Sunday, 2 September 2007

Question of the week

Responses to Quonts Questions of the week.

Week Seven Question: How do you defeat a creative block?

Well that is achieved by sitting back and watching the RW. Peoples reactions and actions. Tis truly amazing when you try to convey those things through your writing. Your own interpretation of the varied facial expressions, weather, tones of voice, and environment. Can be very inspiring to the writer within.
Everyday events can be the small piece that the writer is missing in their writing. Even courses undertaken can break that dreaded block. Whether their related to the tale or not.

Anemo enjoys all of the above and like many of the Mernacian scribes she enjoys role play. It appeals to her mischievous side, but most of all she likes to watch children at play and young love sprouting. Recalling those looks and actions is to Anemo the romance that was missing in her life as a mortal in the Legends of Mernac.

Week Eight Question: What keeps you coming back to Mernac?


Now this one would fall easily into the category of Addiction to the Legends of Mernac. Also the friendships that have been built over the past year. Like Quont most of my high school friends have all dispersed and we no longer maintain contact. It is truly hard to find out the married names of female school friends.
Though last week I was in the country on the fortnightly shopping expedition with my parents and this bedraggled guy came over and said that he knew me. Of course the guard came up. Squinting behind the wrap around dark glasses I asked him his name. Which he told me. Then I inquired of the school he attended and where he hung out. It dawned on me that this man was indeed one of my very first boyfriends. Eeekk...hubby was standing within ear shot and I sent him frantic looks. Which he did not see because of the dark glasses. LOL. Anyway, I could not get away from this man quick enough. Why! Well lets say he had good memories of our relationship and I had bad ones. Which do not need to be brought forth and written. They are best forgotten.

Unlike my new friends of Mernac. Who will always be apart of some great memories.

Week Nine Question:
Which Mernacian character would you like to have dinner with and why?

Anemo's reply to this question is a mass gathering of all the characters of Mernac. A in her opinion smörgåsbord of characters, food and wine. Imagine she says the revelry and tales that would be told. Not forgetting the songs that would be made of whim.

Me the creator of Anemo and some other characters:
I'm waiting until the Mernacian convention is announced and hoping that I have enough saved in the bank for the airfare and accommodation. Unless of course I win at the slots or the lottery. Not holding the breath on those as I would turn blue first. But there is no problems with dreaming.
Mostly I would love to meet Siberlee and her creator and of course my characters sister Vickie. But wait there is Traesha, oh far too many. Sounds like I'll need to save and wait for the convention.
Love ya all...

Blogging friends of Anemo

Since adding myself to blogcatalog There have been many new friends to add to my blog. Most of these are listed in the profile.
I may not get to drop by your blogs as often as I would like. But please do know that I do read and on the odd occasion leave a comment.

All of you provide bloggers with a wide gamit of variety with your posts and comments. Sometimes I find I am laughing so hard that I just can't respond and then at other times I find it hard to articulate the words I wish to use. But as you will have seen I do drop by and read. So that in the least counts as a hit.
Keep up the great work and know that I am at least dropping by and reading.

As you all are aware this blog is primarily for the Legends of Mernac and any contributions that you make to the site would be greatly appreciated. All my Mernacian blogger friends have pride of place in their listings down the right hand side of the page. Do drop by their respective blogs and read what they have to say about the site and their contributions to Legends of Mernac.

We would love it if you all decided to join the site and become an active member. We will always require writers and readers and not not forgetting artisans. There are many vacancies within the site and detailed in our creators way here.

Now I realize that with my RW commitments I have been rather lax on not only my Disciple duties but my blog/s. Hopefully everything will settle within a month and I will be able to re establish my character and blogs. Please bare with me during this chaotic period of RW life and know that even in my rare spare minutes I try to read at list one or two blog posts and forum posts within the Legends of Mernac.

Responding (Hopefully) in a humorous way or putting a foot in my mouth and later regretting it. (Which I often do as I am seriously tired when reading.)

Ty for dropping by and remember hug the one you love. Smile at strangers and watch that smile spread further.

Delayed weekly Report

Image courtesy of Traesha. Made for the top of Anemo Eolics Tales.

Welcome to the blustery room of Anemo Eolic. Please take care and wear a weighted belt, they are located at the door. Mind your head as they are hovering. Sorry I've not had the time to add some anchors to the floor. However, if you look down you will see that it is a glass floor and you will have the sense of floating in the clouds. Those of you with vertigo, my suggestion would be stay close to the walls for the feeling of firm grounding. Oh and No there are NO BOBs (Battery operated Buddies) floating around in this Report, those I think can be located in Quonts blog or at the very least a link to them can be located in his residence.

