Saturday, 15 December 2007

RW Intrudes

Hiya all and Seasons Greetings. Please accept my humblest apologies for not being around. If you've read the previous posts you'll know that my RW life has been turned upside down and inside out.

Between my parents wants and needs and that of my family and my need to earn a wage. I've barely had enough time to consume a toasted sandwich. Work is heavy at the moment and that takes precedence and also provides me with other matters to think about that do not have anything to do with Family. Respite in a very strange sort of way.

My Mum was to come home on the 21st. But sadly that will not be the case at this point. The powers that be have deemed that she is not walking/ambulating well enough to warrant her discharge. Though she has been granted day/night leave and well that is on the 17 - 18/12/07, so guess where I'll be. Yeah, they won't leave her at the house without family being present. My brother won't come up for the night, we can't going ruining his Christmas and holidays. (Grumps off in a corner...he he he) I'll have finished a 36+ hour weekend and then need to drive to my parents home. Another hour and a half drive. I'll be mostly incoherent until I've gained sleep. Probably do a Dad and go to sleep stretched across the couch. Smiles.

Anyway, I may also have my nephew for two weeks over the Xmas period. Just waiting on news from the Dept of Human Services and his case Manager. I hope we do get him to stay, he needs to be with familiar faces and not strangers at this time of the year. I'll provide more info on this at another time.

Did finally manage to pop the Christmas tree up. Minus the decorations, hoping Hubby and son will take the hint and decorate. I've now also got two kittens. Yeah, Dragon and Ghost.

This is Dragon, just after we received him. I'll upload an image of Ghost another time.
Do you recall me mentioning the Cockatoo in previous posts. Well if you do here is a face to put a name too. Please let me introduce you to the Lovely well mannered lady known as Toni.

Be aware she will wait til you bend over and then sing out. "Hello Big Bum!" I could kill whomever taught her to say that. Our lady, I've been told has a small infection and has been stinking up the house. (my sister inlaws) She also enjoys a tickle and a lot of freedom throughout the house. Which is good, as I hate seeing her caged all the time.

Ok, I've run out of time and need to get ready for work. I'll try and come back again before Christmas and post more news and antidotes about the chaos that is my life at the moment. Thanks for dropping by, its greatly appreciated.