Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Quonts Questions

Asks the Mernacian FREE fantasy fiction
Anemo Eolic
to answer the question below.

Where is the wildest place you’ve ever had sex?

Anemo's reply: Oh seriously come on you don't want to really know the answer to that one. Well if you really must know! Just about every tavern in Mispoint, ranging from Behind the bar to the stables. Though once we nearly fell into the fire and another time into a pot in the kitchens.
These were of course when when I was my former self. Dury Lane. Theres a belt of mine somewhere in a glass case in Mispoint. Lyleth had it made for me, just to keep my legs closed. But hey if you knew a good lock pick, there was always a way.

In my current state, well how does the wind have sex? I've not worked that out yet. Though I have observed millions of Mernacians. Oh alright I tell lie, I do still have sex, but only once really with another disciple. But hang on we were mortal during that time.

Creators reply: Ok, the car was one place. We were sort of half in and half out of the vehicle on a rather busy lookout. It was the dead of night, but if I recall two other cars arrived with exactly the same intentions as we did.
Then there was the train, that was a bumpy ride. In a lake that was fun and very slippery, it kept the heat down too.
As Siberlee stated in one of her comments have sex with your loved one is great. But when its the initial Lust, then its a whole heap better.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Míränor 101

Ok, well we are pretty much up to date with the Language now known as Miränor. This page will undoubtedly be edited and added to over the coming week. Then I might let it lapse for a little while and make a huge hit as I have done here. It fills a little of my Disciple duties that I have been neglectful of...Hey Creator off with you this is my blog now, so stop prattling on and get on with showing the language of Mernac, "The One Tongue".

place = doren
If you want to ask where? In Míränor you have to say "what place", and so...
where = zhen dorenAnswers to where?:
here / this place = eth doren
there / that place = aan doren
somewhere / some place = phes doren
nowhere / no place = os doren
everywhere / every place = mir doren

Ooh look at that! And so you know how the gods came up with the name for the heavens, Mirdoren, meaning to them: All Place.

I think we did cover this one earlier in our lessons, but there is no harm in going back over it all. Happy learning another language, even if it is a made up one.

Ok we have more within the thread so here is what has been covered.

Aan doren llaekä Phish Yzhoul Barako = There lives/dwells the Dark House of Barak.

Doren kir llaekä sä Yzhoul Phish Barako. = The place I live is Barak's Dark Hall.

WHEN? = zhen telor?
Now = eth telor
Then = aan telor
Sometime = phes telor
Never = os telor
Always = mir telor

Mir telor kir souzä aetyzhy aek i vithy aekenen.
= I always keep friends close and enemies closer.

WHO? = zhen kiren?
this person = eth kiren
that person = aan kiren
someone = phes kiren
no one = os kiren
everyone = mir kiren

Way in Míränor is kel.
So HOW? = zhen kel?
this way/like this/thus = eth kel
that way/like that/hence = aan kel
somehow = phes kel
no way/not possible = os kel
every way/all possible = mir kel

Mir tor i mir kel, kaarokirae abällorä Míränori. = Every day and every way, we are learning Míränor.

Today let's begin looking at dress.

The word "waz" denotes an article of clothing or simply put, a garment.

what garment = zhen waz

Answers to what garment?:

this garment = eth waz

that garment = aan waz

some garment = phes waz

no garment/naked = os waz

every garment = mir waz

And what do you give to the Mernacian who has "mir waz"? A laundress.

oooh...Headmistress..I didn't see you come in...This was courtesy of Canu.

Zhen saeth kitho? = Where's today's word?

Reason = nen, so...

WHY? = zhen nen?

this reason/because = eth nen

that reason/because = aan nen

some reason/ I don't know = phes nen

no reason/doesn't matter/never mind = os nen

all reasons (not sure how to translate this one into English actually! lol) = mir nen

Then there's as Father Quont would say...

Hlour kir kynuä eth kel!

(Because I said so!) lol

Kir vophä rokisi eshazhios mir telor. Zhen nen? Hwelä aan nen...

I await you gladly always. Why? Just because...

Well I think thats pretty much caught up with. I hope you all are practicing!

Míränor 101

As per the norm, a review of what was learned. Minus of course the Cussing!

Kaellä = to lick
Quoukä = to moan
Toutä = to tempt
Okä = to rub
Kaeñä = to tie or bind
Sarä = to suffer
Wupaepä = to harden
Khäsoikä = to mount
Quouthaadä = to punish
Ogä = to imprison

Zhen telor kir kaellä rokili, rokil quoukä.
When I lick her, she moans.

Zhen telor kaelluä , rokil quoukä.
When licked, she moans.

