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Delayed weekly Report

Anemo Eolics

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Report for the week of 29th of May – 10th of July! FREE fantasy fiction

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WIP Croth Rebellion - A Lesson to Learn. Nailed!

Oombas Reunion Nailed!


Vickielysia Nailed!

The Prisoner Hall. Nailed!


Faction: Tobernian High Elves. Nailed!


Leech Energy Nailed!

Keesha Crysrals Nailed!

Also provided a piece in this section for consideration of publication. Also I have published Anemo Eolic, it took some time to complete. But it is done!
Saplings: FREE fantasy fiction

Battle for Traddlebow:

Not an Orc. Nailed!

Ka-Tel Nailed!

Hunting History

Plus I’ve been adding to the Scribe to scribe forum myself. If you want to see what I’ve done, look there!

This week’s featured blog belongs to (Drum roll please! Morgan, wake up! Drum roll please!) Elsens
My dearest Master has been away and will make continual visits or find that the Pm box is going to crush under the weight of the messages!
Well, it appears that Siberlees credit card has moved along. But does not mean that
Quont’s blog is not worth a visit! The Other has returned and do we think Ol’fetid breath was missed? Of course, the grumbling was missed! The Lusty one has a wonderful little addition in his blog, that will certainly curl the toes and have you split your sides with laughter.
Bu's Blog reveals that he has been on the move. Wishing all the best and hoping that the God of War will return with a little semblance of a smile, especially if the PM feature is not burgeoning under the weight!

Roadius Father of Mischief and Humor, Patriarch of the Gnome Race and Leader of the Merry Pranksters of Mernac, with the wisdom of seasons, this God is known to take the Mickey from his sisters, I wonder does he have Siberlee’s credit card and is he down at Mernacian Toys spending on whoopee cushions!

Many new Open/Closed saplings have been in the making, yet there is still room for more. All those in receipt of a TS&E, please look at the Character & Item listing provided and check if these things have been scribed. If not, why not! Just do it and allow another scribe to share his or her vision of a bit of your tale!

Still to come are some useful links for writers looking to research throughout LoM.


Currently working on 'Gnomish lore'. A tale that stems from 'Mispoint City of Halflings' and major character/s that will eventually become 'Legends', with their own accompanying 'Lore' & 'Place' tomes.

There is also in the pipeline a tale on 'Gnomes'. Yes, the aim is to become a 'Sage' for 'Gnomes' working with the 'God Roadius'. Even though I am 'Anemo Eolic', Disciple of Elsen'. There is also other arenas within LoM that I am throughly interested in. So do please keep an eye out for further news.

Also I now have a folder in the Open Vault. In which I can place more of my work that relates indirectly to LoM. For further information on the Changes to How Writing Submissions are Handled, click the highlighted link.

It is good to be back at LoM and I certainly have my work cut out for me. Though the aim will have to be not to try and catch up. Just plod along and get as much done as I can.

Thanks for stopping by and may the Mothers Bless you and the Fathers ensure that your offspring do not suffer with dubbats or murmils in their balfrys.

MIA Report

Anemo Eolics

Visit - the great idea to Reading Story

Report for the week of 29th of May – 10th of July! FREE fantasy fiction

Anemo has been offline due to unforseen circumstances. Namely the incompetency of some building contractors that were not taking note of where they were digging, severing the telephone cables, and making not only Anemo unable to access the Net, but a lot of other customers.

Nevertheless, Anemo was not, without activities to keep her little whirlwind self busy. Apart from offline/real world stuff, she did perform some of her allocated Disciple duties.

However, we will begin with a brief rundown on real world items that occurred during the month that Anemo was offline.

Eldest young adult, partially severed his middle finger on his right hand. (Long story, shortened.) It occurred at work (covered by worksafe Victoria). Imagine this, top most knuckle, think the padding or finger print. Now imagine the finger as a door wedge. You should get the idea of what the finger looked like. (I can admit to crying, and to the fact that it is now on the mend.) This occurred on the Wednesday of my first week offline.

My father and his saga’s of falls now total elven. Yep, he is still not listening to the advice of his younger peers. Mother is still very tired and getting over the flu. My nephew, who is legally blind, deaf and mute. Is also quite ill, he is in the care of his grandparents (my parents), so Mum stresses over him as well. Apparently, he has a particularly bad tummy bug, and his galactosemia diet needs to be readjusted accordingly.

My sister (downs syndrome) has also had a fall and has been diagnosed with cataracts. My brother who was her financial co coordinator (power of attorney), fraudulently, procured some of her money. Silly, man, brought the paper work over for me to have a look at and I was the one to have spotted the discrepancies. Being the responsible adult, I reported these to my parents and as it turned out. The authorities, also observed the errors. He was taken to court, he lost the Power and now her fiscal situation is in the hands of State Trustees. I have her Power of Attorney relating to her physical health. (Actually have four family members in that arena.)

We had one birth. (A close neighbour.) A wee little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl. (To borrow from the song, by Brian Cadd.)
We had one death. (My personal computer repair man.) In his forties, went to bed and did not awaken, was not discovered for a day or so.

My car, I’d like to put a bomb under it. (Long story, not worth going into!) Real world working life was extremely busy, several Alarm responses with the added addition that I might be injured. One MVA, (motor vehicle accident) late years female driver, fell asleep behind the wheel, the roads were wet. She hit a concrete power pole. I was performing a property inspection and had just gotten back into the patrol car, I saw her vehicle, then felt the pressure of impact on my chest and then heard the boom. Luckily I was facing west and she was travelling east. Veering to the north, she hit the pole. Hindsight, says if she had veered, south. I’d have been hit instead of the pole!

Her image will stay in my minds eye, for a long time. It was 4.30 am; her face was covered with blood. (think the movie Carrie) and she was trying to climb out her drivers window. I could not in good faith, keep moving. So I called the police and ambulance. Another driver stopped, but he proved as useful as tits on a bull. In addition, he was very morbid. Taking out a big assed camera and taking photographs of the incident. The police and I exchanged words with the gent.

There were plenty of smaller incidences, but the above were the bulk. I have my second eldest with me currently, holidays. So my time is once again limited. He wants to live on the computer. LOL.

Writing, was done. Not in great abundance, but it was done. Also not on the Notebook, in hand written scribbled notes. See the next entry for the published works.

Thanks for stopping by, and catching up on what offline life had in store for dear Anemo Eolic. I hope your lives where not as packed with incidences.

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