Friday, 26 October 2007

Rude Gnomes

OH mothers and I thought I'd buried the little blighter under a mountain of blogging. He must have the luck of Roadius to dig his way out and stick that nasty little finger up at me.
Or could it be that he's trying to get my attention and put a bomb under my rather feathered rear?

Dearest Rude Gnome,
Please note that I have been busily scribing away at several tales. Granted not Gnomish related, but I have been scribing and darting off to play in the threads, as well as read.
Did you know that, that demon Apos caught me today and used my ethereal wind power to clean a feathered mess that he made. Did he pause and ask me kindly? No, it did not even cross his scattered mind. Did he inquire if I had feathers stuck in my panties?
You know what he did, he cast a spell and turned into vapor. Now if I had not been busy pulling feathers from my knickers, I'd have given him a big shot of wind and scattered his sorry demonic butt across mernac.
Actually, I wouldn't have, he makes me laugh too much to do that.

I'll just have to get my scribe to quill out a little disaster for the darling demonic pesty. He did do one good thing though. He gave me the ability to say that I've had something other than me in my undies today.

Anemo roars with laughter as she skittles out of the blog and across the skies, to the Legends of Mernac. In the distance you can hear call...I'll take care of you later, rude gnome.

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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Mernac News FREE fantasy fiction
You have arrived in the mythical world of Mernac, never-ending fantasy awaits, the world is yours to explore!

One World...Endless Possibilities

Welcome to the Anemo treatment. Please do be aware it is a bit windy in here. So do wear your weighted belts, they are hovering by the door as you came in. Mind your heads too!
The following is a week or more within Legends of Mernac as viewed by Anemo Eolic, you are encouraged to laugh and enjoy a reflection of the comings and goings with all the members of the site.

Created by Allibaba FREE fantasy fiction
Incredible work. Allibaba has contributed a few of these to the growth of Legends of Mernac. Please check him out and leave a comment.

Our very own FREE fantasy fiction
Serephina. Has announced that some of her art work is going to be published in Celtic Whispers Ezine. Congratulations. Check out her gallery.
Please do leave her some comments.

My dearest Uncle Quont FREE fantasy fiction
is certainly one busy Father. Not only with his blog/s: Quont the God of Lust & Erotic Ga Empowerment. But with teaching us how to scribe and speak the tongue of Míränor. I must say there are some rather cheeky sentence's being made up and some hilarity at the outcomes of the pronunciation. Overall, its a great read and I throughly encourage all fans of the Legends to check it out.

I'd like to add that Quont is also a very good scribe in his own right. Check out some of his tales. Leave him a note and if you are up to post a question to his Lust talk. Again there is an eye opener into the mind of a busy God/Father.

Now for our founder Rick FREE fantasy fiction
he has had a extremely busy schedule (RW) and has been absent for extended lengths of time. But he has dropped in, time willing and dropped some information into our laps.
Lets talk about the Gods, further enables all of us to better understand some of the workings within the Legends of Mernac. Also providing food for thought to prospective Mothers & Fathers (Gods). Which is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in becoming a scribe, there are some guidelines in the dragon that you will need to read. The same also applies to any artists, programmers, Marketing expertise and 3D Gaming. Which we need Gods for as well. Please note at this point this positions are unpaid.

Congratulations goes out to FREE fantasy fiction
Kath13 for her win in the September Sexy Art Contest. Can I say it "Told ya the art was great!" You might even like to take a look at her gallery. Please leave her a comment on the work she provides for the Legends of Mernac, you never know you might even find a little inspiration for your own art or for your own scribing.

I'd also like to congratulate the Honorable Mentions and thank them for their work in the gallery and contributions to the contest. Congratulations and Thank-you to the three of you.

It is highly recommended that all Mernacians and Fans, take a leisurely stroll through the Sexy Gallery. You might to take a fan and some thirst quenching juice. In can get hot in there.


On the topic of art. We have had some really great contributions to our in house contest of the month October Spooktacular - "Party Guys...Party Ghouls", its going to be a extremely hard choice. But to all, I want to say Thanks for your Contributions and you are all winners in my books.

Now staying with the artistic side of the Legends of Mernac. Our dearest FREE fantasy fiction
CanuBaraksson, is asking questions.
The musical side of the Legends of Mernac works. To quote Canu 'Simply click the "Music" button below the image and a new window will open up displaying links which when clicked allow you to listen to the tunes while continuing to admire the image.

Special note: if you are a composer who is using a Mac to access the Web site, please try the upload music utility (the Submit Music link to be found under any image or story). Let me know if you are or are not able to successfully upload a piece of music. I really want this process to be as universal as possible, regardless what platform or O/S you use.

Post to this thread any questions, successes or failures please. Oh, frabjous day!'

Now Siberlee has added the following:
You have done wonders nephew! Now the next part will be to come up with a plan to bring more musicians here to use it. How can we attract them in droves I wonder?

