Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Quont's Question's

Responds to Quonts Question

We all know that wind can make the atomspheric conditions rather tense. So Anemo likes to play on the highest mountains, where the least harm can be achieved. Also she likes to read over peoples shoulders (not a polite way of reading) but the only way an ethereal element can achieve a hobby. Anemo is that breeze ruffling your hair while your reading outdoors.
An instinctive reflex for Anemo is to swallow her anger, and it is during those times that she is tense and is told to go play by her creator. Though Anemo is on the side of the Fathers, she tends to try and not directly harm. Though who knows as the wind can be fickle.

Her creator likes as does Anemo to stand ontop of rather tall buildings (burying her vertigo) and just look out across the bay. (Usually achieved at work) She also likes to curl up alone with a good book and read. Some quiet background noise is good. Avain creatures twittering is good or the soft lyrical sounds of soothing music will do the trick. She also takes long drives, through the parched country side and reflects on how it all used to look before the drought. Like Sorcia, alternative therapy's such as a massage, especially hand and foot are great. But there is also standing under the hot shower that helps as a quick alternative. Also dropping by my cousins to spend 1/2 an hour in her massage chair does wonders. But must only be done when her grandchildren are not around. You cannot relax with kids climbing over you like a jungle gym.

BTW: RW Friend came home from ER with a scolding. Stress related issues triggered the chest pains.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Anemos Featured Artist

To get to know this Featured Artist for the Month of
4th of September - 28th of September 2007
Jylenn/Ryna FREE fantasy fiction

Jylynn its a pleasure to have you grace my featured artist page, so tell me What brought you to Mernac?
An art contest in the Renderosity newsletter led me to Mernac (and I'm still trying to get the prize, lol). I read about what Rick was trying to do and discovered the beta-tester-wanted thread. I emailed and was accepted. From there, I became a scribe and have been an artist and writer ever since.

I've noticed that you still enter the contests and that is really good for yourself and the Legends of Mernac. There are a plethora of artists within the world and I do hope that more enter the contests held within the Legends of Mernac.

I can see that you love the blending of art and scribing but Why do you love the combination of art and scribing?
I've always loved writing and art. Writing has been a wonderful way to vent my anger and frustrations and art has been something I just do for fun for no real reason other than to just have fun. I guess the reason I love them both is because they are outlets from which I can gain a calmness and enjoy life. Writing allows me a way to vent what I'm feeling in a fantasy world (either Mernac or my own) and Art allows me to create what my mind sees. Besides, they're the only legal way of killing off whoever is bugging you.

The only problem with that is you also have to careful that it is only your character creations that your killing off. Though I can understand that to kill off your own creations can be difficult as well. You have an active imagination and it shows through your writing and art. So share with us ...

What is your primary like when creating an image?
An empty canvas? lol. Seriously, I don't really have anything but an empty screen and an idea when I begin creating an image. Sometimes, it comes from just looking through my figures, poses, etc. and putting them together. For me, it's hard to explain.

It is easy to understand that, even as a writer we all have our different methods of creating. I love the way art inspires writing and writing inspires art. We all need that nudge and the ability to let our imaginations soar.

What don't you like? I know there has to be something that you don't like.
Time-frames! I HATE deadlines and I'm horrible with time. Especially keeping up with it. But, I deal and I can get anything done by the said deadline and have it look good. I also hate having a limited budget, but don't we all?

Yeah limited budgets are a pain in the ... Hence the love of the tipping the artist or scribe. Not literally tipping us over ;-), but sharing from our coffers. Showing our appreciation of the effort and time taken for the work.

What do you hope to learn? In regards to graphic art.
I hope to learn more about Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Poser, Vue, Dreamweaver and the multitude of other software programs out there. It's uncanny how learning the small things like how to pose a character can be used for anything. The more I learn, the more I have to offer to a client, employer, or simply for me to know for the sake of knowing.

As a non artist I can appreciate the learning side of graphic art. There is so much to learn, with new concepts and programs. It is a continual learning curve and a higly regarded field and I wish you luck with your endeavors.

Now I simply must know How long have you been a scribe and an artist?
I've been writing since I was five. And, oddly enough, it has always been fiction of one sort or another. I'd say I've been an artist for that long, also.

So far the only contests I've won was 1st place and Best in Show in last year's county fair and 1st and 2nd place in this year's fair. (There was NO best in show this year for art....drat them!)

Now thats a shame. However, it is the way of the world. Writing from such an early age. I know I can vouch for improvement. :-) Though it would be nice to see some of the really early fictional ideas. Childrens imaginations are outstanding and just from your own, we can see that you have a love of fiction.

Do you have a favored artist within LoM?
I would say that my favorite of all would be Kachinadoll. She is so good at creating delightful artwork and making it so real. I admire her work and can only dream of being as good as her.

Ah yes, now there is someone who I can relate to. Well the artist not the character Traesha. Dear Succubi that she is. (looks around warily). Kachinadoll does indeed have some wonderful work and she is a gem, for sharing them with us all. My banners are looking incredible and I simply cannnot thank her enough myself. I know she is willing to assist other artists when ever possible and as long as it does not interfere with her own work.

Anything else, dear Little Wind? If so, just ask!

p.s. it was a fairy that won 1st place and my merman and sea elf that won 2nd....
So on and so forth.

Jy, you have been a darling to interview and your input has been great in allowing us all to get to know you a little better. Thankyou very much for sharing. Please do not forget to leave your weighted belt at the door with your departure. Do stop by whenever you have the chance. You are always welcome in the windy lofts of Anemo's home.

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