Kir kaeñä thoukuni rokilo shäzhä llärae äbäpho. Rokil saraeä.
I bind her heart with of chains of love. She will suffer.

Wupaepuä shäzhä gaekix, kaakil aataequuä khäsoikä rokili lyxä.

Hardened by lust, he needed to mount her right away.

Rokir phywellorä shäzhä gaekixenen i phaadhä ullä i voikä.
I am full with much lust and want to kiss and have sex.

Kyä = to bite, pronounced like k-LONG I-a

Llaañädhä = to swallow, pronounced like, YAH-nya-tha

Ñaekä = to embrace, pronounced like NYAY-ka

Roupezä = to tease, pronounced like row-PE-za

Uñaxä = to whip, pronounced like oo-NYA-ska

Uudoithä = to flail, pronounced like oo-oo-DOY-tha

Oexukhä = to grunt, pronounced like o-e-SKOO-(hacking h) ha

Lydhedhä = to groan, pronounced like li (long i)-THE (short e)-tha

Nakullä = to tantalize, pronounced like na-KOO-ya

Zhoulällä = to suck, pronounced like (zh is like the French j as in Dijon) JOW-la-ya

Khywä roki i apä ezhazh. I see you and I am happy.

Now thats one neat page. Easy to follow? I hope so and I do hope that your all learning. I will

Míränor 101

Ok, where were we upto? Oh thats right and well even I had a go at this one. Numbers! Now here Canu did have a shot as well. But no one corrected either of us, so I can't say whether we we right or wrong with our translations. Read the thread and you'll witness our attempts for yourself.

Now the next thread was not for the feint of heart. It covered Mernacian cussing. Though we did show you some of that in previous posts, so I guess your sort of prepared for what is to come.

These come from Brother Canu, he did say that he would work on establishing some true Mernacian epithets.

Mernacian Curses

voik = fuck

voik-wouph = fuck-head

dhuz = ass

kaa`aavoix rotouno = son of (a) bitch

yzhet aavoix os aevenáano = cheeky bastard

hwut-wouph = shit-head

hwut-dhuz = shit-ass

dhuz hwutet = shitty ass

Hräshaabä kaakis = (I) wish evil upon you -- alt. Curses on you

Phaadhä kis kaequyqurä sholoun = (I) wish you were entering the underworld -- alt. Go to hell

Kurae Barako = Barak's balls

exet sholoun = bloody hell

Kurae ouquoin Quonto = by the sacred balls of Quont

Now these were fun to learn and I'm sure there will be a few scribes in Mernac that can be found either uttering some of the above or at the very least adding them to their parchments. I do hope that we cover this subject again, it is enlighting really to go back over the posts and read the threads. It certainly has given me a chuckle and I hope that you get one too!

Míränor 101

Colors in Miränor was covered in the next post and well frankly its easier for you the scribes and readers to just click the link and read that one. Yeah, feeling a tad lazy.
However the next thread has the review, so here is that followed by Sorcia's additions as she has taken over the word of the day thread.

ret = hand

dhuz = buttocks, ass

wouz = breast (mammary gland), so two breasts = wouzae.

thoukun = heart.

purollsh = lip, and so lips = purollshae.

yzh - cheek, so cheeks = yzhae

His = kaakilo
Her = rokilo

yzhet aavoix os aevenáano = cheeky bastard

lyxä! = now!

hwut! = shit!

Traesha hwaethä äbäphios dhuzi.
Traesha has a lovely lass.

Kir yaagaasä wouzy rokili.
I touch her breasts.

Purollshae rokili kilae hwaethä ul zaebako.
Her lips, they have the taste of honey.

Rokili purollshae ulä zaebakeneni.
Her lips taste so sweet.

You will have noticed in my previous posts that I noted some of the sentences required translations, well I think Sorcia caught those in the thread. But if they have not please leave us a note and I'll chase Sorcia up and make sure that they are covered in future threads.

Kaellä = to lick

Pronounced like the name Kayla

Quoukä = to moan

Pronounced like kw-ow-ka (unaccented ending)

Zhen telor kaellä, rokil quoukä.

Which comes out as: When (I) lick, she moans.

May I also suggest:

Zhen telor kir kaellä rokili, rokil quoukä.

When I lick her, she moans.


Zhen telor kaelluä , rokil quoukä.

When licked, she moans.

Toutä = to tempt Pronounced like t-ow-ta (unaccented ending)

Okä = to rub Pronounced Long O-ka (unaccented ending)

zhen = what
so what time, what place etc...

