Saturday, 2 February 2008

Join the Site Design Team!

The streets of Mernac are bustling with activity pending the upcoming Subscriptions program on the site. The writers have their quills blazing across the parchment, the artists are at their easels and our musicians are tuning their instruments. Everyone is getting ready for "S" day, including our site design team.

Our league of extraordinary programmers, designers and developers are looking for a few good men - or women, elves, sprites, or even dwarves. Experience in Xoops, other CMS programs or other open-source programs is a huge plus.

Not only do you get the wonderful feeling of putting together this wonderful site, but also thousands of people look at it - your work - each month. We are also looking into other ways of compensating our design team.

So if you are interested in developing Mernac with us, please email me (linthur @

Composers Wanted!

Stories are intriguing, and pictures are beautiful, but they are ever so much nicer with music to complement them.

Legends of Mernac is seeking composers of original music in the Fantasy/New Age/Ambient vein. Compositions will serve as background music/soundtracks for the stories and images to be found throughout the site.

Why should you participate?

Financial rewards are possible: This Web site will be going on a subscription basis sometime in the Spring of 2008. There is the possibility of financial recompense for content creators when that happens.

Your music will be heard by new and growing audiences; it's a great way to build up a fan base.

Your rights protected: You retain full rights to your works, and Legends of Mernac will see that those rights are respected.

If interested:
Join Mernac and p-m me, or email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Quonts Questions

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
to answer the question below.

Whats something that we will never hear your character say?

"It wasn't me!"
"I dislike Canu!"
"I love Canola."
"I can create art."
"I love gnomes."

Oh theres a lot that I, Anemo would not say. But say it I might one day.

Míränor 101

Sorcia is playing catchup and I'm keeping up so here is what we have this week.

In Míränor, if we want to show that someone is an inhabitant of some place (-ian, -an, -ese), we add the suffix -itaar.



If we want to weaken the meaning of a word, or denote little, or small amount, we add the suffix -ilos.

- few hours
khaezoukilos - few inches

If we want to do the opposite and strengthen the meaning or denote much or a great amount, we add the suffix -enen.

- very dark
uuthenen - very hot

Monday, 28 January 2008

Míränor 101

Looks like the Master Bard Canubaraksson has created a variation on the theme for The Legends of Mernacs language. So lets just take a look at what he has to teach.

Today let's begin looking at dress.

The word "waz" denotes an article of clothing or simply put, a garment.

what garment = zhen waz

Answers to what garment?:

this garment = eth waz

that garment = aan waz

some garment = phes waz

no garment/naked = os waz

every garment = mir waz

And what do you give to the Mernacian who has "mir waz"? A laundress.

oooh...Headmistress..I didn't see you come in...

Here's one off the top of my head, so to speak. The word "nouth" denotes a hat or cap.

what hat? = zhen nouth?

Answers to what hat?:

this hat = eth nouth

that hat = aan nouth

some hat = phes nouth

no hat = os nouth

every hat = mir nouth

And how do you refer to a Mernacian rancher who is big on talk, little on action?

Mir nouth, os hraenae.
All hat, no cattle.

How about looking at some affixes for changing the meaning of a root word? Okay, here we go...

If you want to make a word negative or opposite, like we do in English by adding on the prefix un-, in our One Tongue language we add the prefix os-.

ezhazh - happy
osezhazh - unhappy

- invite
osokhoukhä - uninvite

- necessary
oshrephiz - unnecessary

= merciful?
osaalesiraal = merciless?

I believe merciless would be aalesulos. But you can say unmerciful: osaalesiraal

aales (mercy) + suffix -ulos, meaning -less.

So while we're on that then, if we want to add lack to a root word, we use the suffix -ulos (-less).
If we want to add surfeit to a root word, we use the suffix -iraal (-ful).

Kir ukhoiwä ezhazhios.
I serve gladly.

Alright we are caught up here.

Canubaraksson VII. Incredible! FREE fantasy fiction
is the Balladeer and Poet of LoM.
Here we are again, the man just does not know how to stop. Do we want him to cease and desist? Of course not! Bloody Tumba Guts the Fathers would do some really unmentionable things to me if I did. But then again so would the Mothers for that matter. I really don't think this Elemental would enjoy that at all. So without further ado, I am going to expose you to more of Canu...he he I rhymed without trying.

Actually, I believe drunken Dwarvish and and Rick-itis possess many startling similarities. As to the matter of dungeons, I am thinking I ought to compose a song about that.

Note: Rick-itis is a Mernacian ailment and we all suffer from this disorder from time to time. Some of us admit it more readily than others.

But on second thought, this seems to scan rather nicely:

The Dungeons of Quont
A (hopefully) collaborative effort

What will you find in the dungeons of Quont?
Why, just about anything that you might want.
Are you hip to the whip? Does the flail bring you joy?
Is your preference a lassie or is it a boy?
And I hear that there's many a marvelous toy
In the dungeons of Quont
In the dungeons of Quont

Okay, there's a start...anybody else want to play?

Isn't that the one where they rubber-band their little legs together?

