watching. He knew that his brother ‘Roadius’ would be pleased with the results of this union, just not in the way that he had achieved it.
As the sun played out of the sky, on Morla day 176 and Araf graced the skies. Brizmoltal and Malagolin partook in Mernacian pleasures. Unbeknownst to ‘Quont’ this altered union also was now blessed by ‘The One’ and ‘Siberlee’. The results of such a union would be for the ‘Good of the races of light.’

Malagolin knew they would slide their bodies together, without hurry, without holding back, he had no hurry to be anywhere and he was sure the Sorceress did not either. Slipping his hands under her buttocks, he gave them a firm squeeze as she jerked forward thrusting herself into his face and impaling herself on his thick tongue. Malagolin knew now that she was fully aroused and did not care whom her partner was. As she dragged him up her body, he allowed her to caress his taunt nipples as he flicked hers with his tongue.

“I know not, nor care who you are!” she whispered into his ear. “You have awakened an urge in me that I have not felt in many a season and I am of certain mind to give you a swinging good time that you shall never forget!”

With that said, Brizmoltal pulled Malagolin further up her body, taking his gnomehood into her pretty mouth. With his hairy bum straddled across her breasts, Malagolin could not believe that he was having sex, with human Sorceress. In addition, it was proving to be the best sex he had ever had the opportunity to partake.
He was impressed with the way she worked her tongue along his thickened shaft, how she carefully handled his balls and they way she keep her eyes on his as she did so.

Reaching down to her breasts, he rolled one nipple between his forefinger and thumb, his other hand he walked down her body as he lightly leant back, slipping his fingers between the soft and slippery envelope folds of her core. He felt her raise her hips to greet and take his fingers probing her depths, her mouth responded on his maleness, by covering its head and sliding gently downwards, as he withdrew his finger from her inner self, she sucked back along the length of his member. Moans soon escaped their lips, their needs escalating as they enjoyed the pleasurable discovery of each other.

Brizmoltal licked and flicked at the inner thighs of the gnome male that was helping her ease her sexual tension. Malagolin enjoyed the feel of her tongue, it was small and rough like a cat, and its warmth travelled the length and breadth of his thighs, cumulating in wrapping itself around his very erect penis. Pulling himself away, he rolled onto his tummy and lay down her body length ways, burying his face between her legs, grabbing at her arse as he thrust his tongue faster, harder and hotter into the depths of her center, her own mouth working its magic over, under and over his genitals.

Together they lay in this manner for what felt like several hours. Before they slid their bodies together, no haste or chaste was involved with their coupling. It was purely divine lust. Not once, nor twice did they join. But several times over the space of the evening. During which the stars of Mernac started to twinkle and shine in their blue-black velvet landscape.

During their third encounter, Brizmoltal whispered a hairs breadth from Malagolin ear her name. He in turn let her name slide from his lips with his thrusts and as he settled into calmness, he gazed into her eyes and spoke his name.

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Poll results:

The Legends of Mernac was created by?

Quont the 'God of Lust' 0%
The Other 1 vote = 10%
The One 1 vote = 10 %
Rick Merriman (drum roll) ........9 votes = 90%

Thanks to the 10 who dropped by and voted! It was Rick who created the Legends of Mernac with some help from TO and a whole lotta of other people.

Dad Falls

Shopping with Mum & Dad today. Went really well. Though before arriving Dad was in the laundry putting his shoes on and his hip went 'PoP'. Yep, guessed it right! He was bending incorrectly again!

Mum heard him calling out and helped him move into the hall where he popped the hip back himself. 'OUCH!' He's getting quite good at popping it back himself. He is also a stubborn old goat! He spent the day in pain and just flat out refused to admit it.

Nothing we could do as he will not listen. We did walk slower and take more rest breaks. Well we had to do something!

Anyway, we (hubby & I) spent some quality time together and with my parents. He slept in the car, while I assisted with the veg shopping! LOL. He told me what meat to buy at the butchers and added extra to the basket. I put my hand out for more money! :)

My parents laughed, dad chased the sample lady around the store. She had some nice curry snags on offer and well he was hungry! Though he did get an italian sausage one and was shocked that he liked it. Mind you he did say in small doses.

Then off to Dads other store and 3 slabs of canned goods brought, plus some sundry items. Dad offered lunch! So into the footy club we went.....mmmm....nice tucker there.

