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Quonts Questions

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
To Tell you what Inspires her creativity.

My dearest Uncle, like you and dear cousin Lucia my creativity stems from the fount of knowledge that is found within LoM and of course through flitting through the other wonderful places within the ether.
You see as I am a wind element, I see and feel a lot more. Then I am given the opportunity to interpret these things in the manner that I see fit. It could be just the way the sun sets over the mountains in Ooloo or the playful fish in a stream. I've seen many varied animals in LoM and well some of their antics, gives me ideas. I saw a Rop Bear attend to nature the other day and well, how was it to know a wood elf was standing under that tree at that particular time. I can say he was not amused, by I certainly was.

Music, I love music. It creates so many emotive reactions in me, that I don't have time to write. I dance and send my thoughts to my scribe and creator. Who then tries to assemble my thoughts into some coherency, though she does make a great poem out of my random words. Oh I think I hear a Planet dirt song calling me...Beautiful Girl...yep...Oh I went and sat in the rafters the other day and watched 'Hairspray' then 'Pricilla Queen of the Desert', oh my, I must say we need our bards to write and produce some of these styled wonderful pieces. I'm sure there is an actor or two within LoM that would inspire to being given a great script and take on a persona that shows the antics of some of our more humorous characters.

G'day all. Anemo inspires me, though her thoughts are often jumbled or could it be that she drops them on me when I'm not my most coherent self. What else inspires me, images, real or created. Words, sometimes I'll see or hear a word and create passages to accompany that word.

Children, are a great source of inspiration. Their imaginations are vast and untainted. Nature, oh nature. When its chaotic or at rest, there is a certain inspiration that bursts forth. Often, I'll carry a camera and take a snap (digital) and see if I've caught something that no one else has taken any notice of.

Music, often sets the mood for writing. Relaxation music is often the best for those loving pieces, the calmness comes across in the words. Then on occasion the mood will shift and so will the music.

Yesterday, whilst attending to my RW duties. I observed two things. One made me giggle and gave me a good chance to have a perv on the more masculine sex. Picture this: Driving along listening to the radio, slight drizzle in the air, which turned the weather muggy. A black vehicle makes a left hand turn out of a side street. On the roof, there is a white washing basket. It slides off, spilling its contents. Now you'd naturally expect a female to hop out of the now stopped vehicle. But NO, it was a tanned and muscular young male. Wearing red shorts that have some rather nice splits up the thigh. He had a white singlet on. He quickly scurried to gather his under garments. I stopped, hit the hazard lights and protected his washing. Yes I was wearing wrap around sunnies (perv glasses) and he knew I was watching. He smiled, went a nice shade of crimson and thanked me. Hmm, I like protecting property that way, indeed!

The second: Wee hours of the morning. Everything is still, hardly a movement anywhere. I'm turning into the servo to refuel, fluorescent lighting provides false daylight. The weather is calm and there is a bit of a chill in the air, I observe a male in a grey hooded wind-cheater, black track pants and no shoes. Rather dark skinned and his head is covered with the hood of the wind-cheater. He is lazily walking through the car park of the servo. I slow and continue to observe, he stoops to pick up a dropped coin and peer at me, obviously thinking that I'll not notice. He then proceeded to try and gain entrance to the servo, but the automatic doors are locked from the inside, the attendant is in the back. Having stopped by now, I hop out of the vehicle and proceed to refuel, keeping an eye on this character, that has raised my hackles. He swaggers up the drive and hovers at the verge. The attendant by now has come out and I signal him to not open the doors. Using hand signals to alert him to a potential threat. We speak with our hands for a few moments and I watch the male as he cross's the road. Once he is out of sight I move into the store.

Situations like these happen all the time and one needs to be very wary. I kept one of my hands visible and the other was occupied with my baton and of course the fuel pump. I only ever stop at a place where I know the lay of the land and where the camera's are. Its all safety issues, and things that need to be taken into account when alone on the road. But they do provide some great tales. Later that night I night I alerted another guard to this character as he was last seen heading into his domain.

Mernacs Disciple Weekly Report FREE fantasy fiction

Sixth addition to More stray??.
I’ve taken the liberty of posting a note, stating what I do within Mernac. Mission Statement Proofreader Zealots and Spot a Error, Yay or Nay.

My reports are then copied and tagged into the TS&E forum then I pop a copy in my blog and a note is PM’d to TO, as Elsen is on a break.

I would also like to point out that I am compiling a list of help threads and a suggested list of Open/Closed Saplings. The former is also posted in the TS&E at the time of making my reports. The Help thread is an ongoing and I will share it, once notified of a place within the forums of Mernac.

