Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Quont's Question's

Anemos favorite sounds

Peace and Quiet with the occasional interlude of trickling water or the sounds of avian creatures.
The sound of young children playing, laughing and having a good time. (No arguing it gives Anemo a werk!)
The sound of Pyro singing. It relaxes me!

Its far too hard for Anemo to choose three things only. But the above would have to be up there with them.

Other sounds that please Anemo are the soft sounds of a loved one breathing in sleep, next to her ear. Whether that be a child or her lover, it matters naught. Unless of course they are snoring and if they are she usually gets up and hops into another bed.

Then there is the sound of a babies first cry and its first breath. New life has a beautiful appeal.

Anemo loves the sound of a Harley or a muscle car, a deep resonating purr that will draw her attention as quickly, if not quicker than some eye candy.

But up there is would have to be the opening riffs of talented guitarists. Whether accoustic or heavy metal. Anemo's ear will catch the sound and her head will cock to the side, then if the voice of a female singer follows, she will sink to sitting and listening.

Too many sounds. The bulk would have to calming and mood dependant.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Weekly Report

Anemo Eolics FREE fantasy fiction

Report for the week of 7th August 2007 – 20th August 2007 FREE fantasy fiction

Welcome to the Anemo treatment. Please do be aware it is a bit windy in here. So do wear your weighted belts, they are hovering by the door as you came in. Mind your heads too!

The other day while in the real world I overheard my creator and her women’s circle saying “We’ve all had men inside us from time to time in our lives. But would we really want to be one?”

Now my reaction to that was ‘I don’t want to be one, but on occasion it would be beneficial.’ My question to all our blogger friends would be the above. If you were to be a man from Mernac who would it be? Now believe me I am not taking on a piece of Quont’s questions, I’m just curious as to which male characters in Legends of Mernac would you want to be for a day!

Now this will also apply to our male members (Chuckles, no sexual pun intended.) If you were going to be a female character from the Legends of Mernac who would you choose?

You can leave your responses here or in the blog thread.

Now to the truth of the matter. I have done zilch again within the Legends of Mernac. I have scribed a few chapters and am holding off popping them into the S2S. Even here. I’ve posted the first chapters of two of my novels and I am waiting for them to show up in the Vault. With requests for extra internal folders so that subsequent chapters do not get lost.

Guttural sounds of snoring can be heard, Anemo turns around her eyes crinkled and wary. ‘Who’s hiding in here napping?’

Returns to report with ears pricked, trying to pinpoint the source of the snoring.

Now I’ve had to reset my blog counter as its been under a month and I’ve received so many hits, that it was about to time out. Therefore, in my mind I must be doing something right. Cause I know no one is visiting my wet areas. Actually, they are but creating their own and my reply is there are tissues near the door to those pages, please utilise them and wash your hands afterwards.

Now last week it was my sister Vickielysia’s birthday (RW) and well, personally I gave up on age years ago as I was approaching from the wrong direction. However, if there is anyone else within Legends that is celebrating an event. I wish you all the best and do party hard.

The poll has been dysfunctional this week. So the poll will be placed on hold until it becomes functional again.

News from inside Legends of Mernac:

Now within Legends of Mernac there were some technical difficulties and The Other has appraised us of the events and added that we should all check our accounts and other areas. Making him aware via a PM or Mernacian email of any issues. So Beta testers, keep an open eye for the little nasties that may show up.

Do try to keep up with The Other Addresses the Masses. There is great reading and links contained within.
Plus you really do not want to make him grumpy!

ZZzzzzzz…..what the! Anemo looks around again….there is someone sleeping in here.

The studio
Has an interesting off site thread. That could do with some additional links. If I was so inclined to try graphic arts, I’d be using the links provided. But I am afraid I just can’t draw a straight line and that is fine as I am an inker anyway. But I do love the graphic arts that are on offer here at Mernac and I do encourage, even if jealously all to take full advantage of the mentoring that is offered.

