Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The Legends of Mernac

Anemo Eolic - Ethereal Wind Disciple of Elsen

Proofreader Zealot! Formally annunciated at FREE fantasy fiction

Disciple of Elsen
Joing the ranks of Disciples known as
Vickie - Ethereal Fire
Sinistral - Ethereal Earth

Vacancies still exist in all Disciple roles.

Just follow the Light or Darkness that is in your persona and make an application to the God of your choice. FREE fantasy fiction

Anemo Eolic - Ethereal Wind Disciple

Is the mischievous wind
that plays at your legs
blowing up the skirts,
tickling your cheeks!

Her eyes are as blue as the heavens,
clouded, just with a pale whisper of sansar whiteness.
With flaming transparent red hair
she flys around the clouds, making her mark
in the lands of Mernac.

Voluminous billows of skirts,
alee from her body across the lands,
creating the flurry of anomalies
that abound.

With a bodice that ripples delicately,
as she dances it could squall,
flying in the flurry of her variable moods. FREE fantasy fiction

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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Legends of Mernac FREE fantasy fiction

Here will lie some links to favorite items within Mernac. These may include Images, Scribed works, News, Contest announcements, Employment vacancies (within Mernac), Future developments, and Disciple stuff. But that probably won't be all either...

Now for those of you who know me, I am Night aka Nightduty aka Botr (blood ofthe rose). I've been a wanna be writer for a long time. I am admittedly a apostrophe demon (some habits are just way too hard to break!) Some close friends know me as Fi!
Fairly easy going, love to have fun and take the mikey out of not only myself, but others. (Don't you just hate those tense quiet moments!) I can't promise that I won't be rude, crude, obnoxious, and whatever takes my fancy. But I can promise I will not tell a fib!

I am high on confidentiality, your secret is absolutely safe with me. (Stop laughing, its true!) Totally loyal to those who treat me with the same respect as I would to them. (Nutter at times, comes on around the time the moon turns red or full!) Enough about me, you want to get to know me Fi talk to me. Want to know any of the aka's, talk to them!

Now to Mernac again.

You see I've been snagged by Elsen

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I swear I volunteered for the job! I like to read, just as much, if not more than write. So I am now a Proofreading Zealot Disciple of Elsen. Though I still like to give
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Even occasionally I'll go and play in the blogs of some of The Legends of Mernacs infamous characters. (See earlier entries for links.) FREE fantasy fiction

So if you find that your interest is piqued. Please do feel free to click and join the Legends of Mernac or just read the works. But do please provide us with feedback and if you truly enjoyed the site, post links to it where you can. (Within reason of course.)

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Monday, 7 May 2007

Dads falls

My blog is a mixed bag. It is all enjoyment. Regardless of the news it contains.
Dad has had many falls since my last post. Total of six in eight weeks! Mind blowing!

The man at eightyfour has a higher pain tolerance than anyone I know. The ambulance comes, picks him up, drops him off at the emergency room, the Drs growl, pop the hip back in and he's put in a taxi and sent home. All in the matter of less than twenty four hours. Even twelve at times.

Though the good news there is that, we finally have the right to say "Keep him overnight!" He has been accessed by aged care services and they know that he is showing signs of Dementia. Honestly, I do not know how my mum takes care of him.

He waits for her to go out and the old devil sneaks out. Or he sneaks out through the second backdoor. Mums so afraid to leave the house or loose sight of him. He knows this too!

I still have his car, thankgoodness for that small mercy. Otherwise, I fear the results would disastrous. Though he constantly nags about getting the vechile back, I swear I am running out of excuses. He knows he is not allowed to drive the beast. But he does, whenever the opportunity arises.

Now he's resorted to nagging my brother into bringing the car up. Ain't happening! I don't drive it, its honestly a beast to drive, near non-exisistent power steering (muscle power is achieved), it has a floating front end (you bounce like those wobbly head dogs), none of its tyres have the same tread pattern, plus it died in the pre-verbal the other day (just on a quick trip to the shops), the only good thing is that it is made for hard work! Like my Dad!

Now this past Anzac day, the dear old fart made it to the front page of the local rag. If I could locate a link to the page, believe me it would be here. But its a small local paper and well not exactly up to date.

My surprise was too see his "War" saddened face. Reflecting back over the years, to times he'd best keep to himself. Often its is asked is "War" good? I say take a look on the old diggers faces and see if your opinion bursts forth!

You see my Father was a part of the capture of one of Japans most heinous generals, the shocking events that he witnessed and the pride that glows from his face, can easily be seen in the way his emotions swirl. His voice, he tries vainly to keep hardened, yet to the keen ear, small breaks can be heard.

My dad knows I love him and I am so very proud of what he did for us and the country. I know and understand that it was not a place of fantasy, it was wholly a shocking reality and one that will haunt his days and nights until he passes. Regardless of the insidious disease that is over taking his mind. He is still my Dad and Mum is still mum; they both deserved a better lot in their lives. But they have made do with what has been handed them.

We all six (6) children, adore them!

Well all Botr is the house!

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I am the wind, hootin n tootin.

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