Unless there are major issues with the tale or permissions are not granted. I will PM the scribe with the errors and leave a note within the report stating that some typos were spotted. I will however, remove the stray ?? without notifying the scribe. That is all I will do and no changes will be made to the body of the text. As stated within the Proof reading zealot, I will wait a month or more and if I am not notified, I will then go in a make the changes. I will then proceed to leave a note in the TS&E saying when the changes were made.

Oh, nearly forgot on occasion. I’ll receive a request to read through some parts of Mernac, which I will do. Priorities, these will now fall under that heading. Please do remember I do not have access to all areas. So sometimes Typos, Spellin and Errors need to be fixed the hard way. But please do PM me and I’ll chase up the God or scribe that can fix these.

It also appears that a few of the scribes that had in the past been active on the site are no longer active. I was wondering what will happen with their works that are not completed. Is there anyway of notifying said scribes and if they do not wish to return and complete their tales, opening them for other current scribes to take up the tale.

Now if you’re an interested scribe/writer you may want to take a look at Welcome to the Age of Elsen. Which details exactly what the God Elsen is looking for from scribes within his age.
Nil attained this week. Though you could say my own writing has been a bit of a priority and the RW.
Now back to scheduled events such as finishing the Legends section and then moving onwards.

The Croth Rebellion
Sage of The Croth Rebellion: Elsen Elsen may want to look at changing the wording of years to seasons in the intro to this piece.

Might I suggest that you connect Mernac > The Dragon > Sagas and Books > Book: The Croth Rebellion this into the introduction. Allowing readers to follow the tale as set out in the book. I’m going to use it to follow the tale as the scribe has set it out. Which by the way (IMHO) is yet another brilliant idea for keeping a track on Sagas and book chapters.

The Mysterious Visitor: There is one or two small incidences where the spacing has joined. I cannot edit this as I don’t have the capability.

Lord Vaarsak:
Already read and commented upon.

Croth Rebellion - The Beginning: Still need to read this.

Croth Rebellion - A Vow Inspired: Still need to read this.

A True Hero's Journey: Still need to read this.

Closed Sapling/s: Curious as to what will happen with these if the original scribes, no longer come onto the site.

Removed a stray ?
Removed a stray ?

Open/Closed Saplings: How about I just note that here, I’ve blown the ? off the page.
Prospective and Current Scribes: there are plenty of Open Saplings that are just dying for their tales to be told. So if your stuck in a block, take a look at what’s on offer. You know I rather think these are a programming glitch. If the trolls could locate the stray in the scribes notes they could eradicate them in one foul hit. Then maybe TO would be very pleased and maybe just maybe give them a little praise.

Some of these I’m sure I removed once before. Hence the above query.
Rage Bears
Black Owls
The Hall: This appears to have lost its Open sapling teaser.
The Council Chamber: This appears to have lost its Open sapling teaser.
Pyroglyph's Aerie: This appears to have lost is Open sapling teaser.
Hero of My Dreams
Forever Nyte - Disciple of Terees: This appears to have lost is Open sapling teaser.
Witch: Added some italics, removed a stray ?
Spider Elm 1: There are two copies of this in the OS, this one I did not edit out the stray ?.
Spider Elm 2: This one is ok, to use.
Frost Giants: To be written by LindaC...
Huda Strone, Choicemaker
Faithmore City

Can’t Edit these, I don’t have a capability: 1. they are in the OV. 2. they are in the d20 resources.
Triple Trap Crush: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes. Also a few of the sentences seem to have dropped down and makes the piece look wrong.
The Sword of Mages: Has a stray in the scribes notes and the editors notes are a different color to the rest of LoM.
1/2 Dragon Knights: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes. Also a few of the sentences seem to have dropped down and makes the piece look wrong.
Linds: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Scurs: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Stoney Roots: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Croth Rebellion: Module 2: The catacombs of Ummm: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Ummm's Mirror: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Catacomb of Ummm: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Skill Specialization: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Keesha Crystals: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Ga Gemstones: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Crothhound: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Armour of the deep: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Shiatu's Edge: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Azeman: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Tanaari Horse: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Pit Trap - Curved to prevent easy rescue: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Corridor Trap - Raining Oil: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Pit Trap - Falling Rope: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Cross Roads Tavern: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Corridor Trap - Rolling cylinder down stairs variant: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Intro to Grenur the assassin: Has a stray ? in the scribes notes.
Potion of Alkaline: Has a stray in the scribes notes.
Pit Trap - Acid with wall of air variant - Poisonous Fumes: Title spelled incorrectly.
Executioner's Sword:
Al Qu'inora- Azeman oil:

Miscellaneous: Within this heading you will find a wide range of little things that will over burden the Trolls, minor issues I have taken care of will be listed. If you are a scribe and wanting to assist with writing a tale about one of these Races or other arenas. I suggest that you do a little research and then go for it. Remember to contact the sage of the various arenas or one of his representatives.

