Friday, 10 August 2007

Question of the week

Week four
What is your dream Job?

My fortunate readers, my dream job. I've achieved as Anemo Eolic. It was something I was destined to be. I always knew there was something a little different about me. But once I started praying to Father Elsen. Things sort of started heading in the pre determined direction that was meant to be.

Who would not want to be the Ethereal Wind Element? Yes I know we have Vickielysia, the Ethereal Fire Element and who does not want someone with fiery warmth at their very finger tips? I do on occasion, especially when I've stuffed myself with too much chilly weather. My dear sister always puts a fire under my butt too. You know just to keep me moving or I'll just sort of hang in one spot and well I can honestly say not many Mernacians like it when I do that! Plus she is always good on having cookies on hand.

Then there is Goran Tulken, Ethereal Earth Master even though we tease our dear brother, he is still our brother and what else do siblings do! He is our grounding force, if it were not for him, I often wonder would we cease to exist?
Father Elsen, he is our benefactor and father and we should not give him any cheek. As he can be rather cruel at times. But he does not come near us very often as we all suffer some rather undesirable side effects.

Why the wind? Well I do suffer with a bit of bloating and well I can't help it if it just goes pppfftt on occasion. It is my thought that I have untapped wind energy potential, which offers homegrown energy, that being said. I can offer up my powers to any enterprising Mernacian that can harness some of my powers. But it ain't that easy to catch the wind. Easy to get wind, yes, just visit some of the Taverns around Mernac and you will be guaranteed of that.
Wind energy is clean energy that produces. No emissions, which means it doesn’t ... that I don't stink on occasion. You would too if you hung around some of the swamps, but do watch out for the creatures that inhabit these areas. In Toberna there are some great swamps. But do watch out for the Gnomes that enjoy attacking Hobala, there are a few rare ones that shape shift and sneak past the guards and boy when they do they give the Hobalain inhabitants a run for their mernals.

I'm waffling like a hot air balloon. He he....Wind is moving air. The Sun heats up some parts of the Earth more than others and the wind spreads this heat more evenly around the world. How do I blow? Air moves because of differences in pressure around the Legends of Mernac. It blows from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area.
There are many different names for the winds that I tend to generate. These can be Jet streams, Upper winds (burps sort of), Surface winds (excuse me), Trade winds (Yeah I like playing in the sea, making ships, move as fast or slow as I wish.), localized wind (when I hover around blowing skirts up and pants down.), and of course my breezy little self that wanders along, just tickling and investigating.

How do Mernacians measure me? Well, let me think on that. I think there was a gnome that made some fiddly little contraption that swung around and pointed in the direction that I came from, but you know I think it was actually the women of Mernac that first noticed my effects. You know when they were hanging out the washed socks of their companions. Hence the wind sock. Did you know I could travel faster than any Mernacian on foot. That is so cool, but considered as cheating in the local racing.

By now most of you would know that I feed on the chilly winds, I do not like to hurt Mernacians at these times, but I do not want to go into Elemental Starvation. So I strongly suggest that Mernacians rug up during the chilly seasons. You see as the wind doesn't actually change the temperature outside, but the temperature you feel is not the air temperature but your skin temperature. A person will sense that it's colder because the wind steals body heat by blowing away warm air that surrounds the skin. This means the wind chill factor is not a factor for inanimate objects like rocks, buildings and snow – they will all maintain the same temperatures no matter how strongly the winds I blow. So if I give you a little Frostbite it is the result of your skin freezing. It causes swelling, redness, tingling and burning. Skin turns white and waxy as the frostbite progresses. Infection and loss of extremities can result. So I do sincerely apologise and again re-iterate rug up.

There are some animals with Mernac that do benefit from my winds ability and it saves them from extinction. As I get chilly near them their internal organs slowly freeze and they go into a type of hibernation. But once the weather warms, well they thaw out and start moving around. I'm also good at spreading seeds, though I've been known to drop some in places that really could ill afford it. I also tend to bet rather blustery and can drop down in a spiral, not giving much thought of where I land. It's during these times that my brother Goran gets rather annoyed with me. As I tear at his beautiful earth. Also my windy self can prove quite hazardous when Vickielysia is playing, I can spread her flames further and again have my brother waiting for me with a rock or two. So yes, I can be a little flighty and mysterious.