Kaeñä = to tie or bind, pronounced like kay-nya (unaccented ending)
Sarä = to suffer, pronounced like the name Sara

Wupaepä = to harden, pronounced like woo-PAY-pa (unaccented ending)

Khäsoikä = to mount, pronounced like… okay the Kh isn’t a sound we use in English. It’s like the ch at the end of Loch, but pronounce it like you’re hacking something up. Lol It’s a glottal unvoiced stop. So kha-SOY-ka.

Kir kaeñä thoukuni rokilo shäzhä llärae äbäpho. Rokil saraeä. translates pretty much as I bind her heart with chains of love. She will suffer.

Wupaepuä shäzhä gaekix, kaakil aataequuä khäsoikä rokili lyxä.Translates to Hardened by lust, he needed to mount her right away.

Quouthaadä = to punish, pronounced like kwow- THAH-da
Ogä = to imprison, pronounced like Long O-ga

ñaekae i ullae. translates as hugs and kisses.
Ull kelo maxä kiro oshodh; äbäphä phishi hlour kir sä Oskom.

The kiss of the sun burns my skin; I love the dark because I am Undead.

Os = no, not, none etc.
kom = dead

Once again Canu has not left us with a little inspirational verse though he did come up with something along the last sentence which was duly clarified by Sorcia with the help of Uncle Quont.

Can you see how things go off track in the threads?

Míränor 101

Now for a little review here direct from the post. Again thanks to Uncle/Father Quont for the work he has put into establishing the Mernacian language.

Míränor = “all speech”

gaekix = lust *

bel = cow

ñex = goat

voikä = to copulate or have sex with *

voik = swear word, equivalent to f*ck *

gaekixet = lusty

kaagaekixetae kaarenae = the lusty men

rogaekixetae rorenae = the lusty women

gaekixuä = lusted

kir voikorä = I am f*cking

ymysh = succubus/incubus creature *

roymysh = succubus (female) *

kaaymysh = incubus (male) *

ullä = to kiss *

ull = a kiss

ur ullae = seven kisses

Now you may notice that I've also added the little pieces that various scribes have requested and their attempts at learning the language. Which are not covered in the review, but Hey every little bit helps.

ret = hand, roll the r - short "e" like in fell - t
dhuz = buttocks, ass, etc...voiced th like in them - oo - z like in zero
Traesha hwaethä äbäphios dhuzi. = Traesha has a lovely fanny.
wouz, which means breast (mammary gland), so two breasts would be wouzae. wouz pronounced like wowz and wouzae pronounced like wowzay.

And since Canu used it in a sentence recently, let's take a closer look at thoukun = heart. Pronounced thowkoon.
rokis, however, is second person singular meaning you (a female you). What you need is rokil = she. To turn that into her = rokili, I believe.

So...Kir yaagaasä wouzy rokili.

Word order doesn't matter so much in this language because of the special endings that give it meaning.

purollsh meaning lip, and so lips would be purollshae.

purollsh = p-oo-r-long O-y-sh

purollshae = p-oo-r-long O-y-sh-ay

Purollshae rokili kilae hwaethä ul zaebako. Requires translation.
Rokili purollshae ulä zaebakeneni.= Her lips taste so sweet.

aavoix = child
kaavoix = male child or son
toun = dog
rotoun = female dog or bitch
rotouno = of a female dog or bitch
His = kaakilo
Her = rokilo

yzh - cheek, so cheeks = yzhae
y sounds like long I, like in Ice and zh sounds like the J in Dijon or Jacques. - English doesn't have this sound. ae sounds like long A.

yzh = cheek
convert to adjective: yzhet = cheeky
aavoix = child
os = no or none
aevenáan = father
genitive case: aevenáano = of a father
Well, I think it literally does mean "cheeky child of no father" lol but it's all we've got so let's go with it.
lyxä! = NOW!

I'm on it, uncle like hwut on the hrois-ubath. Requires translation. It came from none other than Canu! hwut!

kaatoun aezarilos. + Son of a Bitch. Now there was a lot of back and forths with that one but I think its been decided as a Mernacian translation of a Planet Dirt Cuss.

Now I find it strange that Canu did not leave us with a little verse. But a Cuss is better than nothing.

Míränor 101

Ok, I've been slack even when I've so wanted be posting. My creator has been playing in her other blog and left me dangling. But finally I dragged her here and well we've decided that we are going to firstly start writing a few posts on the language of Mernac. Namely Miranor. I did say a fair few months back that I was making a list and well here it is straight from the threads.