Well now what a time it has been within the Legends of Mernac. There has been plenty of comings and goings. Not to forget the art work. Oh and the back bone of Mernac the tales. The scribes have been going hell for leather.
Honestly we need FREE fantasy fiction
Do drop over and give our scribes tales a read and some feedback.

Where to start? Without a doubt there will be items that I will miss in this report. But if you drop by the forums you can catch up on the news and views of all Mernacians in your own due time. Some that are listed here are old news that you may already be familiar with. But it does not hurt to rehash old news with Anemos personal comments.

Lets start with Happy Anniversary to the Legends of Mernac and its public opening one year ago. It is trully hard to believe that the Legends of Mernac has passed its one year anniversary. In that year there has been many welcome changes and additions. Members have been working their tails off and many improvements have been implemented. Our ATM is working quite well with the addition of Mernals to all our members. Don't forget that tipping is highly encouraged.
I do believe there is so much to catch up that even Anemo will be tripping through the boards on semi regular intervals. However, if there is something of great importance and she has missed it. Please do point her in the right direction and she will leave a wisp of a remark or comment.

However she has noticed a few changes on the boards and a slight boo in the disciple blogs that needs some minor attention. Has anyone noticed that Kat's blog comes up twice? Once with Kats blog link and then again in Naysia's blog link.

There is also chat about what our founder is trying to achieve and from the blog it shows that he has been spewing out the thoughts and with the help and assistance of all the Gods and Disciples it will be further defined. My hand goes up with plugging the site. Just point me in the right direction and with some directives and we will see which way the wind will blow.

Personal news:
My dear friend Canu seems to have been recently laid up and I do hope that he is feeling the world better and can be heard whistling a tune whilst his strums his favorite instrument. There has also been a whisper on the breeze that has said that one of very own Gods is being sent to Father Werk for some remedial assistance. Then there is a tickle that said another soul was ailing. Anemo gathers all her most healthiest thoughts and sends across the ether a well of abundant health to all members that are feeling under the weather.

Welcome to New members of Mernac:
I've been a neglectful little wind and not had the chance to welcome the following members into the Legends of Mernac. So it is with my ethereal hand that I extend a hearty welcome to all the members of Mernac. I may miss one or two of you and if I have done so please remember that I also welcome you. FREE fantasy fiction
Forevernyt is the newest addition to the Shadow Guard and a very warm welcome travels across the breeze. It looks like this male will be under siege from the female Shadow Guards. Their already planning on bar hopping, Anemo waves frantically..."Me too! Please I love bars, taverns, pubs and the like."
On the Shadow Guards there appears to a Purrdey joined the ranks and what a pretty site she is indeed. FREE fantasy fiction Her tale and art are great and deserve a look into, don't forget the positive feedback.

Shanyaks FREE fantasy fiction is another new member on the boards. Whose blog I've dropped into and well let me say he is quiet the Ladies man. Take heed of the note 'form an orderly line ladies' and do mind the dampness of his cavern. Anemo is careful not to blow to much dry wind into the cavern as she is sure that Shanyaks likes the damp. It also appears the Siberlee has assisted with drawing him from the cavern....

Gods Blogs: Please note that Anemo is not favoring blogs any longer as it is far too hard to choose. All the blogs can be accessed from the right side of this blog and the same can be said of those respective blogs. Mind though some are listed to the left on other blogs. Do be wary of The Other as he was recently observed laughing manically and I'm not quite sure why! It could be that there is something between his eyes that smells. Chuckles, yeah its his nose. Love ya old fetid breath with huge talons.....

Disciples Blogs:
Oh my by the Fathers and Mothers have you seen how much the blogs have grown by? There is an abundance of creative writing to read throughout the blogs of all members of Mernac.

Members Blogs:
Wow we are certainly growing and again I cannot say it enough. The more the better. If you have not set up a blog to showcase not only your writing at Mernac but your other writing skills. I do suggest that you give it some thought and if you do take up the opportunity of creating a blog. Don't forget to showcase The Legends of Mernac.

Featured Artists:
Dragon art
contest has announced its winner. Our very own Goran FREE fantasy fiction
Congratulations to you and what a great image or should I say great images provided by all the entrants.

It is with deepest regret that I need to say. Due to RW commitments I will be putting a hold on Anemo's favorite Artists. Though that's not to say she will still wandering through the galleries of Mernac and if a particular artist really inspires her. She may just resurrect the page on odd occasions.

All the artists of Mernac are indeed gems and treasures that adorn the tales with visually appealing works of art and they are extremely appreciated for their efforts in adding the color to the characters and lands.

Now I must run and I do apologize if this reads as incomplete. I will get back into this as time allows. FREE fantasy fiction