Thursday, 11 October 2007

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Disciple Report

Third addition to More stray??

As a part of my Disciple duties, I/Anemo provides the peepers for proofreading and removal of residual ??, from the sites crash last year. Some aspects I just do not have the capacity to fix and others I do.
Any tale that requires a little more 1:1 attention I’ll send a PM to the scribe. Then post it in the relevant forum, making a brief note here in my report.

What I’d like to see is that scribes take note of what they are creating during the inspiring writing and ensure that they try and make a Open Sapling or they please drop a note here. Though I think this thread should be moved to Anthology of names. Following the way that is set out in the first post. What do you think? Is this something that can be brought up and discussed at the Gods meetings?

Back to Characters:
Races of the dark:
Not listing all the headings. I like back linking but not that much.

Mirg's Story. Riddled with those strays that have been chased hopefully into oblivion. Just a couple of small typos that were fixed, for that was all they were, finger slips.
The Mothers and Fathers
Barak. Removed stray ?? from scribes notes and fixed some very minor spelling errors.
Picu. Removed the ?? from within the scribes notes.
Linthur. Removed the ?? from within the scribes notes.
Tul. Removed the ?? from within the scribes notes.
Casca Swequet. Removed the ?? from within the scribes notes.
Farli Redboots. Removed the ?? from with the scribes notes and one from the sapling hints.

Also want to add that I am reading all the tales. One checking for typos and two to try and assist myself with learning to write in the various arena’s. Learning by example of the ‘elite’ of LoM. Below you will find a list of what I have read and hopefully commented upon.
Reading recorded list: Most of these can be accessed through the recent comments on the left side bar. I’ve not listed them here as there are far too many.

Open Saplings:

Artara Qualtynn. Listed as a branch, but has the Open Sapling postings at the bottom of the page. Also was plagued with those ??, all removed. Also some very minor typos were corrected and the minor revision button was hit. Allowing the scribe to come back and restore to original. If they do please note that the ?? may return as well. Is the scribe still a contributing member of the site? Also the M-conn may require looking at, as when I hit Races of the dark. Nothing came up.
Ol' One Foot. Removed the ?? from scribes notes.
Yuri Sorefoot. Removed the ?? from scribes notes.
Shadowmane, Bane of the Light. Removed the ?? from scribes notes.

Miscellaneous: Within this heading you will find a wide range of little things that will over burden the Trolls. If you are a scribe and wanting to assist with writing a tale about one of these Races of the dark. I suggest that you do a little research and then go for it. Remember to contact the sage of the creatures or one of his representatives.

Second Banner Test. Another one that should be removed, trolls you may want to look at Acquill as it is missing the description and appropriate banner/s.

Dabbat: Requires some tales be scribed and a general idea of what they look like. A banner type image would be of advantage here.

Halfthings. Was it meant to read as Halflings? This could also do with a brief description. Also scribes, there is a need for some tales here.

Wookalar. This could do with a brief description of the race and also scribes there is a need for tales to fill this section.
Roadius 1
Roadius 2 Both of these are the same. One is the original sapling and the other is the newer character sketch.

Disciples of Quont. Can I ask why the other Mothers and Fathers do not have similar sub headings for their Disciples?

Nitalia Ristler. Attempted to remove the ?? from within the scribes notes, but found the edit button was lacking.

You know what has been great with all this reading. It is providing fodder for my thoughts and prospective tales. In going through each section as I am, there are plenty of opportunities for the furthering of the tales. Given that scribes wish to utilize some of their creations and establish some Open Saplings. It should also be said that many scribes should read more of the tales and use said information in their researching of their own prospective tales.

Also I’ve noticed that some of the texts/fonts used are smaller, this could prove to be a strain on some prospective readers eyes. Also the length of some of the tales, not everyone likes to read huge bodies of text. I know I’m a culprit for the exact thing. There is a generalized word count list about somewhere, I’m sure of it.

Disciple Report

Stray ??

Just had to go through the inbox to find the PM’s that other members of LoM had sent to me. It appears I’d only missed a couple of PM’s and they have now been fixed and authors have been notified.

The Phantom Glade
Hram Zuul: Is this person still a participating member?
Meeting Xandalen Darkthorne

Finding Your Soul. Funny it only had one in the scribe notes.