But then again I say, I have my dream job and some of the best co-workers, even though one throws rocks at me and the other tries to fill me with cookies. Our boss is elusive and we still manage to run amok through the lands of mernac.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Anemos Featured Artist

Sunday the 11th of August - Tuesday 21st of August.

Myspace Codes

Is this weeks Featured Artist!

Please allow me to introduce you to my dear fiery sister! FREE fantasy fiction

I am SUCH a bad sister for taking this long to get back to you, but I have a really really good excuse.

Okay, here goes...

Tuesday was my birthday and the party just now ended...*looks around and hopes Little Wind doesn't notice that there's no one else in the room partying*

Tis fine dear Sister. Many Happy returns for the day and I hope that you did not party too much or too hard. Now what brought you to the Legends of Mernac?

I was brought to Mernac by the contest at Renderosity back in September of 2006. Yes, it was the lure of money, plain and simple. Luckily I held no delusions that I had a chance of winning, but I decided to check the site out anyway and found that it wasn't just about art but about writing as well!

My dear sister, no need to tempt me with cookies. I'm already on the dark side!

I have loved writing for as long as I've been able to (and I still prefer to write everything out on paper, then type it later). The digital art I've only been doing since 2004 -- prior to that I did photography and photo manipulations, but then I got Poser and have been hooked on 3D ever since.

The more I just sort of hung around Mernac, the more I fell in love with the idea of 10,000 years of history told by hundreds of writers and artists.

Oh, I know sis. I scribble notes on paper and process it all again at a later date. I've also taken a look at your photographic art work. Amazing!

Why be both scribe and artist? Well I'm not sure I'm a good example of either, much less of both. It just depends on what mood I'm in. Some days I can write pages and pages, and other days I just want to sit down and convey my emotions and feelings into an image.

What I like best about creating an image is that it can be anything I want it to be, the more unrealistic the better.

That is so very true and your writing is good. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Have faith and you shall prevail.

Seriously, though, the appeal is that I can create *my* dream world, and if it inspires someone else or fits in with an existing story then that's great. If I try to create an image to fit an existing story, I generally run into a brick wall and the image either doesn't happen or looks terrible.

My favorite artists (sorry, can't pick just one!) at Mernac would be Kachinadoll, Morgan and Serapella.

Okay, now that I've rambled far more than you probably ever wanted, feel free to edit it to fit your blog or to decide that I'm nuts and run for the hills.

I'm just so excited that you asked me!!!!

Never my dear sis! I shall not run for the hills, I will play on them and frocklick through the leaves. Thank-you so very much for spending the time with me and I am plaesed that you did not scorch my pages.

© All images are used with the express permission of the featured artist.
Please note that due to realworld commitments, I am sometimes behind with my featured artisan additions. It does not however, mean that I have forgotten them.
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Weekly Report

Anemo Eolics FREE fantasy fiction

Report for the week of 31st July 2007 – 7th August 2007 FREE fantasy fiction

It appears the Gnome has scarpered, for now. Looks around warily…..You know I dislike this time variant. It’s hard to have a conversation with people, when I am awake and they are sleeping! Maybe I can bribe the Gnome to poke some people and keep them awake!

Now I have to say “Happy Birthday” to our dear Vickie! Pushes M&Ms in her direction…..
Too much sugar? Nah, never! Happy Birthday Fiery Sis, dont' singe the candy!

As you all know the Poll for the week of the 24th -31st was cancelled, and two more were instituted. The results for these Polls are:

1. Is Anemo's Blog too full of Plugs?
Yes = 0%. Whew!
No = 4 votes (66%). Tis good to know. Though the blog is a little busy!
PM Anemo if you want a plug! = 2 votes (33%). Stirrer!

2. In the beginning there is 2 tomes are they?
A vow to the Fallen = 0 (0%)

Barak's control = 5 votes (100%)

Finding your soul = 0 (0%)

Siberlee's Good = 5 votes(100%)

Thankyou to the 10 members that voted! I hope you had a great time reading some of the tomes!