We ordered. Dad was upset that the 'lambs fry & bacon' was all gone! We were'nt! He had the roast of the day! After taking our seats, I wandered into the pokies, feed $10 au into the machine and started playing. Over hobbles the old goat, to put the moz on me! He feeds the next machine $5 au and instantly wins 15 free spins and can't work out which button to press to get them working. I lean over and press it, whilst pressing my own. Hee hee, my machine goes off! I win 15 free spins. Sweet!
At the 8th spin, I win another 15, then on the last 3, I win another 15! Yippee, I'm in the money!

By this time Dads attention has waivered over to my machine and he's lost his coins! He signals hubby over and I say 'No, he'll moz me!', though the darling did bring my coffee over. :) He observes my winning streak and stays put behind me. I collect our meat shopping money back and he puts his hand out! Ggrr, there goes the new shoes!

I'm not that mean. I did give him $30 of the $88. I've had enough of the pokies, so wander off to have a chat and coffee with mum. Our meals arrive and Dad flicks his broccoli onto my plate. 'Cow food' he calls it. I glare and he laughs.

Dad wins the members prize. We finish our meals and Dad gives Mum, $10 to play with, 'Wow, Dad!' He sits at the machine I was on, hoping the luck would run off, but it ran away! He lost!

We go looking for Mum and her machine is having a rocking good time! She is shaking in her slippers! She's won a tidy little prize! I call the attendant, Mum collects and we leave. We know when to hold off and well the club makes enough out of us every 6 weeks so its about time we won some back.

Back to the major shopping center we go! Mum buys herself some ladies garments and shouts me one! The last one in my size in the entire shop, mind you! You know how I remember my bra size? I pop the cup on Hubbies head and if it fits like a beanie, we got it right! We love doing that, as it gives the stores LPO's a great laugh!

Back to the car. Oh we changed cars at Mums, Dads twin cab ute needed a run, so we took it out!

They all sleep for the 45 min drive back to their home and I get to sing to myself!

Once home we unpack the shopping get everything put away and Dad says come look at the new cockatiel. So we do! Its a pidgeon! What the?
Mum explains someone stole 1 of her 5 and replaced it with a wild pidgeon. How sweet! Not! Hubby climbs into avairy, catches pidgeon and Dad snaffles it. I think please don't wring its neck! But he lets it fly off! Whew!

Into my car and hubby drives home. I sleep! Well it is another hours drive home! so why not get a 'Nanna nap in!' We unpack our shopping and put it away. I spend a penny.

Its late and Boo is hungry! So take out it is! I take the chance that the optometrist is open and collect my glass's. Yippee I can see again!

Home, eat, write a little, watch the late news, update blog and now off to bed!

Hope the old fart behaves!


Mispoint is a busy city near Ironforge that could be described as having two faces. It is a densely populated center, with all manner of beings bred when different races of the light come together. There are half elf-half human beings, half fae-half human, half dwarf- half-elf (yes it does happen), and many more to behold. Sometimes shunned in their own communities, these half-breeds have found acceptance in Mispoint. With all of these different races and race combinations to be had, Mispoint is an eclectic mix of customs and religions.

Mispoint is the capital City of Halflings it lies in the Kingdom province of Hob in Cathall, and imbued with the spirit of modernity and hard work. However, it also conserves its ancient origins, which are evidenced in its architecture and structure. Gothic guilds, chapels and palaces all bear witness to the phases of prosperity that Mispoint has seen down through the centuries. All built during the second half of the first millennia.

Mispoint developed on the banks of the river Vour, and on the edges of Tythea forest and during the second half of the first millennia the cities inhabitants built walls to encircle the Guilds, the market and the older part of the city. The guilds of the various Halfling races often reflected their origins, adding a show consisting of a mixture of styles, evidence of restoration and embellishment at various times when funds permitted. The key characteristic of Mispoint's historical architecture is a strong tri colour motif. Fa├žades and interiors of the guilds are decorated with horizontal bands of local marble alternate between light and dark colours.

The city itself has an ancient and long-lasting vocation to commerce, and the cities most famous daughters have made important contributions to the economic history of Mernac. The most well known is the Ethereal Wind Element, Anemo Eolic who climbed to the heights of Ethereal power from the beginning of the first half of the 1st millennia. In the second half of the first millennia, the Magicians Guild of Halflings became one of the most beautiful buildings in Mispoint and today houses an archive of documents and letters written by Brizmoltal Yasreeala. The documents show Alaunmol Yasreeala development of becoming a sorcerer & the history of ‘Dury Lane’ aka Anemo Eolic. The Astrologer's Guild also has representation for the study of the stars and heavens are also found in Mispoint.

