Saturday, 19 May 2007

Mernacs Disciples Weekly Report

Disciple Anemo Eolic’s Weekly Report

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Week of the 15th – 22nd, May 2007.,

Well I’ve been busily tapping away at the keyboard. Do you realize how hard that can be when you’re the Wind Disciple? Seriously, sometimes its like a storm in a teacup and then at others it’s a whirlwind.
Especially with the High Fantasy that is written at FREE fantasy fiction

As you know, I am Proofreading the Book: The Battle for Traddlebow

Not only that, I have also done the following:
Also Elsen, if you’re reading this. Check the TS&E for other smaller pieces that have been looked into. Also assisted with your work,

Dark Elves ***nailed!

Book: The Croth Rebellion***nailed!

Currently the following is a full list of what is available to be read. Beside each you will see the Completed, which should be self explanatory. Meaning my dear breezy self has cast my sansar eyes over the work.

1. The Gates of Traddlebow ***nailed!
2. Walkabout ***nailed!
3. An Ogre in Wolf's Clothing ***nailed!
4. Back to Civilization ***nailed!
5. Quont's Punishment ***nailed!
6. A Day for Challenges ***nailed!
7 - In the Scrying Pool ***nailed!
8 - Glorious Battle
9 - Mystery Dancer
10 - Meeting Moroova
11 - Noble Secrets
12 - Drawing the Bowstring
13 - Not An Orc
14 - Ka-Tel
15 - Hunding History
16 - Waiting For the Outlander
17 - Dream Sailing

Please note that there is more to come with this series! However, please before reading the BFT series may I suggest that you read.

RPG Game Guilds

Then follow that with

D&D, MUD's, & Pen and Paper

Interactive Fiction - Never Ending Story

Then if you’re so inclined. You can become a part of all the action or just write a review on what you have read. Don’t forget that you can also comment on the art within the story as well. Our Artisan’s put a lot of hours, work and effort into their contributions and they too deserve a goodly amount of feedback on their efforts.

Now as you may well know from the forum. I’ve rippled into the threads with a request. This is because I’m admittedly not a tech head and am still in the process of learning to write HTML. I’ve asked for some coding and banner codes. Hopefully, it will be granted and make not only my wafty selves life easier; but that of others as well.

How To: Navigate Chapters in an On-Going Saga
How To: Rate a Story
How To: Rate Art


There is also this option if you’re so pleased with the scribed tomes that you have perused.

How To: Sponsor Stories

Extending a Disciples Welcoming hand to

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Who is the God of Lust’s newest Disciple! Welcome to the Fold and plug up the peep holes that your Master has secretly installed in your new abode.

While you are at it check out the other Gods Blogs! Links are in place within the featured Blog here. Quont's Blog

One World…Endless Possibilities

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Mernacs Disciples Weekly Report FREE fantasy fiction

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Weekly Report to my God!

Dearest Etheral God Elsen,

I'm still firmly entrenched within the tomes of the Battle of TraddleBow. As I am having trouble logging into the site. Please not that The One has been notified and hopefully trying to facilitate a remedy.
Currently I have Chapters 3 - 5 awaiting posting in the forum.

As I will be busy blowing around the western districts in real time for the next four nights. I'll not be able to come onto the site until the wind has settled. Then I will ensure a small squal will riddle Mernac. Hoping that our dear sister the Ethereal Fire disciple, will keep a firey eye out and singe the borders of Mernac; in our absence.

Offline, I've been writing a Policy and Procedure manual and well it has taken me hours to get 16 pages out and there is still a tonne more to be written. I also need to write SOP's for a few sites. (Work, real time) But I will be back as soon as access is repaired.

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Botr/Fi FREE fantasy fiction

Well, I’ve done little this week……Offline life has dictated that it required attention.

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A little outside info. My Father has fallen twice in a matter of three days. The first was on Friday, the day after he saw the specialist. The ambulance attendants popped his hip back in for him. The specialist has given him the news. He can have a cap put over his knofler (Hip) but it will be a Ten to Twelve hour operation and at his age, there are risks associated. He could have a stroke or not come out of it at all.
Scare tactic, that last a whole twenty or so hours!

Then the next one was on Monday, again he snuck out of the house and was potting in the vegie garden. Mum called the ambulance and the attendants again tried to pop the hip back. But to no avail. So it was back to the AE dept and have the Dr’s put him to sleep and manipulate it back into place. We all know he is not listening and we are awaiting word from the specialist as to what can be done.

Oh, Mothers day went really well! I spent the first part of the day sitting in the AE dept of our local hospital. With my second eldest child! He has a hernia in his groin and it is giving him curry!
Got home and slept until 2.30pm, woke to find a beautiful wrought iron shelf in my office/study, a dragon egg lamp (which looks like it has an embryo inside), plus a fibre optic lamp. Not to forget the chocolate biscuits and chocolates!

Now news from Mernac.

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As you all should know the wind disciple is none other than myself. Known as Anemo Eolic, currently working on the proofreading of The Battle of Traddlebow. I'm about five chapters in and yet to post the edit points for the scribes.
From here on in I'll be making a weekly report page. This will enable my God Elsen to see what I have been up to.

I've been writing small bits for different Gods and the wind has been carrying plenty of explicit text to their ears. Only because it appears the The Other got hold of Sibelee's credit card and now some of that silver has lined my own coffers.
Not that I'm complaining.