Thursday, 25 October 2012

Have decided that since LOM is now defunct!

I will hide all those posts. To much good writing to delete and too many dead links to try and remove. So if you do come across a link that is "DECEASED", do not notify me. I know!! Currently trying to decide what to do with this blog now, like many others it will change in form. However, I really like the Banner and will keep that in place. Anemo is still a funny character, that given more time I would like to stretch out and see where she travels. After all she is the wind! On differing occasions you will find that I write a lot of gobbly gook, only cause I can and it is my Blog to do with as I see fit or please. Hence the Ramblings label! I will occasionally write about or show off other Blogs links, whether they be through this form of social media or through Facebook or some other aspect. There will be moments that I share tales of Fact, but will leave you wondering and digesting whether they are actually fiction. I will share my distorted view of the world through Poetry and Humor and any other means that I see fit!