The main commercial activity in Mispoint, already well developed in the first half of the first millennia, was that of the textile industry - specifically production of wool woven, from spinning, twisting, warping, weaving, and dyeing to finishing. If you are interested in textiles and design the Ta Cular is a wonderful place to while away an afternoon. The museum is located in the beautiful Ruis palazzo inside the city walls and has collections of textiles from ancient Seelos and Central Port Mystic fabrics to modern collections of textiles.

Mispoint is also home to many important reliquaries, the most important of which is the Corset Dury the sacred corset was reputedly worn by the humble barmaid/female thug Dury Lane aka Anemo Eolic, and was acquired in Tythea forest by a merchant called Spirnozz Nadomar a Halfling Drow Troll. As legend has it, the corset was a gift from Dury to Brizmoltal Yasreeala who was a beautiful bride on the night of her Mastery. Today the corset is housed in a purpose built cabinet so that Magicians such as Alaunmol and Quavfaer Zardor may gaze upon it and see the history of Dury Lane. The corset is shown to the public four times a year: at Bruda/Quont’s holiday, Chandralee , Holiday of the Mothers & Fathers, Celestial Dance and the Day of Siberlee when Mispoint hosts a colourful parade.

The Summoner's Guild, a large mansion that is the work of the first Halflings, holds a picture of the Siberlee that is famous for her miracle making. The mansion is found in the one of the most evocative piazzas of Mispoint, they also hold the scrolls on the Five Elements, the piazza also holds the massive 666 Guild Mansion.

The Battlefield Angels keep is another of Mispoint's beautiful buildings. It dates from the second half of the first millennia, that was originally a monastery but in second half of the first millennia, it was sold to the Battlefield Angels to be converted into a college. The college has had students from the most eminent families of Mernac including Shemptwiddle. **** Unsure on this reference as I could not find anything to fit into this category. ****

Mispoint is the capital of the smallest province of the Kingdom of Hob in Cathall. Formerly part of the province of Dilbers Stand, it was recently given autonomy. Centuries of subordination of Mispoint to Dilbers Stand is but one stimulus for Mispoint is to remain independent as a city and as a culture. The scribe Aet Ect (another illustrious student of Battle Field Angels College) wrote of the civic pride of the Mispoint.
Aye, Mispoint does seem like a kind of paradise for most, but it has a deep dark secret lurking in its shadows.

"Being born in Mispoint is a great benefit, more a merit than a fortune, and you can see from the tenacity with which the citizens of Mispoint defend their provenance when quite easily they could pass as Ironforges."

Original Scribes comments:
Ok, I’ve taken the liberty of naming the river that runs along side Mispoint on the maps and also the forest.

The river Vour lies to the west of Mispoint.
The forest Tythea lies to the north of Mispoint.

There will be some Open Saplings for other scribes to get creative with, within this place description. The other description will be incorporated into Anemos Book.

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Lyleth – Gnome is aggressive by nature, and extravagant. She has a compact athletic body even when relaxed; her light skin often marks her from her social class. Hazel eyed within a thin, high-cheek boned face she can often deceive easily. Her coarse, curly, medium-length, dark brown hair, hangs down her face in unruly tendrils; she is the single adoptive parent of Dury Lane and Brizmoltal Yasreeala. She is the innocent tutor of children with some strange gifts.

Her clothes are androgynous in style, mostly wool in faded warm colors; such as teal, forest green and earthy browns; the overall style is simple and involves a lot of long baggy pants and shapeless long tunics. Often covered with an apron of cotton for indoors and leather for outside labor. During the festivals, Lyleth is known to be a little more flamboyant wearing, a lot of long flowing skirts, flared sleeves, and shawls. Her normally long tunics are discarded for smaller tighter ones that she adorns with her trinkets.

With an interest in dancing, she encouraged both her adoptive daughters to sing and dance. Lyleth loves art and enjoys filling her home with objects that many would not consider as decorative. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and Lyleth’s eyes view life in a very different way to most Mernacians.

Lyleth keeps a guarded scroll of her life and that of her young daughters. As
Lyleth can be suspicious of other inhabitants of Mernac and the nature of their agendas. Her scroll is called ‘Lies and Truths of Lyleth, it is said to be hidden within her tree house in Mispoint.

Lies and Truths of LylethHer book and legend. Contains informative information about not only her life, but also that of Dury Lane aka Anemo Eolic and Brizmoltal Yasreeala her second adoptive daughter, in her mind.