Now this weeks question is in my view a little harder.
Who was it that said, "Words don’t seem like much at a time like this, son,"? Have fun researching, do help each other out if you feel you are stuck.

Now were did that bottle disappear too! Apparently, Canu wants to hop into a bottle with me! I hope it’s a nice bottle of aged bourbon, JB sounds quite nice! I found a bottle, but its already occupied.

Myspace Codes

Now to some news from inside the Lands of Mernac. Quont has been at it again and not long back from holidays either! Tell Us Your Greatest Sexual Fantasy has received limited replies . Mines in the blog . And my dear sister Vickie wrote hers some weeks back. Flames of passion . It is one heck of a fiery read. Now are we all Prude’s? I don’t think so. Now Sorcia in her passionate desires scribed and keeps scribing about her addiction to Quont. Intriguing ideals there Sorcia, I think you had better buy some new batteries. (Chuckles and runs off to the local quickie mart…not that type of quickie!) There is silver to be had, if you pen your deepest darkest desires.

Now within Quont's blog there is the never ending quest to make Mernacian bloggers scribe there is the 3rd question .
Which the bulk of Mernacian bloggers have responded to quite well. Good on us all!
Though I hardly think I need help with finding something to write. I do with the punctuation however! Oh tis sad when one knows oneself all too well!

Now I must simply say there have been tomes upon tomes being published in the various arenas of Mernac. This is great to see and I will be reading, just not immediately. I do have my own tomes to work on and off course this blog to keep up with. Plus the wonder of other peoples blogs to read.

Fireside Chat: Arumbus, now I know there are lot of females that would like to sit and uumm chat with Arumbus.
Book: The Croth Rebellion, now here is a Saga that begs reading. Please do I am sure that father Elsen will appreciate it greatly and not set the Disciples on you.

Some interesting ones to read would be in my opinion:
One Tongue, informative and beautifully scribed on some of the history of Legends of Mernac.
Bragin appears to be a nice place to visit. Just watch out for some strange creatures.
Arden, oh an undiscovered and unscribed land! Oh, ah, how does one know whether to travel there? When there is not even a hint of a brochure available!

In the forums there has been questions flying! It appears that over the weekend Elsen went out raiding a castle We disciples have been instructed to behave, whilst Father is away. Well lets see…. Don't injure yourself Father! You've work to do and I really think sore fingers and fanny would not be advantageousness to working conditions. Though I could send a cooling wind to any little hurt. But I can't come close to you, you have some rather bad side effects when I am in your proximity.

What does Teress look like? People have been asking. Well I can say that Canu has done a wonderful job on the image of Teress and our newest Goddess is looking into having to scribe an addendum on the original works of Silvervalkyrie. I hope she has some success!

There's a New Succubus in Town! So look out everyone, I hear she is quite adept at her choosen vocation and is a close pet of Quont's!

What is a Character story?
Now there is a question and dilemma that I am always asking myself. I know I'm a character and a rather outlandish one at that! But how does one master the art of scribing one? Read and learn, then read and learn, in other words keeping trying.

What a Week? Dearest Uncle, you need to go over to that fledgling spa that was mentioned and try out the facilities. No going out on big outings, unless its shopping spree's. And only then if you buy your Disciples a wee little gifty! (chuckles and winks.)

Gone on a trip and not writing impromptu poetry. Did I hear presents? Oh Brother Canu, how sweet! One for all the Disciples regardless of who the God is! Wow, wishful thinking! He he he....

Ricks trip, he too busy…..over worked and under paid. Ah, whats happening here? Everyone seems to be going off on rests, breaks and what not! I want a holiday! Looks at the Mernacian lottery ticket and hopes!

I suppose I could always Adopt a thread. Now here is a revived thread that should be utilised a lot more in my opinion. The same could apply to art/images, if you see an image that inspires you to get your parchments out and dip the quill. Leave a note here too! So as we can all keep an eager eye out for the work to show up in the s2s. I'm not adopting a thread, though one of those nice little furballs that I've seen running around could do nicely.

Whoa! Your not a little furball! Oh stars! I'll need a hurrican wind to rid myself of your mess....nope think I'll send you back to whatever land you came from...Now what was that spell?

Kazim ca rider de reth!