Now I can start working my way through the various arenas:

Just want to add that at times there are some, test saplings for blank submission, in place and in my view these should be deleted after a given amount of time. Why? For the overall, appearance of the site. Yes, we know the pages have those small Trolls visiting and running amok. But are they really required for a extended length of time?

Warryn Darkstar. Removed stray ?? from scribe notes.
Snow Beast. A single stray ?.
Holik. Just the strays in the Scribe notes at the bottom of the page.
Frostkiss. Singular ? in the notes.

Also want to add that I am reading all the tales. One checking for typos and two to try and assist myself with learning to write in the various arena’s. Learning by example of the ‘elite’ of LoM. Below you will find a list of what I have read and hopefully commented upon.
Reading recorded list:

Estenfall - The Burning Shadow. Scribe: Finister.
As I had read this long ago, before I became a Disciple the comments list the grammatical errors. These types of comment post should also be removed as they are not conducive to the site. Also I was new back then and had not taken into account the PM facility offered by the site.


Drake Blackmist. Another excellent example of writing a character story. Anemo recommends that prospective scribes read this and some of the others that will be listed, in a visual learning context. If not PM the God/scribe and they will assist where they can.

Open saplings:

How The Lost One Became An Initiate Of The Crones House
Again way back when, I was posting comments with the errors displayed. If there is a way for the Trolls to fix these type of comment posts. I strongly suggest that they do. Also is Lady Wrinkles
still a contributing member of the site?
Igruss Cliffwalker. Comes up as a blank post! Yet there must have been some text there as I made a comment way back when. Again is Tori B
still a contributing member of the site? She is listed as the Goddess Witriss as well.

Minor revision:

Semajj Retius - The Master Bard of Cathall. Fixed some spacing issues. Nothing else required attention. M-con may need looking at here however.
Pyroglyph. Fixed one tiny typo. For that was all it was at the very beginning of the tale. The ‘o’ was dropped from ‘Pyroglyph’.


Aadi. I’ve noted this one before it is bookmarked for Cathy f. Once again I ask, is this member still contributing to the site? If not I feel a sapling needs to be scribed and left open for another scribe to take on board.
Gollivag. This is missing the scribes notes at the bottom of the page and the description of what an Open Sapling is.
Darkwind. May require updating with the Mernacian measurements.

Ok, so a lot of these are Open Saplings, with those now eradicated ??. But it shows that even though I had missed some time of my Disciple duties. I am trying to make it up and whoa that was a lot of reading.

Quonts Question of the Week.

Myspace Codes

Question for week 13.

Who do you miss?

Anemo's response:

I did not have to think on this much. The answer is my family and friends at the Legends of Mernac. Yes, Mothers and Fathers included. Why? Well that would be because of my creator. But we don't want to go down that path. You can read most of that within this blog, anyway.
I miss Elsen and our very rare chatter. You know we cannot get in close proximity as we harm each other. But its nice to have a little conversation at times and we need to keep the lines communication open. My little fire starter and sister. I've missed her sneaking up and putting a fire under my butt or just setting my skirts alight for the heck of it. Traesha even though she is a man-eater and has a evil minion of a cat. That I do enjoy teasing with mice and goldfish, I've missed our little banters and teasing. I'll have to tell her eventually that her dear little minion left some rather smelly surprises in here and he really should be given a scratching pole. Seriously, you should see how many pairs of my stockings he has shredded, not forgetting the raking claw marks in my sparse furnishings.
Freelancer, Canu, midnight, oh heck all the characters of Mernac. Hoping that the creator will eventually allow me to play, tease and wreck havoc.
Myspace Codes

Creators response:

Hush Anemo, you know real life has been intervening and well a writer cannot survive without supplementing their income. As to whom I miss, like Anemo all the members of the Legends of Mernac. I miss seeing my Mum (when I was not so busy, I used to go up every Fortnight and we would have a Girls Day Out. Even if we had to take grumble bum with us.) I miss my womens circle of friends, (Though I've spoken to them on the phone. Its just not the same as sitting in the backyard and having a cuppa and a natter.) But most of all, I miss my sons. They bring the biggest smiles out in me and even though they do not admit it. They love the spontaneous cuddles and pecks on the cheek.
I've missed so much of their growing up. But I know that I have had some influence on them both. Through their actions and gaining employment. Its like that Cat Stevens song....sighs and smiles.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Disciple Report

Very delayed Report on Disciple Duties.