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Gazescroll is an older male dragon.
He has a thick, long body with a very long tail. With fine, translucent scales of green, shading to darker on his belly. Two membranous frills run from the base of his skull to his shoulders. He also has membranous wings that stretch between his forelimbs and the end of his tail. Gazescroll has a wide mouth, and large slitted nostrils located unusually far back on his snout. He has droopy gem-like eyes that are the color of the earth. His eyesight has grown weaker over the seasons as he has his snout in scrolls and papyrus. His chin is very pointed, and a bony ridge separates its nostrils.

His breath is a disruptive wave of sound, which shakes the very bones of those in its path. He is surprisingly helpful towards non-draconic races. He can be solemn and serious, but has developed a great sense of humor and loves riddles. He lives in the ancient library of ?? and is the life mate of Visionbringer and the father of windstorm his only son. His hoard consists mostly of valuable tomes and is medium sized.

Another scribe can write the tales of how Gazescroll and Visionbringer met and their courtship. However, I’d like to say that as Gazescroll is the prettier of the two dragons, it was his physical appearance that drew the eyes of Visionbringer, then his learned skills. You may even want to scribe how the understanding was reached and how their abilities are utilised and maintained.

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Visionbringer’s is an adult female dragon.
Her scales are milky-green, shading to darker towards her hindquarters. They are unusually thick for a dragon. She has a thick body with a short, wide tail. She has fanlike wings that stretch between her limbs. She has short limbs with five digits on each foot that end in long, blunt claws. She has a mouth that runs most of the length of her face. She has large eyes that are rose-red.

In addition, she has oddly thick lips. A hornlike projection juts straight out between her nostrils. Two long horns extend straight up from her forehead, she has oval nostrils located close together. She has strange membranes that function as ears. Her breath is a cloud of hallucinogenic gas, that disables her quarry with visions of their inner most desires. She is a proud and mystical dragon that lives in …. She is the mother of Windstorm and life mate of Gazescroll Her hoard is medium sized and consists primarily of objects of art.

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Windstorm is a very young dragon.

He has a broad, short body. With fine, translucent scales that are the color of green emeralds, shading to darker on his belly and getting much thicker around his head. He has small, fanlike wings. A row of tendrils runs down his back. He has short, thick limbs with six closely mounted digits on each foot that end in blunt claws. He has almond-shaped faceted eyes that are the color of amethysts. He has two stubby horns that jut from the top of his head, in front of his small ears, which close over when in flight. He has a wide mouth with traces of his mothers rose red colouring. His breath is a powerful short burst of air.

He is very aristocratic and intelligent and has a vast knowledge of Halflings. He has a tendency to become deep and detailed, when debating. He was found in Tythea forest, near the City of Mispoint in the Kingdom of Cathall, as a hatchling. Choosing not to grow to his full size, he remained hidden in the Magicians Guild of Mispoint, until a young Alaunmol overheard him discussing history with one of the librarians. His hoard consists of magical artefacts. His mother is Visionbringer and father is Gazescroll.

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Lariner Lesialeth Lossiad Felord

Lariner Lesialeth Lossiad Felord. - (translation: Halfling Mage Rick Merriman, chuckles. A Halfling Elf).

Is a Halfling elf that is muscular and golden brown-skinned. with bottle-fed yellow hair, bluish gray eyes, he is easily spotted when he is within the Magicians Guild of Mispoint. Lariner is the Head Wizard of the Guild and has a keen interest in Brizmoltal Yasreeala. He carries a magical staff (your description required.) and wears the traditional cloak of a Wizard that oversees the Guild. However, his cloak is made from silk grubs and lined with the softest wools of Mernac.

The scribes and sages that know of these things say that the gnomes of Halfway Gorge sewed the gems into the cloak and that Lariner introduced power into the gems after its making. The cloaks are a mandatory of the Magicians Guild of Mispoint, their appearances can range in color and texture, and however, they must carry the 13 gems for the fathers, 7 gems for the mothers and 2 gems for the moons of Mernac.

Lariner when in his own rooms shows his eccentric personality as he likes to dress oddly and is interested mainly in puzzles that keep his mind quick and alert. Lariner is often found in the library of the guild debating with Windstorm dragon and is constantly on the hunt for a puzzle that will befuddle the dragons mind.

He likes travel and theatre, often travelling to other cities on the premise of visiting their respective Magicians Guild. Lariner’s primary skills are finding the answers to Conundrums and seeking to create a new form of life. He is adept with the use of offensive skills and spells that enhance the beneficial attributes of certain items. (You choose the items.)

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Original scribes notes:
Have fun with this one. However, do read the character sketch carefully. There are many opportunities to make this character a primary within the Legends of Mernac.

