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An Extraordinary Path

In a place where witches and dragon’s are guides, wise-men are evil and vampires have a conscience; a young woman learns she is not dumber than dumb; she only needs to reach into her inner child and find that she can be anything that she deems.

It seemed like I’d been dreaming the same repetitive dream for nights. It always happened at that time between sleep and dreams. I was shadowed by a golden light drifting like a feather, dancing in circles, arms upraised, fingers twinkling. All I could see were the imaginary snowflakes between the ribbons of light. As the warm currents carried me I saw ghastly, unblinking, bloodshot, hypnotic eyes.

Paralysed by fear, I certainly was not. Curious, yes and wanting to find out more. I was! Even though I was dreaming, but not quiet; I still wanted to know what these visions were all about.

Nightmares I’d had, though never had I been plagued by them. I remember being dragged under water by a man with long dark hair, and shining black eyes. I screamed and struggled, swallowing a lot of the rancid water and gasping for breath. But he released me and I found myself inside a cavern. A great dragon’s snout appeared ‘The owner of the eyes?’ my mind cried. It breathed fire upon my body, drying me, I realised then, no harm was meant to come of me. The dragon’s breath, its power blew me out of this cavern and into another.

A powerful presence filled the room, but then I had an impression that someone was smiling at me, gently. It was as if my presence was expected, a strong sense of love overwhelmed me. Now I was afraid, these feelings were not something I’d ever had the opportunity to feel; not even as a child. Sobbing with this fear, I staggered backwards out of the cavern and found I was in a darkened cavern again. This one held the feelings of creatures, which I was not sure I wanted to meet. Slowly I crept towards the cavern on my left, where the golden light issued forth. No need for me to hover in this space, I knew it was the cavern of the dragon.

Before me the dragon arose, drawing itself out of the water, slowly it shook itself. The water flew in massive droplets, dangling from the stalactites, slowly dropping upon my unsuspecting head. A mighty breeze arose, nearly blowing me out of the cavern again. I dug my toes into the golden dusted ground. The dragon sat, in a puff of dust, yawning, yet watching me with its bloodshot hypnotic eyes.

Escape did not cross my mind. I stood there staring back at the magnificent beast before me. Slowly the dragon stood on its haunches and turned its tail, slowly it plodded along a path of golden light. I followed.

Soon we were away from the pool and the light was brighter, so brilliant that I could hardly see. All of a sudden I lurched forward, my feet in a tangle under me, the incredible luminance faded, I blinked and brushed my eyes. I stood before a cauldron and beside it was a woman.

Her hair of silver, hung past her breasts, in rivulets of corn-silk. Her upturned nose and high cheek bones only enhanced the clarity of her opulent raspberry mouth, the opaque haze of her lavender eyes smiled. The dragon moved to her right and plonked itself down in a hazy puff of golden dust. As the woman reached her hand out towards the dragon, so the dragon reached a taloned claw out to her. I guessed this was an unspoken acknowledgement between them.

Her presence spoke of power, but not to the strength of what I had felt earlier in the other cavern. It did not make me feel fear, it made me comfortable and slowly I dropped my guard. Even though I was not beckoned forward, I moved.

“You are right to believe in fear.” A low voice grumbled; it felt as if it was rumbling from the tips of my toes, curling into my stomach and winding to the top of my head. It was a kindly tone, not irritated in the way a parent talks to a child, who does not know better.

Immediately I felt to the depths of my soul, that this dragon and woman were my guides, and they knew me better than I knew myself. It was a feeling of being wrapped in the depths of my downy blankets, comforting, restful and it held a solace that I knew in the very bottom of my heart was what I required.

My heart lifted, in the presence of my guides.

“We’ve waited a long time for you to come. It is time for you to follow your path. Come!” the woman’s voice rasped as she moved forward, out of the cavern and back into the brilliance of the golden light.

As she moved she spoke, her voice rasping higher in the cavern.
“You woke the wise-man, on your arrival. He is evil and you need to face him. The vampires, know you’re here and do not mean you any more harm. They are sorry their race took the love from your life. We mean to show you your, path and see if we can guide you into a longer happier road.”

Half lidded eyes gazed from the depths of the darkened cavern as we moved to the cavern where I’d felt the strong sense of love. My chest grew tight and my hands started to go clammy.

“You have to face him in order to pass him.” The woman spoke, as I stood on the threshold. Some unseen forced made me reach backwards, re-assurance? But I felt a dragon’s talon, in the palm of my hand. Then another patted the top of my hand; the woman pushed me forward and the dragons security faded. I was terrified, but moved forward, grudgingly on tenter hooks. Looking back over my left shoulder I saw the woman staring at me loftily, and then she yawned. Her breath propelled me forward,
A whisper caught my ears, “See that was not so bad.” And I looked and the dragon and woman were gone.

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Fantasy in everyone’s mind is different, but they key issues are for every good there is a evil (bad), what would the Fantasy world be like if it only had all Good characters? FREE fantasy fiction

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