Think it over and take your ideas to one of the Mothers or Fathers. As you may know, I am taking a sabbatical to fill Rick's spirit to better define Mernac. The other Gods (and Disciples) are charged to help also Rick with this task.

Music MUST be part of this!

So while we are all working on the plan for Mernac, bring us your idea to incorporate.


There is also a note from Quont on the matter:
Hello dear music lovers,

I came across this blog today and thought it might have some interesting/useful information for you about creating digital music.


Well now if you are musically inclined and wish to make a contribution to the Legends of Mernac. Please click on Canu's image above and PM him with your queries. He is a amicable man and will do his best to assist you with any and all questions.

Now as to what I've been up to. I noted that I've been a member of the site for over a year and was celebrating on my own. When along came the Maneater Succubbi, Traesha.
She too was celebrating her one year at the Legends, so we headed over to Grumbys. Just to raise a little hell. But on our way out the door, Canu rolled up, looking dusty and with his lute slung over his back.
So being the Disciples we are we linked arms and headed to the Tavern. I might add a certain evil minion kitty tagged along. I was hoping that he'd find someone else's legs to scratch. Which I think he did.
Once there, my roving eye spotted and nice little butt and I leaned back to admire. But Grumby watching us all very carefully. Why? Well its not often that three disciples turn up in one place at one time and I guess he was a little concerned as to our intentions.
Anyway, strike me with a rock. But the butt, I was admiring belonged to Wolf, another of our disciples. Well I quickly averted my eyes, as he can be a little bit mean and well he still relatively new to the Disciple business. Nice guy it turns out and I think he has a crush on my sister Vickie.
Speaking of whom, she was loitering outside and well I invited her to sit in the hearth. My oh my, by Baraks balls, did she not get into a huff and puff. Rather put out for being invited to sit in the hearth, she was indeed. Snobbed me for all of two seconds. LOL.
Yes, I explained I'd only stated the invite in such a way that she would come in and sit her hot rear on a seat and shout a round.
Oh heck, read the thread and follow the tale of now five Disciples down at Grumbys tavern.

Thanks for dropping by and I do hope that you leave your belts at the door. They will hover there until I have caught up with my duties and own scribing.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Quont's Question's

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
What drives you crazy?

Thats easy! When the winds die down, it drives me absolutely bonkers. Why? It means that I'm starving. You know elemental starvation. Come on you must have read my character sketch by now.
It could also mean the calm before the storm. So to speak. What else drives me crazy? Hmm, on Planet Dirt there are a few lets say really edible males and they make this little wind get all hot n flustered.
Music also makes me crazy, if its too loud. I can't hear the conversations and then I start whistling and annoying you dirt lovers.
When I really stop to think about it, there really is not much that makes this little wind crazy. Because she is already a crazy, zany elemental.

You done? Anemo.
What drives the creator crazy?
Sniffling, for the lords sake get a tissue and blow your nose and NO picking allowed, seriously. Oh and wash your hands after sticking your finger up there and after you go to the loo. Nothing worse really, its just disgusting.
My inability to use punctuation correctly drives me crazy. I've read, and read, and well, am learning slowly.
Working long hours, drives me nuts. Especially for minimal wages. Hubby not working makes me go around the bend. I feel like I'm a roundabout and can't get off at times.
Doff, Doff music in cars, that have little children in them makes me crazy too. Its their ears, that are going to suffer earlier. Take heed.
Oh and the biggest would have to be making the punishment fit the crime. Really 20 years for murdering a family of four, with a parole period. You have to be joking. I'm a believer in, if the criminal has made admissions, regardless of the methodology in getting those admissions. And admits to things that only the perpetrator of the crime would know, give them a lethal injection.
Ok, off soap box!
Smiles and buttons lip and closes notebook.
Opens it briefly to say Do not disturb me, I loose my train of thought.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Disciple Report FREE fantasy fiction

Must be close to having caught up, with the Disciple duties, not the sitting in branches sweeping ? down onto the earth for Goran to assimilate into the earth, and make something creative of their sorry little hooked selves.

As a part of my Disciple duties, I/Anemo
provide the peepers for proofreading and removal of residual ??, from the sites crash last year. Some aspects I just do not have the capacity to fix and others I do.
Any tale that requires a little more 1:1 attention I’ll send a PM to the scribe. Then post it in the relevant forum, making a brief note here in my report.

What I’d like to see is that scribes take note of what they are creating during the inspiring writing and ensure that they try and make a Open Sapling or they please drop a note here. Though I think this thread should be moved to Anthology of names. Following the way that is set out in the first post. What do you think? Is this something that can be brought up and discussed at the Gods meetings?

Back to Characters:
Races of Light:
Ok, I snuck some of them into the previous post, well half of them anyway. Plus I’m not listing all the headings. I like back linking but not that much.