Malagolin – Gnome

Malagolin – Gnome
Name meaning: Mysterious secret lover. Born in the Gnomish town of ?? in ?? (you name it!)
Father of Alaunmol Yasreeala.

Malagolin is a gentle, charming, and often misunderstood gnome. He has a compact athletic body with coffee-colored skin. He has hazel eyes set evenly within a square-jawed face. With reddish brown hair that needs little and garners little attention, he is a remarkable sight. As a gift from the ‘God Roadius’ Malagolin has an extra appendage, it relates to his family jewels and no it is not his …. …. However, in that department he has received no complaints, especially considering he has an interest in exotic women and items that can enhance his coffers and life.

After having lived in various towns and cities Malagolin, returned to his home ??. Establishing a Gnomish Merchant Bankers association, in which he became the founder and owner operator.

Malagolin married after a stint travelling the Lands of Mernac, during which time he fathered a daughter to a human mage. Her name is Alaunmol Yasreeala and she to has grown into a very powerful mage. From his marriage, Malagolin fathered a son and a daughter. Both of his children are full-grown adult gnomes, their names are (you decide if these characters do become key characters within the Legends of Mernac.) He is recently widowed, and struggling with the loss of his wife. Many times throughout his life, he did stop and wonder on the beauty of the human that he shared some very special hours with.

Malagolin is said to have been approached by a certain well to do Mernacian in an up and coming enterprise, which requires some of his particular knowledge and skills in the arena of the boudoir. Malagolin feels that his age may not be very beneficial, but he can certainly provide other candidates with some rather insightful informative tales of his dalliances.

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Original Scribes Notes:
Now we all know how Malagolin experienced Brizmoltal and for how long. What we want to know is what he was doing before that time and why he was sitting on the riverbank of the Vour? We would also like to know about how he was compelled to be at the river Vour, we know that the ‘Gods’ played a part in this adventure. However, why? You could also scribe about his life after the coupling. Though do consult with the original scribe, as there is some information that may be required to weave into any further tales. There are many opportunities for this characters tale to expand; it is up to the scribe.

This is a character in the Legend that will be Alaunmol the Halfling Mage. The opening chapters of this are 'R' rated and may not show up here.


Brizmoltal Yasreeala – Human.
Name meaning: Graceful wind wounded, Spinning web, Spell caster, & Healer. Born in the City of ??. (someone can give me a City.)
Mother of Alaunmol Yasreeala.

Brizmoltal is an analytical Healer and is interested mainly in magic and its application to healing.

Her mother brought her to Mispoint and placed her in the care of Lyleth. Brizmoltal was barely 14 seasons at the time and a lanky, awkward young lass. Her hair lacked lustre and she was suffering with a skin condition, little white-headed lumps were adorning her face.
Lyleth and her adopted daughter Dury lane took an immediate shine to the young girl at their door. It was easy for them both to see that the girl was intimidated by her mother. Together, they brought out the beautiful woman within, encouraging Brizmoltal in her every endeavour.

Brizmoltal has nearly white skin; her build is soft and sensuous. Her long, wavy, black hair, is a blue black and shimmers in any light. It is thought that Brizmoltal has made her own shampoo, which enhances her hairs natural shine. Her eyes are the shape of almonds, giving her an oriental look, the colour of a fully ripened peach. Her lips are bow pointed naturally and the colour of a lightly brewed Effo. With a heart-shaped face, that many males and females cannot resist she is often stalked throughout the lands of Mernac.

Brizmoltal was gifted ‘Dury Lanes’corset on her wedding day. However, on realising that Dury was leaving and becoming an Elemental Master. Her heart broke and the wedding was cancelled. Brizmoltal never had the chance to tell her sister, friend, and lover that she was with child.

She is quite the turn around to the young girl that was presented to Lyleth all those seasons ago. Brizmoltal is courteous and engaging, and is sensible by nature; she is interested in art and fishing. She is unmarried and has one daughter.

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Original authors note:
A scribe may take up Brizmoltal’s story prior to her arrival with Lyleth and after the birth of her daughter Alaunmol. Please do research as there is information contained within the tales of these characters. There is also the opportunity to enhance the tale of Brizmoltal’s life, when she is not interacting with Anemo Eolic, or by providing her version of events. As we, all know there are always two sides to a coin and that is what the original scribe is after. Nevertheless, you must remember that Dury Lane aka Anemo Eolic and Brizmoltal were very close friends and would never have had too strong a disagreement.

The opening to this Legend is rated 'R' so am unsure if I will post the raw draft here.

