Wednesday, 19 December 2007

RW Intrudes

Not really just wanted to sing a tune.

Here comes Santa Claus
wearing his board shorts, Bonds singlet and thongs.
Six white boomers pulling a ute with skis.
Sweating his fat away.

The kids wake too early
their feeling surly
wrappings fly, tears and shreaks of joy,
cussing abounds.
Where's this or wheres that?

Oh tidings of comfort and Joy
the shiela's have their bowls of
Bitchy this early morn
the fella's woken with a early morning horn
oh tidings of comfort and Joy

Another warm Christmas planned
Beer, Icecream puddings, the great aussie wave.
How about sharing in a Aussie Christmas day.
Piled into the old or new holden
depends on the fortune.

We travel or others come to us
Kath n Kim wanna be's
air's and graces put on
Oh lord did we put our faces on.

Out the back we all gather
to yak and natter
the flies are biting
the BBQ's fuming
the beers a flowing

Blow ins drop by
spirits are high
Spirits are flowing
we all sing Aussie, Aussie Oi Oi Oi

Frustrations of weeks prior
cool then bubble
oh lordy there's goin to be trouble

Here comes Santa
wearing his board shorts, Bonds singlet and thongs.
Six white boomers pulling a ute with skis
Sweating his fat away.

Yeah I admit I was in a silly mood. I can't carry a tune for the life of me, but it was fun to write.

Questions of the week/s

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
To Tell you the answers to all the missed questions. They start from week 19 at the bottom of the page and work upto week 23. Happy reading, Anemo flips off to planet Dirt.

My creator has been somewhat busy with her real world life. Actually in my most humblest of opinions she has been captured in a vortex of chaos that has prohibited her any respite or escape. Though for the moment she is snuggling in her bed with her hearts desire and I've managed a small escape. If you could call it that, I needed to touch base with my home the Legends of Mernac. It feels good to have home soil underfoot. Hmm, well not really as I can't touch the earth without Goran giving me permission. But its nice to breathe the Mernacian air.
Now to respond to all those questions and not ramble.

How will you be spending the holidays? from week 23.
Anemo's response: They'll be spent watching the creator and her family. As I've been doing the last few weeks. Their interactions are incredible and I can't believe how many times she has bitten her tongue. Seriously, she should have a piercing in their by now, for the amount of times she's bitten back retorts at stupid ideas and questions.

I wish the creator was able to provide the Planet Dirt with the Christmas window that she had planned. But hey, next year, she'll make up for that one.

What does your name mean? from week 22.
Anemo's response: Well that my dear friend is found in my tale. I do hope that you find the time to go and read my tale, you may learn a thing or two about my flighty self.

Who is your favorite cartoon character? from week 21.
Anemo's response: Now there's a question that is hard to answer. Nah, the answer would be

It must be something to do with them being witches and fairies. Plus have you caught a look at the Goddess Canola. Hmmmm....heres more of the Winx for ya.

Kinda reminds me of home. Aaah the Legends....

What’s Your Favorite Song Right Now? from week 20.
Anemo's response:

Change the words to Mernac and you have the idea. Yeah I miss my home and hope to be back as soon as the creator can free herself of her chaotic life.
Their kinda cute, Jimmy and reminds me a little of a certain God. Just a little more rugged and the other another God. Reckon there could be a duet done by the two one day? Can you guess whom I'm hinting at? If not scroll to the bottom of the page.

What fascinates you? from week 19.
Anemo's response: These Gnomes that seem to keep getting into my little niche. They fascinate me. I saw one the other day dragging his toilet into a corner and hanging a welcome sign.
Can you believe the Gnome? Its my niche and they've taken it over. I wonder if there is a Mernacian equivalent to terminators. Gnomerminators, now there's a great new job for some soul of Mernac.

What else fascinates the flighty? Kittens. Yeah Kittens. I've been watching the creators Dragon and Ghost. They have to be the funniest creatures really. Dragon is so obviously the dominate male. But Ghost, well she is the petite little lady, who packs a claw full of whollop. That little miss can sure swing a claw, right across dragons face. Especially after he's bitten her on the bum. Seems she doesn't enjoy having her bottom bitten. Though he soon knocks flat on her back and jumps ontop and goes for her neck. Its all fun n games for them both and so very funny to watch. Little creator, has devised a see through tube with a small ball inside and he rolls it across the floor.
Well those kittens have fits, trying to get the ball out and chasing this tube. They head butt it and smack at it. Little creator, laughs so hard he rolls on the floor.

You know these reindeer, they fascinate me with their carrying on. Look at these ones above, you'd think they'd hit the Permian brandy or something. Or is that I've been missing my Uncle Quont and my dearest Elsen. Not saying they remind me of now that would be funny...hitching Q and Elsen upto a sleigh. PMSL.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

RW Intrudes

Merry Christmas my friends and a Happy New Year to you all.

Well we finally managed to make the time to pop the decorations on the tree. With
only a week left until the fat man comes to us all I think we did ok. Not the lighting extravaganza that we usually provide for this household, but at least it shows that we have a little of the cheer in us or we are at least trying for the lads sake.

You could say we sort of canceled Christmas on this side of the planet, in this particular household. The lad of the house is getting what he requested and then some. From his step brothers and our friends and family. Boo, is grateful and is the one that has been encouraging us to at least pop a little more cheer into the house. Instead of the chaotic mess that it has been for the past month.

