Thursday, 10 January 2008

Rambling thoughts

Its been a long day and I've a funeral to attend in a few hours. My other blog now contains all these types of posts. Well at least the beginnings of these types of personal ramblings out of character styled posts.

It was one of my objectives for this year to keep my RW ramblings from interfering with Anemo's posts. So from today on, postings here will relate directly to Anemo Eolic and The Legends of Mernac, with the additions of any W.I.Ps that I have in progress on this site.

Any and all other posts will be now located in the findbotr3 blog. You are more than welcome to come visit the creator of Anemo Eolic on the other blog and in fact you are encouraged to do so. Especially if you want to try and work how her mind works. However, don't try too hard as she will change the rules and leave you feeling even more dumbfounded than before.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It is always appreciated.

A note to the Mothers and Fathers of Mernac. You all will be mentioned in time on the other blog, just in smaller references as will the disciples. Of course back links will be provided and it would be appreciated if reciprocal links were given.

Now to the next objective. Stop scratching, get some sleep, attend a funeral and hope the church doesn't cave in. Add more tales to this blog, add more chapters to works in progress. Oh the list goes on and on!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Quonts Questions

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
to answer the question below.

Dearest Uncle Quont has asked the first question for the New Year and that has to be
Any resolutions for this New Season on Mernac?

Resolutions dearest Uncle, really! I make a resolution to not make a resolution. Why? Well over the years I've learned that if I make plans they usually go haywire and well even though I have achievements. I try not to make resolutions.

Creators response:

Though like my dearest brother Canu I'd like to give up the tobacco and like Lucia I'd like to gather a few more elementals, though at times that can be hard to do as certain other Gods get there first. Then like Serephina I'd like to get a new computer.
I also resolve to stay away from spiders, only good spider is a dead one in my books.
Also this is not a resolution but a hope. I would like to finish three courses this year and complete at least three novels of varying lengths.
Oh and theres the dropping another dress size or two. Though hubby says not to loose anything off the bust or butt. He likes them rather large! He he wait til I'm done with walking and we'll see if he still prefers a big butt.

Anemo's shared pain.

There's a rustle in the air the scent of lavender is carried on it. A flurry of lace and a jingle of trinkets, can be heard, then suddenly a tenacious bluster of red hair blows around a corner.

Limping into Mernac Anemo lifts her pain ridden face.
'Oh Mothers and Fathers, my dearest scribe has been bitten by a planet dirt spider.'

Anemo plunks herself down, her own leg carries the effects of her creators bite. Slowly she reaches forth and lifts her skirts, baring a white silken thigh, slowly she spreads her legs and turns the left outwards. Just above her knee theres a pinkness that darkens the further the eyes travel, suddenly two large blackish marks the size of a tea cup are revealed, in their center the skin is taunt and creamy. The heat that radiates can be felt by any who hover their hand closer. Some have been known to try making their hand wander higher, but they are soon stopped with a thunderous belly growl and a whine of pain.

'Tis so hard to not scratch, feels like theres little creatures partying under the skin.' Anemo raises her doleful eyes, bags of tiko would be easier to carry than the sleep derived ones she has under her eyes.

'I'm here, with my bells on, but am dreadfully slow. The earthly Drs say twas a whitey that took a bitey. Now the creator has cellulitous, she falls to sleep with all the meds that they have her on. I drifted into planes unknown when she diverted her plans and went to the big white hospital. An IV of antibiotics and fluid they gave, she slept through the groans and I drifted, I thought I was lost and she'd not find me.' Anemo places her left hand over the area, her bright purple talon's making a stark contrast against the livid pink of her skin. Her eyes scan Mernac for some salve to ease her second hand pain.

Her eyes alight on the start of a song, softly she hums as she trails her nails across her blemished skin.

What will you find in the dungeons of Quont?
Why, just about anything that you might want.
Are you hip to the whip? Does the flail bring you joy?
Is your preference a lassie or is it a boy?
And I hear that there's many a marvelous toy
In the dungeons of Quont
In the dungeons of Quont

Prettily she wiggles her fingers and adds a tad to the tune:

Succubi are there to attend to your desires and theres
No need to be wary, they aint no fairies.
Traesha she lures with her guiles
Lanesha has an alluring smile, behind the teeth theres tongues
that procure the deepest desires.
Forever young are their bodies
But their minds, there you need to be wary.

What will you find in the dungeons of Quont?
Why, just about anything that you might want.
Are you hip to the whip? Does the flail bring you joy?
Is your preference a lassie or is it a boy?
And I hear that there's many a marvelous toy
In the dungeons of Quont
In the dungeons of Quont

Anemo lies back drifting with the pain as a billowing cloud lifts and carries her into sweet slumber, slowly she sits up and says my replies to the weekly questions will be along shortly.
Oh and the creator has a place of her own now to vent in. So if you want to keep up with the RW of Findbotr follow the links provided.