Oomba Oota: removed a minor ? in scribes notes.
Vanessa Freeheart: Removed the occasional ??. Also some minor typos.
• and processes (possesses) an aura of femininity that seems to permeate every part
Lord Damius Malcron: Removed the stray ?. May also want to look at the M-con in this as it gave me grief, trying to close it back up, had to change it from a branch to a seed just to close it.

Also want to add that I am reading all the tales. One checking for typos and two to try and assist myself with learning to write in the various arena’s. Learning by example of the ‘elite’ of LoM. Below you will find a list of what I have read and hopefully commented upon.
Reading recorded list: Most of these can be accessed through the recent comments on the left side bar. I’ve not listed them here as there are far too many.

Open Saplings: How about I just note that here, I’ve blown the ? off the page.
Prospective and Current Scribes: there are plenty of Open Saplings, that are just dying for their tales to be told. So if your stuck in a block, take a look at what’s on offer.

Elven Foresight.
Kethen'thar Night Hawk:
Edain and The Way of the Warrior: So wish I could rid the past comment.
Borzen Ritu: Also recall this being listed some where else.
Princess Leyna Ralon:
Annabel McDade:

Kara Feron Caspan
Valad Crittenton:
King Ralid Ecklin:
King Lev:
Gareth Banavlin:
Saffiya al-Ahbar:
Captain Cholak Rik-son:
Jason Ketteran:
Forever Nyte - Disciple of Terees: BTW: No teaser in place.
Soosa, the Old Woman of the Woods:
Kelsa Kaedani:

Miscellaneous: Within this heading you will find a wide range of little things that will over burden the Trolls, minor issues I have taken care of will be listed. If you are a scribe and wanting to assist with writing a tale about one of these Races or other arenas. I suggest that you do a little research and then go for it. Remember to contact the sage of the various arenas or one of his representatives.

Verishka Tellandras
: Fixed some minor finger slips. Examples shown below:
* or even like two tiny stars set in hear (her) lovely face
* Many had turn (turned) and ran (fled) when they saw the fury with which Verishka fought.
Kataryna "Black Rose" Vaelryn: Added a single word to connect a sentence.
* and promised none would touch her as long as she stayed in Garren (and) as long as she promised to learn the ways of an assassin.
Cariner Tridimus: Fixed some minor spacing issues and the following sentence typo.
* With no more ties to Lingin he quickly uprooted himself and took to traveling to the farhter (farther) reaches on Mernac.
Halna Salvitor: Fixed some minor finger slips. See below.
* Halna had been cursed with excessive oils in he (her) face leading blemishes
* for this way they could ensure that no tempting vixens would be around theirs (their) husbands and sons.
* Sola next to the grave in 2228 as a tribute to he (the) slave and the girl
Eetoo Uumbii:
Fixed a couple of typos and non relevant words.
* It is written that he has a (removed the a) long sleek fur of a dark gray hue (I say grey in color, you say gray. Vagaries in speech.)
* Faithmore had been a religious center of Oooloo (one o too many)
* In turn he trades (traded) items of technology, pottery, looms,
* Stromba wood carving, the unsuspecting (fur) became an agent of Kragle
* revolt in what is known as the Gentle One’s Masacre (massacre),
Kayri Braetooth: Listed as a seed with the Open Sapling information.
Alyxana Twosword: Q or Elsen, please read and edit the age to seasons. Also the measurements need looking at. Also some of wording could do with a little attention, especially towards the end.
Forever Nyte - Disciple of Terees: No teaser in place. But I’m sure I’ve read something somewhere.

You’ll know all the tales I’ve read by the comments that are left behind. I must say there has been a lot of great reads.
As I have had no feedback, which in itself is disheartening. You will notice that I am no longer picking out the endless supply of potential Open/Closed saplings and other pieces that can be used in the various arenas in LoM. Unless of course I am asked to directly, then I will go back over all the written work and send the scribes the lists and my thoughts.
I must say that my dictionary is having a fit with all the names…but it helps with the checking and referencing. I’ve noticed that the vagaries of spelling vary greatly with some scribes writing. Ie: Traveling – Travelling. These issues I have not altered as they pertain to the scribes locale.

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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Mernac News

Anemo alights in her blog with a beautiful song for everyone. Not just members of the Legends of Mernac. This is for some of our very special characters of Mernac, that have and are having a rather bad time. Plus anyone else that may be feeling a little down.

We are friends and we are family. You are never far from our thoughts and may all the Mothers and Fathers of the Legends of Mernac, not matter their alignment to the light or dark, smile kindly and offer you their best wishes.

Life is far too serious, so take a wander over to the humorous side of the street and see if that smile can brighten and turn into a wonderful belly laugh. You know it is contagious and even better it is not taxed, though can be taxing.

Anemo, affixes a bucket of green goo over the door...'I wonder if the goo will float?'