Vanessa Astarte

Age of Quont character: W.I.P

Vanessa Astarte is a loving hunter who wears a mask. Being that she is an influential member of the Mernacian high society. She wears the mask to cover her real interest, working as a madam in an all male brothel. She has a solicitous personality that benefits her primary interest and her high society cover. She wears too much perfume, likes flirting and sleeping late. Her clothes are always handmade and the latest fashion. They compliment her physical appearance.

Vanessa has ivory skin and is a svelte build; her legs are slender and appear to go on forever. She has close-cropped, fleecy, black hair and green eyes. Her rose bud lips pout when she cannot get her own way and her voice is the sound of tinkling water, until you cross her and it changes into a torrent of cussing. She has a thin, high-cheek boned face. That she keeps relatively clear of make-up, relying on the fabulous good looks that the ‘Gods’ gave her. However, she does wear a very minute amount to enhance some of her beauty further.

Vanessa is adept at using the small blades that she conceals on her person and she is well versed in the art of hand-to-hand combat. Vanessa utilises her lessons to keep her body trim and healthy.

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Original Scribes notes:
Still working on where she lives and what her home away from the brothel looks like. Not to mention which part of Mernac she lives in. Looking for some likely male candidates to work in the brothel….any takers? Can’t say what the selection criteria will be at the moment as am working on that one….may need a Succubi to test the products, err…. umm…I mean males…tee hee.

Vanessa Astarte

Not sure if I will post her scroll in here as it is a 'R' in rating.


Alaunmol the Halfling Mage.
Name Meaning: Power, wind, Spinning web, Spell caster, & Healer.

Born in the City of Mispoint in season 884, Della on the forty – eighth day, known as Beltae. She is a proud Halfling, Human – Gnome, unknown daughter of Malagolin (Father, Gnome) and Brizmoltal (Mother, Human), child of sexual adventure gone wrong, her mother, often reminds her.

**** The Age of Bu (666-999) The Lost Age. The time that followed the Fathers' fall. A time of war, disorder, and destruction. Need to look at the Ages!****

Alaunmol is small, but by no means fragile. Her athletic build, indicates to all that she is healthy and not only keeps her mind exercised, but her body as well.
She has long, black hair, when Alaunmol is in the sunlight reddish tinges can be seen through her hair. Her friends are often jealous of her natural highlights. Her mother tells her they are a little of her fathers input. She has tawny skin, and amber eyes. With a thin, high-cheek boned face; she often receives more than just the passing glance of the male Halflings of Mispoint.

Alaunmol is straightforward by nature, but charming. She has very strong ethics, though she is often viewed as fickle and spiteful.
Alaunmol’s primary skills are that she is a master of magic’s. Particularly great in a bone-crushing melee, she is often impressive and extremely powerful.

She is an expert in mythical creation; she is also good with hand-to-hand combat. However, her friend Windstorm dragon usually takes care of those items, allowing her to utilise her magic’s for both offence and defence. Best known for wrestling some little known magic’s from the male dominated Mage clans.

Alaunmol is interested in dance and travel. Not necessarily in that order. She tends to be a solitary dancer or a wallflower when at a ball for the guild. Her close friends know she can shake what her mother gave her when required and her lovers know her moves are a genetic overflow of her fathers.

Alaunmol can be solitary and reclusive and if she welcomes you into her circle, you have gained a very solid dependable friend. Her elemental friend Anemo Eolic was drawn to her for these qualities. As they, both can see the struggle between the ‘Races of Light & Dark.’

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Legend of Anemo Eolic


Forlorn cries echoed through the Tythea forest, in the kingdom of Hob, in Cathall. A human woman braced herself against a mighty tree, as the tightening bands gripped her sides, her body wanting to expel the bulk that she carried deep within her womb. Barely enough time to grab a lung full of fungus-scented air, she cried out. A ripping, inside her body, causing her to collapse in a heap, her forehead bruising against the ridges of bark, rivulets of blood dripping into her pain-glazed eyes, shakily, she reaches her fingers between her legs, gripping the bulk, pulling and pushing with her internal muscles. With a rush of air and a sodden plop, the half-human elven baby lay in silence, staring upwards to the canal of her birth.

The young human mother reached out as she fell to her side, blood gushing from the internal tears. As she touched her new child, not knowing its sex, the fire in her eyes dissipated. The babe, mewled, feeling the link, between mother and child break. Then it cried, it screamed. Filling its lungs with a mighty breeze, the child startled the Tythea forest creatures, its cries resounding, bouncing, back and forth against the bulky trees. Scrunched fists and kicking legs, a flurry of leaves kicked up creating a small tornado, which shifted the babe, closer to its dead, but still warm mother. Its small fingers reaching out, curling into pubis hair, the baby instinctively knew it required warmth for its own survival.