We have our Christmas lists and I've learned to delegate. My brother is assisting with a small family event on the 21st. Picking Mum up from the Rehab center and bringing her home for the day so as she will be able to see my sister and nephew and their godfather. Its an annual thing for him to come up, he shouts lunch and provides gifts to all and sundry. My family and I are staying home for the morning at least then heading over to Port Melbourne for Hubbies family get together. Nana S, is providing for all and sundry and rang today to confirm, she even said if I need to nap; I can do so upstairs in the spare room. Its good that everyone is so understanding of all that is and has happened.

Well now a little fill in. My nephew was going to come and stay at my home. But with the edition of my work roster, we pushed gently at the Dept of Human Services and they found a CRU that had a vacancy for B. Though they did call and ask me to provide him with the bed. When did they require it. I asked. Today. Aaahh excuse me. Really you have funding go buy one for him, I can't go buy a bed and deliver it then make it back by 3pm to work. I'm not super woman!

They did and they got a bedside table and some linen. Gentle nudges, they work. He he he. I then proceeded to make arrangements for our annual Boxing Day get together. Each CRU are now bringing my sisters to the house and the same applies for my nephew. Can I say I'm going to hate the phone bill.
My siser inlaw is picking Mum up on Christmas Day and she will stay the night, to ensure that everything is fine with Mum. Yes, I complained and loudly. About what I've been doing with little help.

This is how it would have been had I not complained. Friday 21st, work a 12 hour shift, driving 400+ Kms 6pm - 6am, travel Sat 22nd to bendigo to pick up Mum, sisters and nephew. Another 2 hour drive. Try and sleep through the noise of happy families. Return all of the above to their residences and come home to mine. Total hours on the road. 18hours. Aaahh no fair! Where would my families day go? Certainly not shopping or attending to our celebrations.

Christmas Eve same hours as above. but without picking up sisters and nephew. Cook a small family roast, sleep and try not to complain about having a bowl full of bitchy for breakfast. Drive home that night, sleep. Boxing day drive to pakenham 2hours total, to pick up my sons for their Christmas with Mum; drive to Heathcote 1.5 hours. Prepare a family BBQ, pick up sisters and nephew. Celebrate and enjoy somehow. Drive all and sundry back to their homes. Drive to my home and crash into bed and oblivion.

Try not to forget Hubbies b'day, on the 27th, but need to work in evening. Hmmm. Delegate was the only option left and thats what I did. Call it selfish if you wish. But hey, the rest of the family had to help out or my hair would fall out completely and I'd have eaten too much bitchy for anyones liking.

Now Mum should be out of rehab on the 28th, so I'll need to check my roster and see what can be managed. My Brother won't be available as he is heading off on his holidays to the Phillipines, can't spoil his Christmas. My sister in law will do what she can if I give her enough notice. So for now I'm not planning past Hubbies B'day.

Why? Because I still have to go shopping. Not only for Christmas gifts; which look like gift vouchers at this stage and cards. But for groceries. I've not done a groceriy shop shop since before Mums stroke and well take away is way too expensive to keep up with for too long. Plus we need the incidentals, like toilet paper and the like. Can't use junk mail, though theres been plenty of that. LOL.

Picked up Boos school report today. Not impressed, but understandable with all that has happened this year. We'll need to spend more time with him over the break pushing , gently to help him lift his grades. Did I say I'm still proud of how much he has grown as a person and that he is showing us on a daily basis that we are pointing him in the right direction, at least with his manners and behavior. Now we need to do the same with the reading and writing and thought processors. The key is there, we just need to turn it in the lock of his stubborn brain. Or at least take the play station and DS away during the times that he needs to study.

I went out with the Girls the other night. Dog tired as I was I actually managed to stay awake and have a good time. We went to the pictures and saw 'Ps, I love you!' Go see it, it is great and yes its a chick flick. But well worth the box of tissues and feel good that you get from it. We went out for dinner too, but as I'm a nocturnal creature, I did not eat. Well yeah I did three chicken strips. My body clock is upside down and well I would have ended up with a belly ache if I had eaten more than that.

I ate a salad in the wee hours at home alone. Hubby and Boo were at my parents. I had peace and quiet that allowed me to watch the Nanny Diaries. But I fell asleep and don't know how it ended. Woke up feeling cool, so crawled into bed. Then in the am raced around doing house work and making phone calls. Then went to work.

Came home, Hubby and Boo home. Hubby undercooked ravioli and now I have a belly ache. Plus it was full duram wheat and well I can't really eat wheat products. So I'm suffering, for not speaking up. It'll pass, then the itchiness will start, which will pass as well. Though I need to remember not to scratch to hard, as I tend to tear my skin from my body.

Well, I'm done venting and am tired enough to sleep. Plus I've got to sort out a postal mess in the am and work in the arvo. One of the Fat mans representatives and a fairy is coming to the Mall and well, I've got children and parents to attend to. What fun, must remember to wear the cheery face and Santa hat. Thank the red suited man that 'Jacko' is working with me, if the kids and parents don't listen to instructions then he can yell to his hearts content. I'll just have to make sure I'm on the other side of the mall before he does. That way I won't need to get my hearing checked. The man can yell and he leaves your ears ringing or bleeding afterwards depending on your vicinity at the time.

So to you all I say once again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May you all create wonderful memories and don't forget about those that are less fortunate than yourselves. A smile travels a long distance and a donated gift under a tree, provides a wonderful smile to a child's face. Yeah I'm a sucker, its Christmas and its for the kids.

See or read ya all soon. Look out for the six white'll hear them...oh and look out for the glaringly white legs of a board shorted man with a large white beard, thats not allowed to say HO HO HO and to all a Good night. Anemo chuckles.....its a down under thing!