Tuesday, 13 February 2007


Leaning on a broom
Hand slips
Falls to hip

Gets up
With a hand
Limps inside

Rests inside
Watches activity outside

Held inside
Old age

Limps to door
No one looking
Falls head over tail

Ambulance ride

Hips broken
Knees dislocated
Muscle torn from bone

Confusion reigns

Everyone elses fault
For not watching

Findbotr 13/02/07

I wrote this for my Father. He fell today and the above is how it basically happened. He has Dementia, which has been progressively worsening over the last two weeks. Now with this incident, it will be increase expeditionally. Age, Injury, Medication and an Operation. Just do not go hand in hand when Dementia is factored into the equation.

Monday, 12 February 2007

I'd like to thank and congratulate someone!

http://themaddestman.blogspot.com/ sent me an invite to this site and Gmail. So you all can blame him! :) ;)

This is for James:

The little grenade
he'll soon be a running
he'll soon be exploring

Hide the car keys
You really don't want him drivin

He may sputter
He may spit
But he aint a drip!

The little grenade
will have lots of friends
You'll hear them and feel their marbles

Lying across the floor
legos, matchbox cars,
watch your toes!

Sunflecked weekends
will be his to explore
keeping Mum & Dad at wits ends.

He'll read and you'll be glad
but wait til his Kyles age
and your going to know its not too bad!

Dusk comes
he has grazed
now he's a vaccum bag!

The little grenade
Mad mans son
He'll run amuck

Coiled in loving embrace
when day is done
sighs of relief, not just from Mum.

Findbotr 12/02/07
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Buried deep
muffled by weight
a life of rambling/s

Shining excrement
Heaped in a port
keep forgetting

Close it up
no lights shine
inconsequence of headlines

Recurring carnage
tragedy for Grammar police
slipped punctuation

Processionals of authors
ticker taped
all captured as living

Under a barrage
of professional wind breaking
my sails deflate

Breathing a sigh
when so many better
lie breathless in embarrassment

Siesta, writers block
freedom to write as I wish
quaint customs do jump

Bury the work
Bury it deep
fatal courage

Sipped beneath
souls bruised
egos too

Why can't it all be
and the answers the same

An aching paradox
a wish to be fulfilled
to stand alone

Stand ready
pay it forward
compliment, review

Bury it deep
Bury the work
gone but not forgotten.

Findbotr 12/02/07
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Can you hear & see me?

Reassure yourself
I'm there between the trees,
listen to my ramblings,
hear the babbling brook,
conversing like children,
I think you need a better look!

City streets, laneways, hidden pathways,
Mythical beings surround me,
Go on just take a look.
They're too timid to surface,
But come with treats in hand
you may get a look.

In a flash
be kind to me, comfort me,
Break the news gently,
see the logic cross my brow,
like an evil shadow.
Secular tears flow
with the rains as I take my bow.

Findbotr 12/02/07
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