Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Quont's Question's

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
To Tell us 3 little known things about yourself.

Well, let me see...Anemo taps her brightly colored nails on the branch she is sitting on. Hmm...My real name was Dury Lane. But maybe you know that already.
I love trinkets!, Oh you know that one!
I'm an air head at times. lol, well thats a given, considering I'm the wind element.
My this is a hard one...I know, my creator and I are nothing alike.
I had an adoptive sister and I too am a orphan or was.

There you go, I gave three. Creator, where are you hiding?

What Anemo? I'm busy working, you know the B&B that keeps this computer running. Oh Qounts asked a question. Oh is it that time of the week again? My time flies.

Three little known things about the creator.
I don't eat dairy or wheat products.
I'm an accessing parent to my older sons. (long story, might write it one day.)
I'm not a natural red head. he he he....

Legends of Mernac
One World...Endless Possibilities

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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Mernacs Disciple Weekly Report FREE fantasy fiction

Characters, Places, Items and sundry,

Below you will find complete listings of references made in tales that can be put before the scribes and either used to establish further tales or Open/Closed Saplings. Listed will also be the original tale from which said items have been found.

Let me say now that I have not performed a search on all of these and as thus do not know if tales have been scribed. However, some I do know and they will not be listed.

As I am not a Goddess yet, I do not ever want to force any scribe to start writing. But I do want to encourage you all too please look at the places available and use those first. Yes it is encouraged by all the Gods, the One, and the Other to create towns and villages. But I’d like to say, scribe the area as well as mentioning it in your tale. Why do I suggest these things? It will assist everyone overall and keep the areas to a reasonable Factual description, but also allowing them to add their own creative flair to the Kingdoms. This also includes other sundry items. If we all as scribes keep a close eye on what we are creating and utilizing what it available, it’ll only further the interconnectedness of LoM.

Tales From The Smoke House – 1
Please see note in weekly report as well as this Open/Closed Sapling ideas.
Attar of roses:
Lord Munstel
Tameera: a character and favorite of Ka'ab al-Ahbar
A silver chain and a black amulet, upon which runes were engraved: Now this sounds like a very interesting article, which could be widely used throughout the LoM, even to the extent of the RPG arena.

Birthday Surprise
Lerish Pendant: green and blue gems embedded in the round pendent.
Cheresh: A term of endearment used in place of ‘Dear One.’
Arvast Sellid's Glorious Night in Lingin: a popular martial theme. I’d so like hear this composed and utilized within LoM.
Boden crickums: Assuming they are an insect.
Jenson Gold Coins: Now there be a wonderful tale to tell, a quest, yes a quest to locate all the coins and house them in the great library.

Healer's Quest Chapters 1 and 2
Letch cakes and prat juice
Corva: a relaxant that appears to be added to Prat juice
Kirev: Guessing it’s the dragon way of counting.
Reglos: a young elf that taught Frostleaf Ogre Imitator
Ogre Imitator: A spell. That is described in the above tale.
elberry tea:
See there are foods and spells used within the tales that have not been scribed for others to utilize.

Journal of Zacharius McDade Entry 1
clora flowers: broken down into sweet smelling stuff that knocks people out.
Draken, Hermit of the Red Woods, is our reluctant guardian
red death
Elven village of Lophoria

Journal of Zacharius McDade Entry 2
Jeardon: a small town near Mount Kiva. Also listed names of several other smaller towns, ie: Opoldan, Green Wood, and Denlo. Apparently near Borgan, Kezia.
Annabel: Zach's sister that he cusses out in entry 1 and praises for teaching him the thought recorder spell.
Valad Crittenton:
Hialek: small town that hold a show in which a small dragon had been captured. Read the tale, its poignant.
Prince Ivan Kelish

Journal of Zacharius McDade Entry 3
Captain Kieroff Lila-son
tawas or mookies: apparently dumb creatures.
Sedrick Jahila-son: cabin boy
Nitalstick: which is basically just a smoothened piece of strong wood, that can be used as a weapon.
kivala sharks
Erik Elli-son
Livik Pila-son
dulag droppings
Tristan and Kiver: Tristan is an elf.
pine ropes

Legends of Mernac
One World...Endless Possibilities

Mernacs Disciple Weekly Report FREE fantasy fiction

Fifth addition to More stray??.

I’ve taken the liberty of posting a note, stating what I do within Mernac. Mission Statement Proofreader Zealots and Spot a Error. Yay or Nay.

My reports are then copied and tagged into the TS&E forum then I pop a copy in my blog and a note is PM’d to TO, as Elsen is on a break.

I would also like to point out that I am compiling a list of help threads and a suggested list of Open/Closed Saplings. The former is also posted in the TS&E at the time of making my reports. The Help thread is an ongoing and I will share it, once notified of a place within the forums of Mernac.

Unless there are major issues with the tale or permissions are not granted. I will PM the scribe with the errors and leave a note within the report stating that some typos were spotted. I will however, remove the stray ?? without notifying the scribe. That is all I will do and no changes will be made to the body of the text. As stated within the Proof reading zealot, I will wait a month or more and if I am not notified, I will then go in a make the changes. I will then proceed to leave a note in the TS&E saying when the changes were made.

Oh, nearly forgot on occasion. I’ll receive a request to read through some parts of Mernac, which I will do. Priorities, these will now fall under that heading. Please do remember I do not have access to all areas. So sometimes Typos, Spellin and Errors need to be fixed the hard way. But please do PM me and I’ll chase up the God or scribe that can fix these.