Hee, hee, hee
Such a sight to see
I beg you, dear uncle
Don't use it on me

A break in the regular scheduling, I found some of the Bards music, so why not share!
Click on the Music button below the image, a new window opens showing a link to the tune; clicking that link opens a player instance which plays the piece. He's done this with a number of images and they all play.

The Bard's Sacrifice

I have writ a lovely tune
That shines more brightly than the moon;
Stirs the blood most ennervating,
Melodic and intoxicating.

When that certain tune was played
Many Mothers stopped and stayed.
Most unwisely, I do fear,
For I'd a wicker cage right near.

Father, whom I hold most dear,
Come and look: see here, see here!
Your melancholy's sure to lift
When you receive this precious gift.

To the Dark Lord Barak, I, Canu Baraksson present:

The Mother of His Choice!

May it find favor in your eyes.

Your dutiful son,


A query for Anemo:

If human form was sacrificed
So long ago as so you say,
How is it that thy legs did not
With thy sweet body fade away?

Pray pardon me if I be dense,
And trust that I mean no offense.

Ok so I forgot to add a couple of links, but believe me they are in the forums. Your just going to have to look for them if you want the originals. :-)

For My Uncle, Much Beloved

Most every night each week it's been my wont to go
Seeking solace at the Traddlebow Arms,
I quaff a cup or six among the friends I know
And pay court to all the ladies for their charms.

One night each week for uncle these pleasures I'll forego,
Though it grieve my throat (and certainly my phallus).
I'll spend that time a-singing every bawdy song I know,
Entertaining at the Marble Palace.

What you really want, uncle, is a combination deal...knobs in the shapes of pussies. Pulling open your cabinets and drawers with little kitty heads.

I shall go away from here,
A finger planted in each ear,
And come back when the coast is clear.
There's just too much I should not hear.

not listening....not listening...not listening...

I'll find a good vampyre if I've good luck.
The legends all say that good vampyres suck.
If that be the truth, then does it not follow
That better vampyres invariably swallow?

There once was a nice little Mother
Who wished she could be like The Other
Though she knew that she should
Do the things that were good
She aspired to sleep with her brother

Time I think for a wee bit of clarification. The Mothers and Fathers of Mernac are Sisters and Brothers, but not of the same blood.

A toast:
Here's to the pretenders
Who tackle their genders
And try to subvert them to something they're not.
She's got more of balls
Than the guys down the hall,
While he as a she is most wonderfully hot.

Monument Musings
All manner of original tombstone content, at reasonable prices

My arms are suited to the playing of instruments, not the administering of punishments. I pray you, wreak vengeance on the vile Troll who causes me such distress.

I laughed so hard with the following when it was posted and am now glad that Canu has popped it into his blog. I can do the same.

The God Blob cometh
And cometh right soon
Bubbling like the contents
Of an old spittoon

This is Canu Baraksson for Rick-itis. You know, friends, a lot of people suffer from this dread ailment, people that you may pass on the street every day. Yes, they look as though they've got it all together...suave, sophisticated, even handsome...yet they can't string two words together to save their souls. Your generous donations now could make all the difference. Please...give till it hurts. Send your pledge now to:

The Rick-itis Foundation
c/o Canu Baraksson
The Dark Hall of Barak
Mernac Underworld

Well he has to try and make some sort of money!

I fancy each Mother
Will shortly discover
The Other's disciples
Will thwart such attempts
They may be quite clever
But surely they'll never
Successfully manage
To gain the ascent

Me and you and a god named Bu
Scrabblin' and a-grabbin' in the sand
Me and you and a god named Bu
He's so deadly, but oh, what a man

I steal thy soul with melody.
I sing thee straightways home,
So there let thee now wend thy way,
Thou aggravating gnome.
No power hast thou to chase nor kiss
As music 'round thee slips.
If thee should'st try yon trick again,
Thee's like to lose thy lips!

Right. That should scuttle the little bugger.

On Australia Day I'm afraid I must say
That the winsome wallabies wandered away
Hopped from the outback and down to the bay
Dressed in their best frocks and ribbons so gay
And took ship for the port of Mandalay
We all waved our kerchiefs and begged them to stay
But it seems that they wanted a new place to play
And our tears will be falling for many a day
As for their return we all pray
As for their return we all pray

Down Under is a land that is extremely far away
I'd hop astride the Pegasus and fly with him all day
Until we reached that far off land, that homeplace that is thine
And humbly kneel down at your feet and take your hand in mine
And press upon that lovely hand a very grateful kiss
To thank you most sincerely for all that you've done with this

Thank-you Canu! We can only wish!

You know I think I caught up with the Balladeer and what a way to end this page but from a place on the Planet Dirt that I hold very dear. Now Canu, its up to you. Make copies and put them onsite, I'll try to do the same, with keeping records here.

I hope you all have enjoyed the journey, from start to end, our Bard and Balladeer is a treasured find and one that we all hold very dear. Keep us smiling with yer rhyming and we all will soon be having some great timin. Ok, so I'm not as god as the Master....chuckles. Now I wonder whats been happening with our Míränor language. Then I'd better set myself to some of the Disciple duties and check out what Canola and her pet gnome are doing. See Ya all on the next page.

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