07-08-16 The Other Addresses the Masses: Strange one this, there’s a test image from Betatester incorporated into the top of TO’s notice. Not sure if it was intentional, caught the eye as it was unlike the rest of TO’s Addresses to the Masses. To is looking into this one and its on her to do list.

Merfolk: Incorrectly labeled as an Open Sapling, I think this is a completed sapling, which makes it a seed.

Rage: This is a placeholder for Valorius

Tresat ur'Loth: Comes up with the following message:
(put your first paragraph here in the top box...)
(...and the rest of your story here.)

Oomba Oota:`Don’t know why but this one came up twice in the recent tales listings, but with the same link number.

Wagon Stickers: Curious if this is still a Pending Contest. I feel it could be a great money maker if it got off the ground in the future.

Roadius: No longer a Closed Sapling as the God position has been filled.

Gollivag: Listed as an Open Sapling, but missing the Original scribe notes etc at the bottom of the piece.

Second Banner Test: Not required really.

Incubus: This is was a closed Sapling and has now been written up as Incubus Frost. So I feel it is no longer necessary to have it listed, though the alternative could be have a link placed to the character sketch.

Mispoint: A scribe has already taken this one up and it is awaiting the scribes attention and approval from the Gods.

Sons of Pretense: Fixed some grammar errors.

Igruss Cliffwalker: Has NO text in the body of this Open Sapling.

Some of the older initial Open Saplings. Set out in a completely different manner than is currently used.
Tian Islands:
Permia: Removed the stray ? marks.
Strayton Village – TBW: Removed the stray ? marks. Fixed a couple of typos and a little grammar.
Village of the Gentle Ones:
Traddlebow Castle: ALERT to TO/LUCIA: in edit mode if you scroll to Story type you will see some strange programming text. Removed the strays, fixed typos.

Anon scribes: Curious as to what will happen with these.
The Venra and the Morta:

You’ll know all the tales I’ve read by the comments that are left behind. I must say there has been a lot of great reads.

I must say that my dictionary is having a fit with all the names…but it helps with the checking and referencing. I’ve noticed that the vagaries of spelling vary greatly with some scribes writing. Ie: Traveling – Travelling. These issues I have not altered as they pertain to the scribes locale.

I’ve also been taking time to write my own tales, as they seem to get lost in the fray of researching, reading, playing in the forums and seeking assistance from other scribes. Those of which I want to thank, whole heartedly for their assistance. As we all know my punctuation is terrible and it seems to take me longer to get anything published. This is primarily due to my own RW commitments and other issues, but I am hanging in there and doing what I can for LoM.

I just want to re-iterate that I do not under any circumstance change your text or make revisions. I remove stray ? and correct spelling, as per position description above dictates.
If I see the spelling was meant to be way the scribe intended it, I leave it as found.

Legends of Mernac
One World...Endless Possibilities

Sunday, 11 November 2007

What were they Thinking?

A word from the creator of this blog.
A dear friend wrote the following and when I read this piece I felt it needed sharing. So here it is, please follow her link and give her your thoughts on this work.
Tigerspirit 1.
Tigerspirit 2


What were you thinking when you created man?
Did you do it just because, you knew you can?

Not counting the Universe an expanse so great
But of your recent creations of late

This planet Earth a gem among the stars
Not excluding Saturn, Jupiter and Mars

The jewels in the gem, so valued far and wide
Dolphins, whales, dogs, cats and lions on the side

Elephants, monkeys and grizzly bears too
Ibis, wolves, and minks, to name a few

But what were you thinking when you created man?
Did you do it just because you knew you can?

With the planets and stars and moons galore;
Why did you create just one thing more?

You told man to multiply
Did you ever think why?

You showed man all the animals
Your precious beautiful favoured jewels

You asked him to care for them
Such a mistake you made back then

Do you see what man is doing now?
It's not just that he'll eat the cow!

Tusks stolen from elephants
Those great big gentle giants

Bears, wolves and foxes are at risk for fun
Even dogs aren't safe, no place to run

Some torture them, hurt them and make them cry
“Man” won't even give any reason why!

Chinchillas, Minks are popular in fashion
Soon they'll want to skin a lion!

But let's not go there just quite yet,
Look what's been happening in the wet

The beautiful dolphin graceful and long
What's happening to them is just so wrong
The gentle giants of the wide blue sea
Man just won't let those great whales be!

Why, oh why, did you create man?
Did you do it because you knew you can?

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