Oopps, 'Listen you dabbler in abominations for you will be smitten with boils all over!" Ah, excuse me, your the gnome and I'm the elemental, I'll blow you off the pages. Winds might blow tonight, rid this gnome from my sight!
Aaah that worked!

There have been some really wonderful Open saplings added to the threads that could easily be adopted. Such as Black Owls that has had a reserved notice already placed upon it. By Jylenn, good show Jy!
Looks around warily...I hope the big furball and blue gnome have disappeared!

Lunch time Fantasy. Mother Teress’s blog! Welcome oh dear Learned one! I am so pleased to have you grace my pages. Whats this I see?
Two New Shadow Guards! This is really great and helps everyone out. Please do be sure to utilise the offer’s given. Look out Pyrogylph, I feel there will be lots of PM’s headed in your direction. Jylenn, woohoo! Prizes! Woohoo, questions and trivia I do so love those. Don’t forget riddles….

Looks around pages...maybe they'll hand around a bit and assist with ridding me of that furball!

Trivia Question An interesting concept that I love do keep an eye of this one, it is fun and educational for the Legends of Mernac, scribes and readers. Looks like I won that one and now a New Trivia Question may be issued. Swirls around, I don't usually play those games. Well I do but don't usually reply! Laughs and dances around in circles.

Anemo’s Favorite God Blog of the Week:
Has to be mother Teress blog, so can't wait for the reading material and of course the accompanying image.

Anemo’s Favorite Disciple Blog of the Week: FREE fantasy fiction

Anemo’s Favorite Members Blog of the Week: FREE fantasy fiction

Hey Canu, I think you might want to listen to Pyroglyths music! It absolutely beautiful and has a haunting sound to it. I'm listening as I write here. Go Girl, these are wonderful!

Anemo’s Favorite Artist of the Week: FREE fantasy fiction

Take a look at her featured artist page here. This lady has a lot to offer and what better to have Pyro's music playing in the background.

Last weeks featured artist was FREE fantasy fiction

and I have to what a pleasure to have conversed with James. I do apologise for the small spelling error that has now been fixed.

Anemo’s To Do List:You really do not want to see that one I am positive of that in the very least! I hate looking at it, so I don’t really think I’ll share that one!

Monday, 6 August 2007

Schooling age

Dury was wildly in love with music and dance. Announcing that she wanted to be a bard and go to ?? to learn the trade. Suddenly Lyleth knew it was time for Dury to go to the school in Mispoint. With trepidation, Lyleth prepared Dury for her formal, formative years.

“Dury!” Lyleth called and called. ‘That little mischievous child where is she?’ Lyleth hung out the window of the tree house and took a mighty inward breath, and then she hollered. “Dury! Get your little tail home!” it was not a question it was a demand.

Dury heard Lyleth’s holler clear across the field and ran. It was not very often that Lyleth yelled or screamed and when she did it was serious and not to delay. Her beautiful new purple dress caught around her ankles as she scampered up an embankment, making her roll backwards, ‘Pestilent gnat of a spider tree!’ Dury’s mind squealed as she fell into a puddle of mud. Standing up she stamped her feet in anger, her eyes welling with tears. “Blasted croaking father of a troll!” she hissed as she looked down at her pretty dress. “Lyleth is not going to be pleased!”

Lyleth stood hands on hips, watching Dury as she trundled up the front path. Evidence of the fall was all over her dress and her face was streaked with tears. Lyleth shook her head and smiled. ‘Maybe I should dress her in boy’s breeches for playing. At least then she can tear them and get them very dirty and it won’t make as much work for me.’

“Dury stopper those tears. I’m quite used to the fact that you ruin your good dress’s. You are such a girl, when you whimper and cry like that!” Lyleth scooped Dury into her arms, all the while giving her a quick visual appraisal. ‘Nope not a scratch, no squishy bits. My girls a strong one.’ She smiled as she released Dury. Instructing her to change into other clothes.

“Dury, its time that you went to school.”
“Yes, and there will be no argument. I will not allow this one to be manipulated by you.” Lyleth wore her hard eyes and voice. The one that Dury did not hear all that often, but had heard enough to know it brooked no resistance.
Pouting Dury tried her sad face, only to end up laughing. “Please no!”
“Dury, don’t even try it on with me. I know you all too well.” Lyleth looked her in the eyes. Taking her hand, she led Dury to the front room and they sat down to discuss school and the future.

