Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tickles ink blot Test

Just read Ryna's results and thought I'd check out what mine would be. Heres the results.

Your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace

You are driven by a higher purpose than most people. You have a deeply-rooted desire to facilitate peacefulness in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with love ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to influence the world.

You are driven by a desire to encourage others to think about the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative. The reason your unconscious is consumed by this might stem from an innate fear of war and turmoil. Thus, to avoid that uncomfortable place for you, your unconscious seeks out the peace in your environment.

Usually, the thing that underlies this unconscious drive is a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it. As a result, your personal integrity acts as a surrogate for your deeper drive toward peace and guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Peace, there is much more to who you are at your core.

Not overly surprising to me upon reading. Its strange that today upon waking I've not only participated in this test but also read a post from a blogging friend Listenfromwithin and immediately thought of Uncle Q's creator and their Ga empowerment blog. Not only that the last few days I've spent looking through blogs of all sorts and find I'm pulled to the spiritual styled and health ones. Is it that my psyche is trying to tell me something?

Friday, 28 December 2007

Blogging friends

My real world has been in utter chaos for a little while. You can read the updates here.
I want to thank everyone who has recently added my to their friends lists and neighborhoods. I'm hoping that in the coming weeks I'll be able to slowly drop by everyones blogs and neighborhoods and leave a post or two. Which means a lot of reading. Please have patience with me.

The legends of Mernac
has pride of place and my own scribing's. So there will be times that I'll only be playing around with those. I have many threads there to catch up with and a heck of a lot of reading and writing to do myself.

Everyone at LOM has been exceptionally patient with me and my life and there is absolutely no way I'll aver be able to repay those debts. Except for maybe in kind. Though know I'm a devoted member and can tend to be a bit impatient at times. However with that being said. I think my patience has been very good of late.

I'll feature blogs of interest as I slowly get things smoothed over in the real world and everything settles. Though I will forewarn everyone, I'll be studying again soon. Am applying for my gaming license. But from what I've bee told that should be a breeze.

Thank-you all again for your welcoming me into Blog Catalog and for accepting me as a friend.

Ok, now back to regular postings.

RW Intrudes

Boxing day...was an early start. We had to drive over to Pakenham (2 hour drive)to pick up the lads, then come back here and pack the second car. Then be at my parents home (1 hour drive)by 01100 hours. Hubby volunteered to drive to get the lads, I stayed home (to avoid conflict with their dad) packed the presents with Boo's help into the other car, packed the esky's with food, hung the washing out and cleaned the house.

I was getting dressed when I heard my lads pull up....Yippee..I'm always pleased to see them and shocked at their growth every time. Both lads are taller than I am, and I'm no hobbit.

Quick kisses and hugs, then Blue said he'll drive my car and Deady said he'll travel with Hubby in his. Boo opted for my car (air con). We headed out before Hubby, as Blue had only been driving for a short time (learner) and we wanted the headstart knowing hubby would pass us eventually.

Blue set the car for himself. Music and all (mushroomhead and santana) I turned the music down with the heavy metal. He he he. Needless to say hubby did pass us and our drive was at a slow pace. 1 hour and 10 mins at under the speed limit. Blue did well, but was mentally tired.

When we arrived my siblings had not arrived, apparently they were running late themselves and my father with his dementia was getting impatient. My Sister inlaw was getting exasperated with him and mum just rolled her eyes. We unpacked both vehicles and did not even get a chance at a cuppa before Poppy had turned on the BBQ and proceeded to set off the smoke detectors in the house. Hubby moved quickly and fixed all that. My two eldest lads and Sister in Law preped the salads and I watched. (You know how hard that is!)

My eldest sis (cerebral palsy) arrived first. Looking like a gypsy, but in good spirits. Then Missy Moo (Downs syndrome) arrived and promptly told Dad to shut up! Then Mr B (multiple disabilities, including blind, deaf and mute.)arrived. He checked everyone out, as is his way. I chatted with the new carers. Yes, DHS finally found him a place to go and I don't need to re-arrange my family and home. Not that I wouldn't, he's easier to look after than Missy Moo.