First I want to show that I have bumped the Yay or Nay thread up; so as to enable other members to give their permissions.

Minor revisions have been made to the following posts and they have been marked as solved. Scribes please note that you can return the work to its original state if you wish. No punctuation has been corrected.

BFT 15
BFT 13
BFT 16 Scribe already performed the revision.
Roadius: Scribe has already performed the revision.
Shemptwiddle. See forum notes.
BFT 16
The Mothers & Fathers

Please see the forum post for confirmation of completed duties.

Now Anemo will go on the hunt for more of the pesky little ?? and hopefully that little gnome won't show up.

Creator falls

G'day, I've been lax again. (Excuse me as I wince.....)

I was attempting to pull a bleeding milk thistle out of the garden. Bloody thing was taller than me! (5'7)
Guess what? I fell and have pulled the muscles on my left leg, rear of the thigh (Butt cheek) to my ankle. It feels like a permanent cramp and OMG it hurts! Plus I think I pulled a muscle in my groin. (Sympathies to anyone who has experienced this type of pain.) Its tuber root was massive. Yeah it came out of the ground as I fell.
This all happened on Sunday, so far my only day off too.

Forever the trooper (or idiot) I still went to work on the Monday. Foot patrol, was really slow and I felt like I had a target painted on me saying 'Pick on Red, she can't chase you.'
Seriously, not a good feeling.

However, disabled I still managed to call the police after some teens were smart mouthing and racing at me with their bikes. 'Go on bash him' they were calling out.

Never in my life have I raised my hand or fist to a child, no matter their age and plus this billy goats were not worth it.

What surprised me was how quickly the police responded. Instead of the usual 45 min + wait they were there within 5. Even tracking me down to ask me about the incident.

Let me just say there are two groups that give us curry. One are just verbal and we can deal with that easily. The other well....they have been known to chase pregnant women and attempt to beat them up, they put a star stake through another child's eye, they do run through's of peoples private residences, just to name a few. Now we are not as bad yet as a American counter parts, (Thanks the stars for that.) But it appears it may get that way eventually. Hopefully I'll have left foot patrols completely by then. Though I only do those on the odd occasion now and usually because I can't say NO to my employer.

So you see some of this teens do scare me at the very least. I may be trained and all, but I still cannot lay a unprovoked hand on them and certainly not when I am the only lone officer on site. (Enough whining there, my leg hurts.)

Tomorrow I have the day off....I am not answering the phone Land line and the mobile only after reading the number of the caller. Why? My leg and I want to devote some time to the Legends of Mernac. I have been a bad disciple of Elsens and need to finish the proofreading and other little jobs. Even if I don't get them all done. I need to make the attempt.
Plus I want to write some for myself. Actually, transcribe my spider scratches into legible sentences and paragraphs and hopefully get a tale or two out of them.

Also Anemo has been rattling about at a loss and she wants to go play in the Legends a bit. So I guess I had better let her run amok, I wonder if Canu will tease her into playing or whether Vickie will set her skirts alight. Traesha, now there is a soulless one that is hard to gauge. Anemo wonders what she's been up to and whom she may have devoured, she is after all a man eater.

I certainly hope the swelling eases. I go back onto Mobile Patrol on Thurs, but it still means getting in and out of the vehicle at regular intervals. Can't afford the time off, but might have to if it exacerbates the injury. Its a pain really as the boss (Evil homer, I call him at the moment.) has just brought a new car for me to drive. I so want to test it out...not thrash it, honestly!

Ok enough of my fall...and I hate whining.

Hi to all my new friends at Blogger! Waves and winces. You guys and Gals have some great blogs and I thank you all for joining my friends and neighbors lists. Do check out the other Gods and disciples blogs. We are all a friendly bunch at the Legends of Mernac. Join too, new writers are always welcome and so are readers for that matter.

Ouch....You know its hard when you have a hurt and you forget it for a moment and go and move. I wonder is it supposed to feel numb? Ok, I'm done. Going to read some blogs...Found a good one, with some good poetry. Plugged ya Dan!
Oh not forgetting the groups, check them out in my blogcatalog.

Limps off into the darkness..."Of course I have a maglite....its my penis envy!"