Saturday, 1 September 2007

Working Diary or RW

Just a wee note stating my apologies for not keeping up with Blogging and LoM duties.
RW has kept me at bay from all things. Chaos has set in and I am extremely busy. There have been post it notes left everywhere for myself and Anemo.

My dad has had 14 falls in the last 3 months. The last being on our fortnightly shopping trip. I was supposed to work that night. Never made it to the shift. Though I did call my employer early enough to have the shift covered. Hubby lost his job the day before and I had brought a new TV, which I regret doing now. The money would have been better saved. I'm working enough hours to maintain our two incomes. But he will need to go back to work as I simply can't maintain this frantic life without falling ill.

I dropped my mob from the roof of a twenty floor I need a new one! Had enough time to run out and get one and a better deal. Now must run to get ready for work and write hubby his list of duties. He likes lists to tick off, as he forgets and sits in front of idiot box all day. Which is fine when I am home and the work is done through nagging. LMAO.

Take care and thanks for dropping by. Luckily this room does not require Anemo's weighted belts. I do apologize for not having made cup cakes and leaving them at the door.