‘Ok, so I’m a Halfling. I knew that!’ Dury sat swinging her legs from the landing outside the kitchen. ‘I’ll live longer than a lot of my human friends and Halfling friends.’ She chewed her lower lip. ‘No biggy there.’ Lyleth’s cooking scents made Dury’s tummy dance. ‘Oh I’m so hungry, I could eat a Orc!’ Dury glanced over her shoulder, silently begging that Lyleth would cook faster. ‘Why does Lyleth insist on telling me what I’ve already worked out?’ Dury crinkled her eyes, deep in thought.


Dury was not the only one of her friends that had a pigtail. However, hers was very long. It started high up, almost on the top of her head and ending halfway down her back. It was fat too. Dury on chill days would pull it around her neck, like a scarf, and keep her throat warm.

Lyleth knew Dury’s hair was far from ordinary, she looked at the pigtail, and it made her feel sudden affectionate pride for her adoptive daughter. She then patted Dury’s bottom and handed her the satchel with her parchments, quills, and lunch.

“Off to school!” she said with a toothy smile. “Don’t argue with the teacher and please stay away from the mud ponds.” Her voice hinted at the laughter that she could barely contain.

Dury climbed down the ladder, her school satchel strapped tightly across her back, the hem of her purple dress securely held into place in her mouth. Concern and pride glowed from her face as she looked back up at Lyleth standing on the front landing.

“Go on now Dury! You will be fine!” Lyleth’s heart pounded in her chest as she tried to reassure her daughter that school was good. Lyleth was a little more than apprehensive when it came to Dury. “You’ll make plenty of new friends and start going out to parties, soon enough. Now Get!” As Dury turned her back, Lyleth quickly whipped a hand up to her eyes and wiped at a tear that threatened to spill. Her stomach was in knots.


“I’m far from ordinary!” Dury squared off facing her teacher. “No one is this school is ordinary! How dare you insinuate that we are all ordinary!” Her small face reddened, her hands clutched into tight little fists of frustration. “Take a look at us..’ Dury raised her hands, signalling at the crowd of young students that stood quietly behind her. “We live in the City of Halflings and you call us ordinary!” Her eyes tightened, she could feel her rage building. Swallowing deeply she chewed it back to the bottom of her stomach. ‘Later I’ll have to release this anger.’ She thought as she continued to confront the teacher.

“Dury Lane!, put a cork in it.” the teacher frowned. “You were not listening in the correct fashion.” His whiskered chin wobbled as he spoke. “What I said little miss cheeky mouth, was we have a collection of both ordinary children and extraordinary.”
Stern eyes held Dury’s, “You were distracted by lets just same nameless students.” He looked at the group of boys standing behind Dury, knowing that they had tugged her braid as he was making the curriculum announcement. “Now if you would just calm down, I’ll finish what I was saying.” He met Dury’s gaze and held it. A feeling of kinship, rushed into Dury’s soul.

“Today as it is the first day of school ….”

Meeting the strange old woman on the path home had made Dury pause and think. She’d said out of the blue, “It’s a pretty bizarre thing to learn to cope with, your gift. Its only weird if you find it weird!” She laughed, “You’re going to have to learn to digest it the proper way as it is happening or you will have trouble in the future.” Dury frowned in consternation, ‘What in the Mothers is she on about?’ Dury looked over her shoulder as she went past the strange old woman. “Your going to blow someone away one day.” She called after Dury, “Seek out Father Elsen, he will assist you.”

Later on her way home Dury stopped past the God Elsen’s shrine. She stood with her head cocked to the side and mouthed ‘Help me!’ As soon as she said that, things just went whooshing around inside her head. Like white noise, Dury put her hands over here eyes and waited for it to all subside.

