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Anemo Eolic, her Character Images.

Is where Anemo Eolic was conceived and through the thoughtful antics of a few artisans, her life images have been located.

The following are images of Anemo as she grew older and somewhat wiser.

Now this is a lovely image of Anemo as a toddler. Is she not the cutest little darling?
You can see in her eyes the hints of sansar whiteness and can just imagine her whimsicality.

It is said that a lot of these images were lost throughout the Legends of Mernac. But I know that this scribe is very pleased to have had them found and to be able to share them with everyone.

Little princess, indeed the apple of Lyleths eye. Spoilt not by any means, but left to enjoy life as only a child should and could.
Anemo's adoptive sister Brizmoltal will adhere to that account too!
Together they grew into their teens years, having thought on their choosen paths for many seasons.
In some cases notably evident and in others not! As is the case with many children.

Anemo and Brizmoltal both adore their adoptive mother Lyleth and will forever appreciate her for the gifts that she provided them with in their formative years and beyond.

Maybe some helpful artisan will locate the other family images, the ones that contain Brizmoltal and Lyleth.

Such a Teen if ever there was. Look at her eyes as she sits in the tree, wonder what she is thinking, what she was doing or even contemplating?

Her Legend and Lore tell the tale as does some of the rest of her family members tales. (please note scribes are working on those.)

Blessed are the Mothers and Fathers of the Legends of Mernac.

Did they not bless this young woman with the gracious good looks all through her life. What an enticing your barmaid Anemo made!
I bet the owner of the Tavern that provided Anemo with her first gainful employment, had more than the drunkards to watch out for!

Aahh, such a lusty wench is our Anemo. Her corset is kept in the magicains guild of Mispoint. It is said by the scribes and sages, that there was some sort of magical allure contained within the garment. However, I think the lure was Anemo herself.

Finally, we finish with the Ethereal Wind Element, herself. Disciple of Elsen. Anemo knew in small ways what her lifes course would be and as she grew she took to each step in learning with the joy of knowing that one day she would become the Wind element.

Lyleth and Brizmoltal, both knew there was something special about the young woman in their lives and embraced it, encouraging her to establish and stretch for her goals. As with most families, it is often hard to let a child move forward. But through understanding, it can be obtained with lessened degrees of pain.

Thankyou for stopping by and partaking in the joys of Anemo Eolics lost images. I do hope that you will take the time to read her tales as they are scribed. Even in their raw forms. Please don't forget to read her families tales too, you may find out more about this character as well.

There's Koomba treats at the door and always a warm fire in the hearth, take care now and do behave, but within the limit's! (Wink, wink)

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Monday, 23 July 2007

Featured Artist

This weeks choice by Anemo was a hard one. With a huge variety of artistically inclined members within the legends of Mernac. It was a close call, but Canubaraksson/Morgan won the deal. FREE fantasy fiction

For the week of Saturday 21st - Saturday 28th July 2007.

Now Morgan is a busy Disciple within the Legends of Mernac. But offline he is busy too! The Music room is where you will find some of his musical compositions. Can you just imagine the opening one being used at the Golden Arches? That would be side splitting!
Morgan also has more compositions here too and would you believe it an image of the man himself! Way to Go the there Morgan!
Now if you want music on the lite side listen to some of these. I listened to 'The last thing on my Mind' and quite enjoyed it.
Then you have music with Merlyn. I did say the man was a busy soul.

Now a few words from the gentleman himself. Though it will only be a few words as he is hard to tie down.
On making queries with Morgan about permissions and links he replied with the following:

As to other art galleries, most of my stuff is on Renderosity, but I also have some pieces at RuntimeDNA and at PlanetVixens. My username is mlevans on all those sites, so if you search the galleries for that username you should come up with anything you need. Feel free to use as you like; you should know by now I can deny you nothing.

Morgan calls me 'Little Wind', I like that name. Though this 'Little Wind' is long of breath. lol.

The Marble Palace, Personally I think Morgan captured the scribes words really well with this image.
Artist Note:

Who shall deny the power of Quont?
He sends to us, as is his wont,
Delightful dreams, if dreams they be.
Methinks they are reality.