Poppy started piling BBQ'd meat on the table, even before we'd set it and finished the salads. I was apologetic to my mum about the slap dash lunch. She said it was to be expected.

Needless to say, we all eventually sat down. Had our meal and enjoyed every morsel. Even though the salad was a bit chunky. After the dishes were done, we gave out the gifts and there was a lot of laughter and 'oh look at this or that'. I have to admit, I spoiled my mum. She deserves it. Also spoiled my siblings. But hey we won't all be getting together like we used to, so why not!

After the gift giving, desert was served and photos taken. No, I've not down loaded them yet. Then it was kick back and relax. Hubby and Deady fell asleep on the couches, Poppy in his chair and us girls disappeared into a back room to natter. Boo played with his model car. He was putting it together and Blue went out to keep the Cockatoo company.

My SIL, had picked mum up the day before and she said that no sooner than they had walked into the house. Than dad wanted to know what was for Dinner, then it was questions and questions about what was happening and why. Then arguing over where presents were. He kept saying apparently that he'd not moved any. But it turned out, after a brief search that he had. SIL also said that dad was up at 0430 watering the garden and had woken her to see if she would make him a cuppa. She has a very low tolerance to my dad and growled at him. He dislikes her for her firmness and not backing away from him. So it was fun for her to spend 48 hours with dad. Now she understands how mentally stressful it can be.

Mums not sure if she can cope with him, but will give it a shot. She just needs supportive people around her and I've made sure of that. I told her if she could not cope, please do not hesitate to call and I will intervene. I've no qualms at standing toe to toe with dad. He'll listen to a certain extent and then if he digs his heels in, I'll call some of his mates and they'll have words with him. Little steps and if I need to pop them both into supported accommodation I will. I've made it very clear to them both. ONE slip up and I'll have to be mean.

I took a break and went and visited my dear friend down the road from Mum and dads. I can say her life too has turned to S^%$ in a bucket and we had a cry together, then we laughed about the good times. This year has been harder than most for many people, not only us. So I hope everyone has a better time of it, with the upcoming new year.

We loaded the vehicles and dropped everyone off later than anticipated and then headed home ourselves. We walked in our door at midnight and in our respective beds by 00030. Yes, we unpacked the cars, put the food items away and left the rest til morning.

My wrist pains, but I've managed not to take too many meds for the pain. Deady wanted to go the post Christmas sales, so hubby dropped us off. I let the three lads wander and I sat in a coffee shop, reading the paper. I can only stand being in music stores and gaming shops for so long. Plus they wanted to hit everyone that they could. Not my cup of tea, so it was better to have some alone time.

Today, 28th is hubby's b'day. He's gone to get Mum from the hospital. She's being discharged today. I'm at home and sneaking out later to get him a gift. Deady is keeping him company and wants to see Nan before he heads back to his dads on Saturday and work on Wednesday. We only get to see him on rare occasions now. He's inherited my work ethic and works as much as he can. Kinda reminds me of a certain Cat Stevens song.

Well thats it for now. I hope I've covered just about everything. If you have any questions, I'll answer them if asked. Take care and hopefully I'll see about getting one more post in before the year ends.

Plus Anemo is champing at the bit.....

RW Intrudes

The following days, were spent busily wrapping, (or in my case popping presents into Xmas bags. I couldn't wrap one handed.) trying to get some sleep (without the aid of pain meds.), fending off early phone calls, (some people did not know I worked from 1800 to 0630 hours). I was polite and a little grumpy, but I swear I did not bite anyones heads off and S%$# down their necks. (Though the thought was there.)

Previously I'd spent a great deal of time on the phone making arrangements for my disabled siblings to spend Christmas day in their respective CRU's or at lunch with the Salvo's (thank you to those, delightful people.) But fended off calls about Boxing day. Re explaining that if my sisters and nephew could be dropped off at my parents home on Boxing day, I would ensure that they arrived back at their residences in the late afgternoon. Preferably after Dinner. Why? you ask. Well read on.