Hours past, the newborn lay snuggled against its cooling mother. Not a single creature ventured close, not even to sniff. Fear, from the child, kept the creatures away. Every time a smaller inhabitant came close, the baby would howl, stirring the air, with small flourishes, frightening the animals, good and bad alike away.

Mothers Sola and Witriss felt the child’s cries and distress; they looked across the woman’s circle and spoke gently to Mother Canola. Hoping that one of her children was in the area, but no, there was not. However, Mother Canola sensed a friendly force and with some gentle probing, directed the soul to the babe. The three Mothers stood by watching as a small gnomish female walked to the tree and the body.

Lyleth was undone in the instant she discovered the baby snuggled into her dead mother’s crutch. The sight touched a maternal cord she’d hidden for so long. Canola moved forward and picked up the babe, eyeing the child then looking across to Mother Sola, who nodded in confirmation. Mother Canola gave the babe a gift, mental and physical, the mental adding to her inborn natural abilities. Lyleth held out her arms, the babe made no protest as the transfer was complete.

Sinking to her haunches Lyleth inspected the child for any deformities. Finally, after the long scrutiny, Lyleth put a long shrimp like finger into the child’s mouth. The sucking proved, intuition, she was hungry. It was then that Mother Canola’s second gift appeared. A string of amethyst crystal beads, they twinkled and sang a small lullaby.

Harken ‘Roadius’
A child is borne
Harken ‘Bu’
A soul to strengthen
Harken ‘Canola’
A mind to learn

Hear the cry dear ‘Mother Siberlee’
Bless the child
With fitful sleep
Sleep little one
Sleep little one
Feel the arms of ‘Mother Siberlee’ in your dreams.

On a sleigh golden
Carry the dreams of a child
Into the cradle of silver
Spirit his/her bad dreams away.
Lull the little soul into pleasant dreams.
Sleep little one

Conceived with Quont’s lust
For days and days
So may you gain sleep quickly
Little one
Sleep in the blissful realms
Of Fae
May the dragons chase your
Bad dreams away.

© Limley the Bardic gnome.

Reaching into her backpack, Lyleth found her skin of milk. Gently, she dipped her shrimp fingers into the milk, encouraging the child to suckle it from her finger tip. Each time she brought her fingers closer to the babe, it began mewling in her direction. Lyleth’s, compact athletic body relaxed, as her light skin, warmed with natural feelings of tenderness, love, and desire. Her hazel eyes softened within a thin, high-cheek boned face. Her coarse, curly, medium-length, dark brown hair, hung down her face in unruly tendrils, as she settled into the routine of feeding the babe in a not so natural manner.

Lyleth knew she needed to mark the date of her finding the little orphan Halfling. She would also have to report the find to the Healers and Procets of Mispoint. Ensuring that her claim to the child was validated in the process. She’d marked the mothers grave with a grouping of rocks and compost, then took out her small blade and carved a sign into the trees bark. It was the runes, Ect, Sis, Uned, and Ewn. Showing that not only a death had occurred in this place, but also a birth and a gift from the ‘Gods’ had been given to a gnome. Within her own book called the Lies and Truths of Lyleth, she penned the date Troval, Perrine 80, in the season 621.

The baby lay peaceably against Lyleth’s back, jogging gently along, while a fascinating pattern of bare branches flickered through the slanting afternoon light. Mud flew up as Lyleth jogged towards Mispoint, making a gritty veil cover the baby’s limbs. Down her track at the back of her allotment, she quickly scrambles, through the thicket of brambles and into the rear yard of her Tree House.

Mispoint heights, is where Lyleth lives, her sunny little square of land is backed onto the Tythea forest and only an hour or two’s walk into the City of Mispoint. Her home is a large Verna Tree, its mighty limbs stretch across her allotment and there is adequate room for all size visitors in her home.
The main room has ample space, for visitors, but it is quite bright and sunlit. The walls are obscured entirely by floor to ceiling bookshelves, however, one wall is cheerily splashed in a drab white, a chilly wind comes through an open window, stirring the window curtains, lacy, and aqua, a sweet fragrance reminiscent of incense permeates the room and is stirred by the surprising gust from the window.
A simple country rag rug and an eclectic assortment of discarded furnishings that Lyleth has collected throughout Mispoint and City of Halfway Gorge adorn the floor in this room.