It also appears that a few of the scribes that had in the past been active on the site are no longer active. I was wondering what will happen with their works that are not completed. Is there anyway of notifying said scribes and if they do not wish to return and complete their tales, opening them for other current scribes to take up the tale.

Now if you’re an interested scribe/writer you may want to take a look at Welcome to the Age of Elsen. Which details exactly what the God Elsen is looking for from scribes within his age.

Let's Talk about the Gods: fixed minor typos. Had to go about this one the hard way, but it is done and report has been forwarded to TO.

Now back to scheduled events such as finishing the Character section and then moving onwards.

Back to Characters:
Races of Light:
Ok, as usual I snuck some of them into the previous post, well half of them anyway. Plus I’m not listing all the headings. I like back linking but not that much. Well it appears I’ve found the end of what is currently listed in the Characters. So now its time to move into

Closed Sapling/s: Curious as to what will happen with these if the original scribes, no longer come onto the site.
A Vow to the Fallen:
The following note is attached to the end of this piece.
From Mernac Admin: This is currently under wrong category. What you need to determine is what Timeline you would like this to be taken place in. What kind of race or creature is this? What Place does this occur? This story really is only a Sapling at this time until these finer details are established.
1st Millennium:
In the Beginning:
More than aware that this arena is reserved for only the Gods/Mothers & Fathers. I feel that a notification needs to be added along the lines of which has already been scribed by Rick in Let's Talk about the Gods.

Moved into The Age of Elsen (0 - Bella 1, 666): But nothing under this heading to report.

The First Disciple:
Rick may want to look at the typos, shown in bold. See below:
Onas Brushstroke is an artisan, scribe, romantic(e)... and the First Disciple of Siberlee. The first of Any Disciple if truth be known. I(t)n these tales you will see a young man grow into and old man... and back again as is dictated by the Trauncha of Siberlle's (Siberlee’s) Discoples (Disciples)

Before the Outcry:
Removed some stray ? in the scribes notes.

Open/Closed Saplings: How about I just note that here, I’ve blown the ? off the page.
Prospective and Current Scribes: there are plenty of Open Saplings that are just dying for their tales to be told. So if your stuck in a block, take a look at what’s on offer. Blew about half a dozen stray ?? from pages, but forgot to snag the links. So your gonna have take my word for it.

Also Rick is asking what we want to see completed. Then theres Mother Terees offer to consider too.

Allessandra Omistsu:
Removed the stray ?. Closed Sapling, placeholder for Frost.

Cascadence Massacre:
Removed a singular stray from scribes notes.

Moved into The Age of Elsen (0 - Bella 1, 666), as I don’t have editing capabilities within The Beginning, however, I did note that there were some minor grammar errors. Such the need for an extra ‘s’ or plural here and there.

: Within this heading you will find a wide range of little things that will over burden the Trolls, minor issues I have taken care of will be listed. If you are a scribe and wanting to assist with writing a tale about one of these Races or other arenas. I suggest that you do a little research and then go for it. Remember to contact the sage of the various arenas or one of his representatives.
Arleas Kaedani:
This has some avenues for open/closed sapling in the place arena.
Greyson Tarlucius:
This has some avenues for open/closed saplings in a variety of arenas.
Place holder for Valorius. You too can find an Open Sapling and request a place holder. Just PM the initial scribe and make the request.
Lucius Deovitus:
This has some avenues for open/closed saplings in a variety of arenas.
Sorcia Valerian:
A reference to birthday instead of season is within this text.

Ok, I’ve moved into the Legends arena:
Tales From The Smoke House – 1 :
Is there anyway that this could be made into two posts? It does have two chapters and I feel warrants the separation of posts. Is Tori B still a contributing member of LoM?
There are also birthday, year, months, smoke (which I feel should be listed as Tiko.), references that do not fit with the current season descriptions within LoM. Also there are opportunities for scribes to create Open Saplings from this piece. See my O/S suggestions post for more detailed information. In my humble opinion there is also an over use of some words. Ie: them.
WIP! Current Ongoing Sagas:
Appears to be a web page and it is noted as a W.I.P. Hoping that it is not one that has dropped to the bottom of a ToDoList.

Moved into The Age of Elsen (0 - Bella 1, 666):

Healer's Quest Chapters 1 and 2
Made a space between the chapters as they appeared to run into each other, achieved through adding two lines, blank of course.

Painting Siberlee:
Fixed some spacing issues. Changed centuries to seasons
In Her Eyes:
Fixed some spacing issues and centered the song. Which I feel should also be added to Items.

You’ll know all the tales I’ve read by the comments that are left behind. I must say there has been a lot of great reads.

I must say that my dictionary is having a fit with all the names…but it helps with the checking and referencing. I’ve noticed that the vagaries of spelling vary greatly with some scribes writing. Ie: Traveling – Travelling. These issues I have not altered as they pertain to the scribes locale.

I’ve also been taking time to write my own tales, as they seem to get lost in the fray of researching, reading, playing in the forums and seeking assistance from other scribes. Those of which I want to thank, whole heartedly for their assistance. As we all know my punctuation is terrible and it seems to take me longer to get anything published. This is primarily due to my own RW commitments and other issues, but I am hanging in there and doing what I can for LoM.

Legends of Mernac
One World...Endless Possibilities