Christmas day is not celebrated in this house, and has not been for many years. You see I'm a non custodial parent of my eldest two lads. Deadmaninc, (Gobbledock as I call him. Deady as he calls himself.) and Blue. They both live with their father and are reasonable teenagers. But the arrangements have been that they spend Christmas day with his family and Boxing day with mine. (Though if he had his way, I'd not see them at all and he's been known to say that if had been able to conceive and give birth he would have.) Anyway I digress. I was ordered by the courts many moons ago to hand my sons over on Christmas day. Again why? I was asked by the judge to promise I would not go out and get a job. I could not make that promise. He could and did. He got the kids. Thats it in a nutshell. No other reasons, though with hindsight (Which is useless now, if I'd known that he was an alcoholic and had threatened the kids into not saying anything. I would have made the promise and worked part time on the side.)

Christmas Eve, I was supposed to work. But did not as hubby had to work elsewhere. So my employers covered the shift. I spent the evening crying. I usually do! Its hard even after all these years, everyone says get over it. I have most of the time. But Christmas eve is hard and Christmas day, I keep busy, so I don't think about not having my sons around. As I could not cook a roast, we cheated and went to the chicken shop and brought precooked veg and chicken. Hubby made the gravy and I microwaved the peas. We still had our lunch, just minus the trimmings. We spent the bulk of the day, catching up on sleep and housework. Boo happily played with his new DS that the fat man saw fit to provide him with.

We were in bed early.....

RW Intrudes

Time has flown and my last few months have been chaotic.
But it appears for at least now that things have settled some what. I do wish I had that illusive crystal ball to see into the future. But alas I do not. If I did I would not have fallen on the night of the 21/12/07, at exactly 2200 hours and smashed my right wrist around a door frame.

It had been a very, very wet night. I mean it rained that hard that trying to see out the windscreen was near impossible. The building that I had to attend to required that I lock the doors. Inside there was a tiled floor and with the wet it was slippery. My feet slid, I tried to stop the fall and well smashed my wrist around the door frame. I tell you I dropped to one knee, right wrist tucked under my left armpit and cussed. Then as the good little soldier I am, I locked the doors and finished the job. Filled in the required paperwork and kept going. I did call another guard and tell him that I had slipped and hurt my wrist. But thought nothing more of it, unless I bumped it during the night. That of course I did on several occasions and it was a not so gentle reminder that I had hurt it.

The next day/afternoon, I went over to my friends house. (Who happens to be a nurse.) She took one look, growled and called me some names. (Which I won't repeat here.) Wrapped the wrist and gave directions to see a DR asap. I didn't. We had a family get together to attend and well it all got waylaid. (Snuck some Xmas shopping in as well. I hate shopping! At anytime, let alone Christmas.) My wrist throbbed and I babied it. No mercy really, it was my choice.

Sunday morning I awoke to find that my hand had swelled so much that I could not see my knuckles. Frightened! Yep indeed. Back over to friends to get a list of Dr's and Xray depts that were open that did not entail having to go through the public system.
Might add, we had a 50th to attend that day as well.

Located a GP and a Xray dept. But...yes there is a but. When we got out to the car (my fathers) it would not start. Flat out it just would not. In exasperation I called my cousin, she picked me and the lad up and we proceed to the Xray dept. Hubby waited for the RACV, plus he called to say he'd locked the keys in the car too.

After the Xrays (which were done very quickly) we went back to the DRs and he said that I had done a good job of tearing all the ligaments in my right wrist. It required a back slab/half cast, elevation (RICE, for those that know first aid.) and a bleeding sling. I hate slings with a vengeance, but conceded to wearing one. He also said I was not allowed to drive. Shishh....what about work.

Called the boss's wife and explained the situation. Offering hubby as co driver for the patrols. Plus its a good excuse for him to learn the rounds. She said she'll call back.

RACV had shown up in the mean time. Dads car needs a new alternator, great! Hubby took it home and grabbed my car. We headed, now four hours late for the 50th. Receiving a call on the way to say that all parties agreed to Hubby being co driver. Aahh..we start work at 1800 hours. It was 1700 hours, so we said we'll be late and partially out of uniform. That was fine. Whew! Boo went over to my nursing friends for the night and we headed out. Hubby did very well BTW, even teaching me a few short cuts.

Well that was that weekend...stubborn aren't I!