Time for a coffee break.
I’ll have a long black with tight buns thanks and lots of sugar! Now freelancer has provided a thread for a writing opportunity that has received some feedback. I hope you posted the link in the D20 as well as I am sure there are plenty gamers that would be interested in such an opportunity too!

Can I order a piece of white meat that consists of seven herbs and thirteen spices within Legends? Not yet, but I believe you will be able to soon. There is a plenty of opportunities to create food within LoM and I know I am hungry!

Now our dear succubi Traesha has a formal affair going and it appears to be a rather nice little event. Do take a peek and add your own little bit of black and white to the threads.
There has been many threads in the public area and just far too many to mention. Including my own asking if I am wanted at LoM. Everyone is busy and I am aware of that. Its only that I feel at times that I should change my name to threadkiller. I miss Canu! He perks me up.

Where has Father Elsen disappeared too? I hope not injured in the castle raid!

Quont has a question for us all, that deserves a reply. Mine is in character and rather waffles, but that is me entirely a waffling
There has been talk on blogging and asking questions on how to post links, it’s a trial and error issue really. I’ve been on a steep learning curve on that myself and I think I’ve done reasonably well. Though I can’t get the linking from here to there, you know the post a link. Aarrggh I have tried, but it does not seem to work. So if someone has a heads up on the matter, please share with us some what Blogging illiterate types.

In the S2S there are many works awaiting approval and others waiting feedback:

The D20 RPG Content:
Has been quite active and there are a considerable amount of interesting RPG saplings that will make the future game, interesting to say the least. Great work there everyone.

Has been a little slow. But I know that a certain shadow guard is working hard in compiling a wide variety of new saplings. That should stir the imaginative juices of all scribes.

Oh come now, there has to be a few more items that we scribes have placed in our tomes that we could write a little more information on. I know I sound like I am repeating myself. That’s because I am!

Ignore my works in there for the moment as we are awaiting Roadius’s return. But that does not mean ignore the rest. I know we are all busy, myself included, but a little feedback goes a long way and that would apply to all of the S2S arenas.

Now I know I had a whinge in my thread about not getting feedback and as I said above a little goes a long way. I need to take my own advice too. But I do have about five tales on the go and am doing tons of research. Not excluding tomes that are mentioned in some of the S2S arenas.

Now here this could relate to my above question, there are characters here that are interesting and if not a little frightening. I’d like to see the directions their characters take and who would like to be them for a day!

Which leads us into the focal point of Legends of Mernac. Legends are the primary arena of the site and the place from which all other work stems from. It is here that we read about the directions our characters take. It is here that we take the time to fluff out our works with some beautifully descriptive writing. Knock the socks off our readers and the Gods, and you will be published.

Trivia Question
An interesting concept that I love do keep an eye of this one, it is fun and educational for the Legends of Mernac, scribes and readers. The weekends question has been posted and well it has been quite quiet. But that is the way of the weekend, RW takes over and we all need to rest.

Anemo’s Favorite God Blog of the Week:

The Other

Has been a little quiet, I think he’s been chasing programming trolls, so do mind the bones, or they are the fried chicken wings?

Anemo’s Favorite Disciple Blog of the Week:

Traeshas Den
Enter with care as she has made her den rather enticing and I am sure there is an atmospheric element that entices you stay.

Anemo’s Favorite Members Blog of the Week:

I need some more members to please post links to their blogs that relate to Legends of Mernac and even to their own writings or art. Yeah pleading for plugs, that’s how bad it is.

Anemo’s Favorite Artist of the Week:

The site dropped out, so I will return with the information. As soon as access can be regained.

And a congratulations to the Winner of the art contest. FREE fantasy fiction
Her entire gallery is located here.

Thanks for stopping by, please do return the weighted belts to their positions as the gravitational pull outside here will have you feeling like lead. It is the hope that you have enjoyed your stay and that you have come away with a smile and a little laughter in your heart.

Oh come now is that really necessary? I thought you were sleeping not phishing!

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