It is on one of the larger rocking chairs that Lyleth places the baby. Grabbing a couple of her scatter cushions, she ensures that the child cannot roll off, as she runs into her bedroom to gather some of her smaller clothing. The baby she knew had already attended to nature down her back, nonetheless, Lyleth attends to the needs of the child before her own.

The baby is so pleased to out of the backpack and off Lyleth’s back, she beats at the air with her small hands and crows with delight. Lyleth took stock of the situation, knowing that with a human child in her home, it would not stay clean, but really, she did not overly care. The Mothers Canola, Sola, and Witriss had blessed her with the gentle probing push to go into the Tythea forest and find the orphaned child. Lyleth’s life dream, silent and confidential was now hers, a wee one to look after, even if it grew into a gangly human.

“Now little one”, Lyleth chided as she put wrappings around the middle of the baby, “keep still. I’ll not have you making a mess on me furnishings.” She giggled as the child stopped wiggling and squirming. “You need a name!” Lyleth lent her head forward, blowing bubbles of air across the baby’s stomach, starting a riot of movement from the baby again. ‘Hhmm, my path is called Dury Lane and I found you just a ways from there. Therefore, I’ll call you Dury Lane.’

Her eyes sprinkled with delight as she felt a small nod of approval wave through the air. “Yes, it is meant to be. Your name little gangly one is Dury Lane!” leaning in she kissed the baby atop her head, and then scooped her into her arms as she went to attend to her immediate needs. Placing Dury in a wash basket, she knew the child would be safe.

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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Quont's Question's

Quont’s questions to keep Mernacians Blogging, has received a nice amount of responses and I must say they are informative. It is a weekly question and our second question is…You’re going on vacation in Mernac, where would you visit?

Anemo dances across the lands of Mernac and her life feels as an ongoing holiday.

However if given the opportunity to retain a solid form for a week and the ability to get around the Lands of Mernac in exceptional amounts of time. She’d visit Quont’s garden, with his permission of course. Seriously, would not want to have a punishment dealt out there! Then it would be straight over to Gumby’s, on second thoughts Gumby’s should be last as Anemo won’t leave the bar. Lol!

So where would she head next? There are so many places to choose. The Crones house looks beautiful and has a certain charm. Maybe the seaside? Where it’s nice and warm. In addition, the added benefits of all those bare chested strapping males wandering around. Now there’s a thought that would kindle a cobwebbed soul.

However, wait I should go looking for my dear sister Vickielysia and see what fun we can have in solid forms. Maybe we could chase down Canu, and Frost, and then head to Gumby’s place. However, you know the place I’d like to see the most…

That would have to be

The Glowing Cliffs of Goldmont!

Where it all began!

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Ahab Flanders

Just could not pass this one up! Its my husband! Woo Hoo, look out DD, I'm writing about you too!

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
Ahab Flanders
Known in some parts of the world as:
Osiris of The Underworld
The Great Archives Record:
Of the world below, creeping amongst the catacombs and sewers of the city.
Vampire Name Generator.

Ahab Flanders....To be continued!
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Polly Flanders

Incubus Frost is a devil of inspiration! Here is another that needs to have its tale told. Keep an ever watchful eye on this one....she appears to be a multi-faceted character.

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
Polly Flanders
Known in some parts of the world as:
Epona of The Thirsty
The Great Archives Record:
Lean, modern, and vicious: the Serial Killer of vampires!
Vampire Name Generator

If you walk to the corner of Trollop street on the furtherest banks of .... You will see a character wearing a velvet dress and a heavy wollen cloak. Her feet are encased in leather boots with sturdy heels. Her slender legs are covered with black tights, with small images of spiders on them. Her thoughts for the tights when she brought them were 'Hmm, I like these and well my crutch is all cobwebby so why not have spiders running up and down my legs!', so without delay she brought the tights.

Her undercut black and luminescent red hair, lies past her shoulders and her deeply kholed eyes, scan the crowds of men as they look for some momentary comfort. Rhubarb red lips purse as she spies a dear old friend.

"Tickle my bleeding crazy fanny!' she calls out.

"Why you filthy daughter of a shrew! Polly Flanders!" a lusty reply calls back.

To be continued....
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Water Ice Dancer

I'll have to thank Incubus Frost for this link and some added inspiration. Keep an eye out for her tale.....

Your fairy is called Water Icedancer
She is a bone chilling bringer of justice for the vulnerable.
She lives near bubbling brooks where Lords and Ladies and Cuckoo's Pint grow.
She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup.
She wears deep blue dresses. She has icy blue butterfly wings.

Having lived amoung the Mernacian's two seasons Water Ice Dancer was faced with a serious dilemma, a most torturous be continued!
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