Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Questions from Quont

Responses to Quonts Questions of the week.
Week Eleven Question: What simple pleasures in life do you truly enjoy?

Response in character:
Simple Pleasures. Now let me ponder on that one. That would be just floating around the Legends of Mernac and enjoying the sights and sounds of the cavorting Mernacians. There has been a few new additions and their tales are quite good.

Response out of Character:

Easy, kicking back with friends when I get the time to do so. Catching up with the womens circle and having a hearty chuckle, sharing a tear or two, or just enjoying each others company. I don't have time to watch the T.V or play games. For those of you in the know, I passed one lot of exams and am putting a hold on the second lot until the New Year.

Week Ten Question: What is your favorite season? (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

Response in character:
OH that would have to be winter. Winter is when I tend to get those little love handles and it is my prime time to feed my ethereal powers. I love throwing the snow up and watching the children's faces as their cheeks redden in the chill winds. I laugh so hard when I whip a small breeze up and send merchants wares flying. Ah these small things that can amuse an ethereal spirit are so entertaining.

Response out of Character:
Now that would have to be spring for the fashions and Summer for the bodies that are bared. Spring time brings the sneezes with the flora and fauna. But the sights are just wonderful. Just the other night I saw a youth walking down the middle of the road and well lets say that he was half dressed (Upper half) and well he shook his acorn at me and I laughed. But only until he started popping peoples bins onto the road and making it hazardous to driving. Then I called the police.
Summer driving in the cool evening is interesting. Their is a gamut of peoples that wander in the cool evenings. Though you do need to be more vigilant of the children that tend to roam and play closer to the roads. You also need to watch for the peoples that tend to partake a little too much of the alcohol. They tend to lie down where ever and well we all know the road is not a place to sleep off a burgeoning hangover.