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Weekly Report/Disciple Duties

Anemo Eolics FREE fantasy fiction

Report for the week of 31st July 2007 – 7th August 2007 FREE fantasy fiction

My disciple duties and personal duties have combined this week. Personally, I’ve made myself a few link pages:

Mernac at a Glance Guide/for Readers, Writers, Artists, other relevant Arenas and The Mothers and Fathers. I did this so it would stop me from continually searching for a tome, which I knew I had seen and found relevant to the site and my own scribing. Also hoping that other users, utilise it if they find they are stuck. I did read most of the writing and as per my normal, forgot to leave a comment. So I’ll be going back over them all and doing just that in the coming weeks.

For now however, I notified The Other and Rick of a Beta Query. It appears these tomes or at least some of them are quite old.

Terms/Concepts used in Mernac
General Writing and submission advice

Within this webpage there is a couple of small stray ??, that I cannot fix again a job for the Trolls. (They better find an optometrist and ensure they eat their carrots!)

Interactive Fiction/Never Ending Story

D&D Vs. MUD in Pen and Paper Wars, this one has only one or two stray ?? and it will take a keen eye to find them.

These I will leave all of these for the programming Trolls to look at.

Also I’ve implemented a Members of LoM link page, which encompasses their tales, blogs, and galleries. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to locate this one.

In applying some personal research I have fixed some minor stray ?? issues in the following tomes:

Faeries – Removed minor stray ??, nothing else changed.

Spider Elm.
Fixed a couple of really small typos. Rickits! Struggled with the reading of “When the grafting occurs in the same tree the same tree this boosts the trees circulation of sap and efficiency making it a very hardy tree, resistant to poor soil or the elements.” It felt choppy. Maybe future scribes can amend this.

Blue Maple
One really small case of Rickits.

One of the Gods may want to look at the continuity of this one. There are time references made incorrectly. I am aware it is an earlier Open Sapling, but it throws the continuity of what has been built within the Legends of Mernac. We do not use the word ‘century’, in our time lines.
Also fixed the small ?? in the scribes notes. Adjusted the spelling of ‘dieing’ to ‘dying’!

Sons of Pretense
This one also makes a reference to ‘century’ rather than ‘age’. Fixed one or two ?? in the scribes notes.

Nature's Own
Corrected the spelling of ‘dieing’ to ‘dying’. Nil stray ??.

This has been reserved for Cathy F. Is Cathy F still an active member of LoM?
Fixed the stray’s in the scribes notes. Corrected the spelling of ‘dieing’ to ‘dying’.

Aamba Oomba
Only needed to fix the spelling of ‘dieing’ to ‘dying’ here.

Fixed a single stray ?.

Really need the programmers to look at the scribe notes area on the pages. There is still one small ? that comes up in lieu of a comma. I’ve been fixing them as I go through the pages. But it needs to be done from inside the program and therefore eliminated completely.

Now I would like to encourage every scribe to please leave me a note of Yay or Nay in the forums. That way I will be able follow your wishes. I want to add I do not under any circumstances change a persons writing. If I do have suggestions, I will PM the scribe in question and make them through this practice. I do take into account that people make up languages and that is wonderful in the fantasy genre. I strongly encourage this, however do make a translation note. Better yet, make a glossary of terms and apply for a folder in the Open Vault leaving the list there. Make a note for the connections forum, so as a connection to the glossary of terms can be accessed by the readers at their will. It will also assist other scribes if they want to utilise some of your speech or any other materials that you may have brought to life. I do encourage said scribes to PM the author and ask permissions, if you can use their creation of language in your work.
Now its no biggy, I am not the best with punctuation. I will point out glaring obvious pieces. But I will not change anything without first letting the scribe/s know. If it is minor rickits that your suffering. You will find a notation in the weekly reports.

Now if memory serves me correctly. There was a question in the forums about having an extra folder created for the Open Vault. You can do this by PM’ing the Other or Rick. Do Please take note that all the Gods are busy, not only within LoM, but with RW stuff. My suggestion is to ask and then wait. If you’ve not heard back say in a week. Ask again, make the PM’s heading stand out. God’s inbox’s are ruthlessly filled on a daily basis and they can only skim a lot of the PM’s.

Also I would like to add that I have now decided to break my report into two parts. One will be for the disciple duties only and the other my tidbits on the Legends of Mernac. I feel that this will also make it a lot easier for the God’s to check my progress reports and for others to read my little takes on the goings on within the Legends of Mernac.