Having received, shall we not give
The praise while on this plane we live
To him who makes our lives less mean,
Sends us desire, hot and keen?

No doubt remains; we surely must
All hail the mighty God of Lust.

Mud Faerie, was an entry into the Monthly art contest
Artist Note:
Typically I don't do "cute". And usually I don't do faeries. Well, all I can say is there are faeries...and then again there are faeries...

Some think the Faerie Realm is filled
With colored lights and jewels
With crystal gems and diadems
With fountains and clear pools
Yet here is one who notably
Is of the faerie blood
Far from demanding luxuries
She's happiest in the mud.

Rendered in Poser 5, postwork in Paintshop Pro 10.

Welcome to the Traddlebow Arms, now theres an enticing way to be welcomed to a Tavern.
Artist Note:
The evening sun rests briefly upon the hilltops, a world about to enter the shadow of another night. Soon the regulars will begin to arrive. There is room for all at the Traddlebow Arms.

Rendered in Poser 5, postwork in Paintshop Pro 10.

The Oracle was an entry in the contests at the Legends of Mernac.

Oontrill Shrine is yet another excellent example of how a artist can create an image from the words of a scribe. The same principle can be applied by an artisan's image inspiring a scribe.

Now I'm not done yet! If you would like to see what else this multi funtional artist can do check out his blog. Oh and my dear Morgan penned this for me:

She sails in beauty like the breeze,
Over the wall and through the trees.
Sometimes rising, sometimes dipping,
From cloud to cloud so lightly skipping.
No hill so high she cannot clear it,
And never a damper on her spirit.
I'll pledge my word and not rescind:
A fervent fan of Little Wind.

The man has so many skills that it makes a 'Little Wind' Smile!
© All images used with the express permission of the artist featured within this blog.
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Weekly Report

Anemo Eolics FREE fantasy fiction

Report for the week of 17th July – 24 July! FREE fantasy fiction

A must see by Saithan, I know it’s a little late. But its better than never right!

Now as most of you will have observed, I’ve not been participating much within the forums. This is due to my wanting to finish some of my own writing and sort my blog into some semblance of order. Which I think I may have barely achieved. Lol. However the real reason is my eyes! They have been giving me the worst headaches and well, I took the time to have them checked. Yep I need glasses, among other things. LOL. They should be sitting prettily on the bridge of my nose by the end of the week and the headaches should decrease, not long after.

On the far left of my blog, you will know see and have hopefully participated in my weekly poll. The results of last week are:

Poll results:
The Legends of Mernac was created by?
Quont the 'God of Lust' 0%
The Other 1 vote = 10%
The One 1 vote = 10 %
Rick Merriman (drum roll)........9 votes = 90%

Thanks to the 10 who dropped by and voted! It was Rick who created the Legends of Mernac with some help from TO and a whole lotta of other people.

Each week there will be a new poll question. Sorry no prizes to be issued as yet. Nevertheless, give me time and I’ll work something out. The results will also be posted in the Anemos blog poll thread in the general public forum.

Anemo was being flighty again and dropped a few OSC links into the correct page and is awaiting approval. After doing so she wandered to the The Mernac Mint & The First Bank of Mernac Only to check out the interior and see if she could make the coins fall over! But sadly the trolls are way too quick and shuttered the doors against her blustering. Just as well the bank does not have notes! Now for a little reminder on the payments within Mernac. Taken from the Mernacian policy and procedure manual. LOL.

1 Copper: Posting a message or reply in the Mernac forums
5 Copper: Having a submitted OSC Links approved
5 Copper: Having a submitted OSC Download approved
5 Copper: Voting
5 Copper: Affiliate Visitors
10 Copper: Having a submitted story image approved
10 Copper: For Rating Stories and Art
10 Copper: For Creating eBooks
15 Copper: Having a submitted sapling approved
25 Copper: Having a submitted story approved
50 Copper: Affiliate Registrants

Now is that not just so tempting. But remember to tip the artisans and scribes.
I have also started an Anemos favorite weekly artist page and Kachinadoll has the honoured position of being the first. Each week I am hoping to feature an artisan from Mernac in my blog. If you happen to be a artist and would like me to feature your work. Please do PM me and we will discuss it together.

