Thursday, 21 February 2008

Anemo settles into her blog.

Apologies, Links are dead. No fancy stuff today. I've been following that Goddess around, yeah spying on her. You know she erks me and that gnome of hers. I'd love to get hold her one day and show her that the dark side is not a place that you want to play in, just when the mood strikes.

I hear through the poll here that some of you would like to see exactly something like that happen. Do you really believe that the Goddess Canola will fight me like some common tavern wench? Yeah I'm a tavern wench and proud of that fact. Well I'll let you in on a secret. We are going to come to blows, but I've just got to bide my time and wait for her to be a little weaker. She is after all a Goddess and well, she could very well steal my Ga and that I do not want.

Though she teases me mercilessly with her sing song voice. She calls me a Pretty...I like that but not the way she makes it sound. I wonder if Elsen will get upset that I may take the Goddess of Music and Dance down a peg or two. Do you think Uncle Q would love to watch and the other Fathers? I could make a few mernals if I could just work out exactly when it would happen. You know tickets to the showdown.

I'll just have make sure that gnome is out of the picture, he fights dirty and well is a slippery character. He's really got the wool pulled over everyones eyes.

Your aware she has her character sketch written and the start to her Saga, even some chapters have been scribed. Ah excuse me....creator...I was here first!

Settle Anemo, your tale will be told and all the better for the waiting. Patience Little Wind, patience.

'Alright, I'll wait but I won't stop grumbling and you can't make me!'

Now I have to say that Canola's, 'ahem' friend Roadius posted a little instructional in the forums that had me chasing the creators kittens, just to see if it worked. You it does! Just mind the claws and don't let Bane know that I did it, He'll certainly come after me and I'd have to restock the goldfish pond, just to bribe him away from my legs. Speaking of friends, Canu has been a gem and I just want to catch him and give him a great polishing, but I hear he and To jumped a hurdle and missed. Too bad, they both now have large lumps in their throats! PMSL...

Oh and I've been so naughty that Uncle Q is surely going smack me, I've neglected the blogging question of the week. So I'll take the chance now to answer it.

What do you normally have for breakfast?

A nice long black with tight buns.....smiles brightly. Sugar coated and with buttered walnuts...mmmm. Seriously, I have a long black coffee and a danish...mmm...pastry. Only because I have share with the creator. Then she takes us all to the gym and we work it off, Uncle can't we work it off in your GYM?

Most days, and yes I say days as we do not do about being a biatch...don't wake the creator early...ah no siree...not a good sight.

We have a black coffee, either a danish or some toast with chicken or ham, usually accompanied by some aeoli and a nice dark blood plum, or a handful of fresh fruit. Now before you ask, the creator looks like a lettuce leaf, you know the designer type. lol, She eats salads for lunch and with her evening meals, oh before she eats she downs a huge glass of water. Then she'll eat what she has had the fancy to create , sometimes its fish, or red meat. Other times it'll be a bowl of veg or pasta. You know she hates biscuits, won't buy them at all and no candies or chips. So very unfair! But very healthy, smiles as realizes Creator is watching.

Anyway thats the response from the three of us...ah four...Creator/Anemo/Gnome/Canola...she has us all on a diet. Now if you had have asked what our dream breakfast would be? Or even dinner...Then maybe a better reply would have been forth coming.

Now did you ever wonder what a Starg was? Well To has supplied the answer. You know I travel stargs...just to kick Canola's butt.