Friday, 4 January 2008

RW waylays

Well its better late than never. Which has become a catch phrase for me of late. I should be that rabbit from Alice in Wonderland...

'I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!'

It seems every-time I make plans they either get waylaid or I end up running late. Now believe me I leave early enough most of these important issues that have arisen in my immediate life, but it feels like something is conspiring against me or with me. LOL

But I am learning to deal with them. Either by shrugging my shoulders or screaming silent cussing into the air. Take my having fallen two weeks ago in the blinding rain. Tore the ligaments in my right wrist. Not by a half measure either. Anyway the day we went to the Drs the car decided it was going to die or I should say the alternator did. Then hubby locked the keys into the vehicle. Reliable me, I called the RACV, then my cousin and off we went. Leaving hubby to deal with the car.

Drs say I'm not allowed to drive! What! Alright deal with it. Train hubby to do the patrol and then I can nap with the excuse of it being the pain killers fault. Hubby is a dawdler, really. Every shift we are late. Not by a few minutes, no. By at least 15 to .5 of an hour. Yes we make the time up, but it goes against everything that I've been taught about being punctual. As I'm not allowed to drive I hold my tongue, but keep looking at my watch. He gets the hint! lol

Well it looks like I'll be unable to drive for at least another one to two weeks. Which drives me crazy. Its the loss of the independence and having to rely on others to get off their rears and help me keep appointments. Oh and its not only the driving, I can open a damn bottle of drink and its takes my family upto an hour to realize that I might be thirsty! I know I should speak up, I do now. I've had enough, I want the use back of my wrist. Though it was beneficial the other day, all the lads in the house had no choice but to assist with the house work and ordering around.

We were having visitors and I wanted the house to look respectful and not a haven for piglets. It even smells better, they all learned that by opening windows, unsightly smells dissipate and if they find all their dirty socks, it eliminates even more scents. Oh and if you wash the dishes, there will always be clean ones in the cupboard. Harsh nah! One day they'll thank me for being the Grumpy Bitch with the stubborn streak. If they don't their prospective partners will.

Anyway, as you've probably read Mums home and dad is driving her crazy. All his good intentions have gone out the window and washed down the gully. We spent half the day with them yesterday. Blue drove and I had white knuckle grips on my wrist splint, some of the time. Seriously Blue your a good driver, just watch the road and not the eye candy strolling down the sidewalk.

Where was I? Oh yeah Dad. Oh lord was he a grump and I told him he was being rude, and nasty and that he could blinking stay in the car. He soon shut up. Though when I tried the same tact back at their home he gave that look of your my child do not speak to me that way or I clout you across the ear hole. I shook my head and walked away. Ultimately it was Mums decision to go back into the house. He did a good job in making her believe that he would change and now its back to the waiting game. Though he doesn't like it that I've got control over Mums affairs and that when the bills come in I only pay her half and the rest is left for him.

You see, she's always paid for everything. I mean everything and he spent his money on BS stuff that he wanted. He saved a little and contributed a little but not in the same way as Mum did. Dad should have been a politician or a conman really. He's peeved majorly now. Trying to say that the bills aren't being paid. But I've shown Mum the receipts and him. Though he tried to get me to leave them, names billy not silly. I kept them, I need them to prove that I'm not spending her money or myself.

Mums concerned that he'll fall. I say let him and call an ambulance. I know its cold hearted, but its the only way the authorities will take any notice. Once he's had x amount of falls, he becomes listed on the falls register and when they become excessive. Then we can over ride his choice to a certain extent and have him placed into hostel. Hence the waiting, just have to hope its not her that falls.

Anyway, I've added most of my blogging friends to Technorati and am looking into creating another blog, just for the RW entries and my views. This one was meant to be Anemos, when it happens all these posts will be moved over and the blog here will go back to bing Anemos tales and her friends.

Many thanks goes out to all of you who have dropped by and kept up to date with my limitations of the past two months. Hoping that once the wrist is healed then everything will go back to the normal routine. But I don't want to go making too many plans, just in case. I'll take everyday as it comes for the time being and be grateful for those small mercy's.