This weeks featured artist is none other than...........Canu Baraksson/Morgan

Scrolls within Mernac proofread.
Siberlee's Good. Sent a email to Rick about this and forgot to add it to the TS&E forum. Anemo’s bad!
News and Views from around the Legends of Mernac.

Quont’s questions to keep Mernacians Blogging, has received a nice amount of responses and I must say they are informative. It is a weekly question and our second question is…You’re going on vacation in Mernac, where would you visit?
My reply is located here in the blog. Just look under the Mernac News.

I really ought to catch up, so here goes I will try!
Welcome to my Open Vault area within the Legends of Mernac. I’ve taken the liberty of showing some examples of my writing and poetry in the Open Vault. Please do look and do please provide feedback. It means so much to writers and potential writers to have feedback. Check in regularly as I’m adding to the vault on a semi regular basis.

‘Incorporeal fingers make it hard to scribe!’ Anemo chases the thought recorder spell.
‘Aahh, that is so much better!’

TS&E Solved!
Yep still running around in a flurry chasing those elusive little ??. Morgan’s been lending me his eyes and I hope so have some of the other members. FREE fantasy fiction

Now if you just wish to read there are ton’s of Tomes that are published. They can be located through the links provided. Now as a rule of thumb within the Legends of Mernac, you need to have a Character to start your tale and then a Legend to accompany that tale. Then you move onto Lore Once you have read these and find that you want to further the reading, just follow the links that are attached to each and keep moving through the wide and varied world of Mernac.
The above also applies to the fact that if you wish to become a Scribe you need to write one of each of the above. However, you need to find and Open sapling of a character and take it from there. Do please consult with the original scribe and the ‘God’ of the era that you wish to write in. Above all, it is ‘Research, Research, & more Research!’ In LoM, we all aim to keep our tales as factual as possible, with information that is already provided by the scribes.

Now there is yet more to the Legends of Mernac, you have Places that you can read about. Just discovering the landscape of Fantasy is amazing. Imagine if you could write your own version! Then without forgetting inside all of the tomes there are Items
that require there own tale or just a brief description. So many potential opportunities and inspirations are provided for the imaginative writer.

Scribes needed to assist with the s2s forums. Please do take the time to assist in this arena of Mernac. If we all contribute, then the ‘Sages’ and ‘Gods’ will be able to further the scrolls in having them published. I know Anemo’s been a bare wisp of a breeze in the s2s. But she is chasing those dern ??

Scribe to scribe forum: I've been slack this week and filling my time with my own scribing. I really want to get these pieces completed, then I can concentrate on my Disciple duties.



We really need to work on getting some of these published, so as the scribes can use the information contained within to further enhance their tomes.
In addition, here, we scribes could be putting quill to scroll and adding a little color into the lands of Mernac in the way of the Flora and Fauna. No excuse’s now, we all have described a plant, animal or insect within our scrolls and we should be popping them into the items s2s, to have them approved and published. This will also further enable other scribes to mention said items in their scrolls and have your work linked to theirs. Sorry Sister Vickie, I do realise that makes work for you if the scribes don’t make the connections. I know I am a culprit for it too!
Some us (scribes) could also easily be turning some of items into Open/closed saplings. Think on it, please.
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This week’s featured blog belongs to
Elsen's Blog Our dear father has been busy of late, but not his Disciple Goran. Elsen's left a note in the blog about a cahllenge on scribing adventure hooks. Check it out!

& the featured Disciples Blog is
Incubus Frost. Love the waving banner of Incubus. Hint Hint! Hey Frosty, if your reading this, how about sharing the music idea! Frost has pulled quil and scribed a reply to this weeks question and believes that he is running away from Anemo and Vickielysia, when if fact it was invitation to Party within the Lands of Mernac. Nothing beats getting a few Disciples together and rockin the Taverns of Mernac. FREE fantasy fiction

Don’t forget to check out the scribes lounge, artisans lounge and wander over to Musicians cafĂ©. Also, if you’re looking for a link, check out my links guide in the side bar of the blog.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope the breeziness of my blog did not leave you feeling chilled. FREE fantasy fiction