Friday, 2 November 2007

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One World...Endless Possibilities

Welcome to the Anemo treatment. Please do be aware it is a bit windy in here. So do wear your weighted belts, they are hovering by the door as you came in. Mind your heads too!
The following is a week or more within Legends of Mernac as viewed by Anemo Eolic, you are encouraged to laugh and enjoy a reflection of the comings and goings with all the members of the site.

Well there has been chatter on the boards about the Potential Theft of Art. Thankfully, we have The Other and it was rectified in a speedy manner.

It happens on the net and we are all aware of it, we at Legends of Mernac (and I mean all the members) keep an eye out for not only the art work, but the work of our scribes. These types of Copyright infringements need to curtailed and how is it achieved? Through the vigilance of all and sundry.
Everyone needs to watch each others backs, regardless of whether your a member of The Legends of Mernac. If you see a an article or a piece of art that you know, belongs to another. Report it.

The Other has the Mernac Mail and boyo, does it keep him busy. Though he doesn't mind kicking some troll butt.

Please note that All "THEMED" Art Contests CLOSED!
AMENDED Contest Rules, Regulations, and Prizes.

Onto other news, The Legends of Mernac is going to have its very own Ecards. WooHoo, what fun and everyone is getting into the act. Just check out some of the contributions from our artist's. They are truly amazing.
Even the scribes are adding their flourish to the cards when a artist has there fingers covered in pixels and their minds draw a blank (Can they? Maybe a blank canvas, which can be filled with some delicate precision.) Questions are being asked and answers are being given or followed up. Mind the cheekiness, though. Apparently The Other has some new toys and we all know how quickly he breaks his toys. (Joking! Looks around in fright..)

A little light entertainment has been on offer and my oh my have the scribes and artisans not been enjoying a little down time. Good on you all, its good to see a chuckle and some fun being had, seriously, it is great. We just can't be work, work all the time. (Looks at creator with a frown, Did you hear what I said?)

Quont's been at it again. Yeah, subtly acquiring information on who is ticklish. I bet that he has plans on using this information to extract some not so simple pleasures from various scribes and artists. Do check out his reply and of course poke in and see what the other bloggers have revealed about their ticklish spots.

Ricks back our founder and has been busily answering questions. Check out this on Plot/lore. Informative reading and thanks for sharing with those of us who could not attend the chat session.

But thats not all there is.

The Mernac Realm Crafter is official. Theres huge chatter going on in those parts of Mernac and if your a game crafter, take a look and maybe even make contact with FatherCrow and find out more on the inspiring aspects of the future developments of the gaming side of Mernac.

Of course we have vacancies throughout The Legends of Mernac and everyone and anyone that is interested is encouraged to apply. Contact one the Gods and see what you too can bring to The Legends of Mernac and its future developments. The Shadow Guard has a few vacancies. Elsen is looking for gamers, (See above note) Dungeon Masters, even scribe advice on the d20 RPG Content aspects is available.

Do I need to remind that Quont is looking for scribes. I hear its a pleasurable job to be a scribe under the God of Lust. Just Pm him and see what he has to offer. I know he has a Legion of Lust and Fathers be blessed they are one heck of a bunch of lovely ladies. Why not get to know them a little more intimately, I promise they don't bite hard!

My dear Canu is seeking Musicians. Mernac needs to have the lovely melodies playing against the images and tales. So if you are musically inclined, sit down with Canu and compose a tune or two that will have the scribes dancing a merry jig. Dearest Canu has confirmed that the music upload facility is now operational. WooHoo.

Oh I nearly forgot! Scribes get published and get Paid. Oh what a Joy that would be!

Well my Windy friends. Thats all from me this week. Do leave the weighted belts at the door and drop by The Legends of Mernac. I hear that The Other has donned a rather unique attire and is serving free Koomba treats to everyone. Now theres a reason for me to run and hide. I do so have an avid imagination and can just see the trouble I'm going to get into. Just as well I did not imply that he was wearing a Tutu, with Karesha's pretty knickers and Traesha's gorgeous heels.

Departs the Blog in a hurried fashion.

Quont's Question's

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
Are you ticklish?

OMG, Anemo Ticklish! No of course not.
Looks around warily, I hope Canu is not about. Otherwise he may just contradict that statement. I'be better go and pop a mozz on hi blog and make sure no truths are revealed.
Anemo jumps on the nearest cloud and performs a near perfect 180, as she scuttles across the skies of Mernac.

Creator: Only ticklish depending on the mood. I can turn it on and off. Self discipline. I think the question would be better if it was are you ticklish when getting a massage. The answer would be "Hell yeah!". Why because then I'm relaxed and the defenses have dropped.

Legends of Mernac
One World...Endless Possibilities

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