Now for those of you that are non mernacian, you too may find this intriguing and rather awkward to get your tongues around. (
Uncle Q, please be serious, there is no sexual innuendo meant to be in that comment. Nor in any others that may turn up further down the page. We already know how much you enjoy the play on words and well, it is funny and I do see them. But am not acknowledging them.)

The language was first created by Pyroglyph. It is commonly called the One Tongue and all Mernacians should know how to utilize it within their daily speech and of course the scribes. We can't forget those wonders of wonders that capture all the characters, places, legends and lore.

Now if you scroll down in the link provided here. You will find on the second post a pronunciation guide, this I highly recommend that you make a copy of, if only for future references. Then if you scroll down the page to post no eight (8) you will also find that Darnesha has taken the time to alphabetize the language as well. Again another must have for any perspective scribe or reader.

The following is a little something scribed in the thread mentioned above by dear brother Canu and I think it says it all for what is coming, not immediately, but coming none the less.

All praise to the Fathers from whom curses flow
A curse seems a blessing to us here below
And cheers for Darnesha of the Succubi Queens
For 'twas she in the end who provided the means.

Is he not the smartest with the way he plays with verse. Yes, before you ask he is getting a folder to pop all these in. So Brother Canu if you happen to read this post. I'll supply you with some of the links to them here, just to save you from going hunting for them.

Now back to what this post was being written about.

Dearest Father Quont or Uncle as my case maybe. Started us off with the word of the day. From here, we will have a condensed version of that thread. Minus of course all the rambling and to and froing that happens in threads. Yeah we go off track and make fun of each other. But hey its fun!

Now Sabrine made a good point in post eight (8) of this thread, about having a text book of Mernacian to follow. So remember its up to you how much or how little you use. Uncle Q, says it all with the following:
As for what I'm introducing here is something completely different; it's another language entirely, like learning French or Spanish or whatever, only this is Míränor. So that does require learning grammar and such. And it's only for those who are interested. You are not required to use it.

Uncle has done a wonderful Job of providing the explanations and pronunciations, so a Big thanks goes out to Uncle Quont.

gaekix which means LUST! It's pronounced g-long A-k-long E-ks, so like: gay-keeks. To turn the noun gaekix into an adjective, add the suffix -et, so gaekixet = lusty. But when using it in a sentence you'd have to make it agree with the case, number and gender of the accompanying noun. So the lusty men would be kaagaekixetae kaarenae. And the lusty women would be rogaekixetae rorenae... I think! lol

As for the rest, we're not ready for conjugating verbs just yet. hehe Although for the verb to lust, the past tense for lusted should be gaekixuä.

As for the other one... lol to say something like
I am f*cking, would be [kir] voikorä. Kir is I, but in Míränor the pronoun is built into the verb when conjugating it.

Weed Whacker = would be bel for cow or ñex for goat.

voikä meaning to copulate or have sex with.

It is pronounced like this... v-oy-k-(an unstressed vowel like the like the o in love, done or above). So the stress goes on the first syllable like this VOI-kä.
Notice how closely saying VOIK is to saying F*CK? And since it's derived from voikä, I'd say it's a good candidate for a Mernacian Míränor swear word.

ymysh: Pronounced: long I-m-long I-sh, (long I like in Ice)
This is the word in the Míränor language for succubus and incubus. To distinguish between whether one is male or female, you would add these prefixes:

roymysh for female = succubus


kaaymysh for male = incubus

kaa-y-mysh (aa is a short O sound, like the o in not or the a in Father.)

= to kiss.Pronounced oo-y-(unaccented vowel like "o" in love, dove, above) Well, as ullä is the verb "to kiss", we have to change it into the noun "a kiss" so that would be just ull. The plural depends on which case it is being used in in a sentence. But in just its regular nominative case "seven kisses" would be ur ullae (oor oo-y-ay ... double l is like y in yes). And be sure to roll your Rs when speaking Míränor.

Now with this one Brother Canu was having a little fun with the language and the following is the result.
Aethiraal Little Wind requä kiro thoukun.

You can also do it this way, if you wanted that emphasis in there:

Aethiraal Little Wind, rokil requä kiro thoukun.

Would you care to translate Canu?

It says "Beautiful Little Wind, she breaks my heart." As you well knew, even when I threw in the horses. Which I suppose made me the horse's fanny.

Aethiraal Little Wind, rokil requä kiro thoukuni.

Beautiful Little Wind, she broke my heart.

A note from Canu. Your so sweet and a tasty treat, for when we meet again, I'll show my appreciation with a fanny fart.

molet baakaathol: favoured/preferred dark/evil uncle.

Now thats the end of this post and to finish it off, I leave you with Brother Canu's last words.

Little by little, day by day
We grow more lit'rate in every way!