Friday, 5 October 2007

Polly Flanders

Her undercut black and luminescent red hair, lies past her shoulders and her deeply kholed eyes, scan the crowds of men as they look for some momentary comfort. Rhubarb red lips purse as she spies a dear old friend.

"Tickle my bleeding crazy fanny!' she calls out.

"Why you filthy daughter of a shrew! Polly Flanders!" a lusty reply calls back.


"Look who's talking, you crab encrusted twat!" comes a hearty reply as the friends hug in the middle of the street. A cacophony of beeping horns and cussing is heard as the two women greet and part. Ignoring the disgruntled travelers and prospective punters. They move into a dim lane. Even there, there is a distinct din of the trades that are being spruiked on the sidewalk.

The aromatic sensations in the lane, barely make their eyes water. A mixture of stale sex, humanity and rotting fruit and vegetables does not bother the two women. Years of exposure to the smells and sights have only dulled their olfactory sense's.

"So you crazy whore Regina whats the word on the streets?"

Violet eyes regard Polly seriously as Regina begins to talk in a gravely voice.

"Shish Poll, the drugs are still very prevalent and well theres word that Ahab's been frequenting some of the doss house's."

Smiling slyly, Polly raises a penciled eyebrow. "Really, I thought that Osiris had gone to ground."

"Yeah well, that may have been the case, five years ago. However, word has it he's horny and thirsty." mutters Regina as she runs lacquered purple nails through her cropped blond hair. "From the look of your attire it appears you ain't had any for a bit either." Regina looks down at Polly's legs smiling, "I see your sense of humor is still at its best. I like the tights and spiders." she laughs as she licks her lips.

"Yeah well they took my fancy and your right. I've not had the pleasure of feeling some arousal since ...."

Regina interrupts "I know lovey. Maybe I can help?" Her voilet eyes turning lusty.

"Thanks for the offer, but not today." Polly chuckles. "Maybe another time, we can reacquaint ourselves." Polly reaches out to her friend, linking her arm with Regina's . They walk out of the lane, heading north down Trollop street, towards a cafe. "For now lets share a brew and some tales of old and new."

To be continued....
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Quonts Questions of the Week

What’s the most shocking thing I've ever done?

Anemo's response:

Oh well that would have to be sleeping with Canu. Not that it wasn't delightful! The whole tale is there, all you need to do is read it and well it is shocking. Smiles demurely and blushes. Can I lay blame on the God of Lust? Mmm yep....

Creators Response:

Well I had to think on this and well. I have done a few shocking things in my life. Lets see:
* Held down as a teen by three male teens. One flopped his acorn out and wiped it across my face. I bit it and they let me go. (Recently told my aging mother of this event and she hopes that he still retains the scars.)
* Married young for all the wrong reasons....Quont would understand this one.
* Divorced for all the right reasons. Smiles Happily!
* Shaved my beautiful auburn hair off. Protesting at the schools non ability to combat a bad nit problem. Did it work? Yeah sort of. Will I do it again? NEVER!
* Changed vocations....that shocked a lot of people. Gone from wiping bottoms to giving them a little kick in the right direction.

Aah there are just too many....

* Oh I'm just basically a shocking person. Everyone says "Look out here comes red!" But once you get to know me, you find out that 'yes' I often put both feet in my mouth and land on my bottom. But I am a truly faithful soul and am a devoted friend, mother and employee. Among many other things.